Maximize Your Savings with Cash Envelope Stuffing!

Maximize Your Savings with Cash Envelope Stuffing!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. New Wallet Introduction
  3. Cash Stuffing with Envelopes
    • Gas
    • Fun
    • Food
    • Treats
  4. Bank Envelope Usage
  5. Sinking Funds
    • Adventures
    • Black Friday
    • Business
    • Car
    • Christmas
    • Gifts
    • Holiday
    • Home
    • Medical
    • Personal
    • Planner
    • School
    • Violet
  6. Bills and Savings Binder
    • Amazon
    • Bank of America
    • Car Payment
    • Gym
    • Sticker Subscription
    • Taxes
  7. Savings Challenges
    • One Dollar Savings Challenge
    • 52 Week Challenge
    • 100 Envelope Challenge
  8. Coin Jar
  9. Conclusion

Cash Stuffing and Money Management with a New Wallet

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today, I am super excited to share with you a new addition to my cash stuffing routine - my new wallet. I have been eagerly waiting for this wallet to arrive, and it's finally here, just in time for this video. But before we dive into the cash stuffing process, let me quickly show you my new wallet and share an exciting announcement with you.

New Wallet Introduction

I recently got myself a wallet from Print Pression, and let me tell you, it's a planner lover's dream come true. The details and features are amazing. If you're not familiar with Print Pression, they are known for their high-quality planners and accessories. I'll have their website linked in the description box for those who want to check them out.

Now, let's move on to the main event - the cash stuffing process. In this video, I'll walk you through my envelope system and how I allocate money to different categories. Here's a breakdown of the categories and the amounts I allocate to each one.

Cash Stuffing with Envelopes


Every week, I allocate $25 for gas. I like to start with this category because it's an essential expense that needs to be taken care of. So, I put a $20 bill and a $5 bill in the gas envelope.


Next up is the fun category, where I set aside $15 each week for leisure activities. Since there is still some money leftover from the previous week, I add it to my personal envelope.


For food expenses, I allocate $50 each week. I put two $20 bills and a $10 bill into the food envelope. It's important to budget for groceries and eating out to ensure I can manage my food expenses effectively.


In my treats envelope, I have some leftover $1 bills from the previous week, which I transfer to my one dollar savings challenge envelope. Additionally, I add $20 to this envelope for the upcoming week.

After organizing these categories, I have a special bank envelope where I can deposit any extra money or store money temporarily when I take it out. It helps me keep everything organized and ensures that my cash remains secure.

Now that we've looked at the cash stuffing process for a few categories, let's move on to exploring the sinking funds and how I manage my expenses related to various savings goals.

Sinking Funds


One of the sinking funds I prioritize is adventures. This category aims to save money for exciting experiences and trips. Each week, I allocate $20 to this fund. Today, I'll be using some of the money for a food festival fair, which I'm really excited about. I currently have $100 saved in adventures.

Black Friday

Black Friday is a sinking fund that I contribute $6 to every week. This fund is specially designed for the big shopping day after Thanksgiving, where I can grab great deals. Currently, I have saved $198 in this category.


As an Etsy shop owner, I have a sinking fund for my business expenses. This week, I'll be adding $70 to the business envelope. Thanks to the amazing support from my customers, I had an outstanding week in sales. I'm incredibly grateful for the love and have been working hard to fulfill orders within two weeks. As a result, I'll also need to allocate some of this money for ink purchases.


The car sinking fund is essential to cover unexpected car maintenance or repairs. I contribute $5 per week to this fund, which currently has $30 saved.


Saving for Christmas expenses is another sinking fund goal of mine. I set aside $20 each week for this category. At the moment, I have $660 saved for Christmas shopping.


For other gifts throughout the year, I allocate $5 per week to the gifts fund. I currently have $30 saved in this category.


The holiday sinking fund covers various holidays and celebrations throughout the year. This week, I add $1 to the holiday envelope. With Halloween just around the corner, I'm really excited to see all the decorations and prepare for my favorite holiday.


The home sinking fund helps me save for household expenses or any necessary repairs. This week, I have used the money in this fund, so it now only contains $5.


To cover any unexpected medical expenses, I allocate $5 per week to the medical sinking fund. Currently, there is $40 saved in this category.


The personal sinking fund allows me to have some flexible spending money for myself. It also receives any rollover money from other categories. This week, I add $15 as rollover from the previous week.


As a planner enthusiast, I have a sinking fund dedicated to purchasing planner supplies. Every week, I contribute $5 to this fund. However, I have recently used the money from this category to buy my new wallet, so there is no additional money allocated this week.


The school sinking fund covers any educational expenses, such as books or supplies. I currently contribute $1 per week to this category and have saved $106 so far.


Lastly, I have a sinking fund for my beloved pet, Violet. This fund ensures I have enough money to cover her needs. Each week, I allocate $25 to this category. Currently, I have $61 saved for Violet's expenses.

Now that we have covered the sinking funds, let's move on to my bills and savings binder, where I keep track of my monthly expenses.

Bills and Savings Binder


I have an Amazon bill of $1, which has already been paid this week.

Bank of America

Every month, I make a $200 payment to Bank of America. This week, I contribute $50 towards this monthly payment cycle.

Car Payment

My car payment is due this week, and I contribute $75 towards it.


I allocate $5 each week for my gym membership.

Sticker Subscription

I have a sticker subscription that costs $8 per month. This week, I add $8 to cover the subscription fee.


Due to the incredible support from my customers, my Etsy shop has been booming. As a result, I have to allocate $210 to my taxes sinking fund. I'm extremely grateful for the love my shop receives.

In addition to my bills and savings, I also participate in various savings challenges to further boost my savings.

Savings Challenges

One Dollar Savings Challenge

The one dollar savings challenge aims to save $1 each week. I currently have $127 saved in small increments of $1 bills.

52 Week Challenge

In the 52-week challenge, I save money corresponding to the week of the year. For week 25, I contribute an additional $50. Currently, I have $1146 saved in this challenge.

100 Envelope Challenge

For the 100 envelope challenge, both my boyfriend and I contribute to the envelope. This week, I add $50 to envelope 99, while my boyfriend adds $49. We switch off contributing to odd-numbered envelopes. Currently, we have $4953 saved in this challenge.

Lastly, let's not forget about the loose change. Every penny counts towards my savings, so I add the two pennies I have to my coin jar.

Coin Jar

In my coin jar, I currently have $29.33. It may not be a significant amount, but every little bit adds up over time.

To wrap it up, I'm incredibly grateful for the progress I've made in managing my finances and saving towards my goals. It's always rewarding to see the numbers grow week after week. Thank you for joining me on this cash stuffing journey, and if you haven't already subscribed, make sure to do so to stay updated on future videos. Let's all strive for financial success together.


In conclusion, cash stuffing and effective money management are crucial for achieving financial goals. With the help of smart budgeting strategies, sinking funds, savings challenges, and a well-organized wallet, you can take control of your finances and build a brighter future. Remember, every step counts, no matter how small, so stay committed and watch your savings grow. Happy cash stuffing!

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