Maximize Your Etsy Profits With This Monthly Profit Tracker

Maximize Your Etsy Profits With This Monthly Profit Tracker

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Tracking Your Etsy Profits with QuickBooks
  3. The Easy Way: Using QuickBooks Integration with Etsy
  4. The Slightly More Involved Way: Downloading Etsy Transactions
  5. How to Download Your Transactions from Etsy
  6. Adding Order Fulfillment Expenses to QuickBooks
  7. Tracking Monthly Overhead Expenses
  8. Calculating Total Profit and Profit Margin
  9. Obtaining Total Order Costs from Printful and Gelato
  10. Conclusion

Tracking Your Etsy Profits: A Comprehensive Guide

Running a successful print-on-demand business on Etsy requires meticulous tracking of your profits. By accurately monitoring your monthly earnings, you can determine your profit margins, assess the financial health of your business, and make informed decisions for future growth. In this guide, we will explore the two methods of tracking your Etsy profits: the easy way through QuickBooks integration and the slightly more involved way of downloading your Etsy transactions. We will also cover how to add order fulfillment expenses, track monthly overhead expenses, and calculate your total profit and profit margin. Additionally, we will provide insights on obtaining total order costs from platforms like Printful and Gelato.

1. Introduction

Running a print-on-demand business on Etsy offers tremendous potential for profit. However, to truly maximize your earnings, it is crucial to track and analyze your profits consistently. This guide aims to demystify the process of tracking your Etsy profits, providing you with actionable steps and valuable insights along the way.

2. Tracking Your Etsy Profits with QuickBooks

QuickBooks, the renowned accounting software, offers a simple and efficient way to track your Etsy profits. By integrating your Etsy account with QuickBooks, you can automate the process of capturing revenue, fees, and other financial data, helping you maintain accurate records and simplify tax preparation.

2.1 The Easy Way: Using QuickBooks Integration with Etsy

Integrating Etsy with QuickBooks is a straightforward process that allows seamless transfer of sales data from Etsy to your QuickBooks account. By enabling this integration, you can effortlessly maintain a comprehensive record of your Etsy transactions, ensuring accurate profit tracking. QuickBooks Self-Employed, specifically designed for small business owners, provides the necessary functionality for most Etsy print-on-demand sellers.


  • Automatic transfer of sales data from Etsy to QuickBooks
  • Simplified revenue and fee tracking
  • Easy categorization of expenses for efficient tax reporting


  • Limited functionality compared to full-version QuickBooks

2.2 The Slightly More Involved Way: Downloading Etsy Transactions

If QuickBooks integration is not feasible for your business or if you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can manually download your Etsy transactions and track your profits using spreadsheet software such as Excel. While this method requires more effort, it provides flexibility and customization options.


  • No additional cost for accounting software
  • Greater control over tracking and customization


  • Manual effort required for downloading and categorizing transactions

3. How to Download Your Transactions from Etsy

To manually track your Etsy profits, you need to download your transactions from your Etsy account. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you with the process:

  1. Login to your Etsy seller dashboard and navigate to the "Finances" tab.
  2. Click on "Monthly Statements" to access your monthly financial summaries.
  3. Select the desired month and generate the CSV file.
  4. Save the CSV file to your preferred location, ensuring it is saved as an Excel file for ease of use.

4. Adding Order Fulfillment Expenses to QuickBooks

To accurately calculate your profits, it's essential to consider order fulfillment expenses. By linking your bank account or credit card used for these expenses to your QuickBooks account, you can easily factor in these costs. This ensures a true representation of your profit margins.

5. Tracking Monthly Overhead Expenses

In addition to order fulfillment expenses, it is important to track your monthly overhead expenses. These can include fees for keyword search tools, premium subscriptions, or any other recurring expenses related to your print-on-demand business. By subtracting these expenses from your total revenue, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your monthly profits.

6. Calculating Total Profit and Profit Margin

To calculate your total profit for a given month, you can sum up your revenue, subtract expenses (including order fulfillment and overhead expenses), and account for any other relevant costs. By analyzing your total profit and comparing it to your revenue, you can determine your profit margin—a crucial metric that helps evaluate the financial health of your business.

7. Obtaining Total Order Costs from Printful and Gelato

If you utilize print-on-demand services like Printful or Gelato, it's important to consider their costs when calculating your profits. Both platforms offer tools for obtaining your total order costs, ensuring accurate profit tracking.

8. Conclusion

Tracking your Etsy profits is a vital aspect of running a successful print-on-demand business. Whether using QuickBooks integration or manually downloading transactions, implementing a systematic approach to profit tracking provides valuable insights and aids in decision-making. By accurately calculating your profits, you can optimize your business strategy, ensure healthy profit margins, and ultimately achieve long-term success.

Note: The methods and strategies outlined in this guide serve as general recommendations. It is advisable to consult a professional accountant or financial advisor for specific advice tailored to your business.


  • Track your Etsy profits effortlessly with QuickBooks integration or manually by downloading transactions.
  • QuickBooks Self-Employed offers an easy and comprehensive solution for most Etsy print-on-demand sellers.
  • Downloading Etsy transactions allows for customization and flexibility in profit tracking.
  • Consider order fulfillment expenses and monthly overhead expenses to calculate accurate profit margins.
  • Utilize print-on-demand service platforms' tools for obtaining total order costs.


Q: Can I track profits from multiple print-on-demand providers using QuickBooks? A: Yes, QuickBooks allows you to link and track transactions from multiple platforms, ensuring comprehensive profit tracking.

Q: What if I have expenses that are not related to order fulfillment or overhead? A: You can create additional categories in QuickBooks to track those expenses separately, maintaining a detailed record of your business costs.

Q: Is it necessary to track profit margins every month? A: Tracking profit margins regularly allows you to identify trends, make informed business decisions, and ensure the financial health of your Etsy print-on-demand business.

Q: How often should I review my profit tracking methods? A: It is recommended to review and update your profit tracking methods periodically to adapt to changes in your business and optimize efficiency.

Q: Can I use other accounting software besides QuickBooks? A: While QuickBooks is popular and widely used among small business owners, you can choose any accounting software that suits your needs and offers the required functionality for profit tracking.

Q: Is it necessary to consult an accountant for Etsy profit tracking? A: While consulting an accountant can provide valuable insights and guidance, following this comprehensive guide can help you track your profits effectively on your own.

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