Master the Art of Antiques Reselling on Etsy and eBay!

Master the Art of Antiques Reselling on Etsy and eBay!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Starting the Journey
  3. Flipping Items on eBay
  4. Scaling Up the Business
  5. Moving and Expanding
  6. Dealing with the Pandemic
  7. Yearly Growth and Achievements
  8. Focus on Better Quality Items
  9. Building Trust and Customer Satisfaction
  10. Conclusion



Starting a business is often accompanied by dreams of overnight success and immense wealth. However, the reality is far from it. This article will take you through the journey of a business owner who started from scratch and gradually built a successful enterprise. It highlights the challenges, strategies, and achievements along the way.

Starting the Journey

In 2015, the business journey began for our protagonist. With limited funds and a desire to minimize risks, they decided to invest cautiously. Job lots from platforms like eBay became their starting point. They purchased these lots, separated the items, and sold them individually on eBay and Etsy. In 2016, they flipped approximately a thousand items, generating some profit. However, this approach did not bring them the satisfaction they sought.

Flipping Items on eBay

In 2017, the business owners continued their part-time venture while holding regular jobs. They shifted their focus to buying job lots from eBay and charity shops, but instead of auctioning the items, they fixed the prices and offered a "best offer" option. This change in strategy allowed for more control over the pricing and attracted a different type of customer. By the end of the year, their online shops boasted around 400 to 500 items, bringing in a steady monthly income of £2,000.

Scaling Up the Business

With the start of 2018 came the decision to move to Nottingham for more living space. It was also the year they began scaling up their business. The flipping of items now involved higher-priced goods, with a focus on quality and defect-free items. They expanded their sourcing to include auction houses, which provided a consistent supply of high-quality items. This shift allowed them to sell items for over £250, marking a significant achievement.

Moving and Expanding

In 2019, the business faced unexpected circumstances. The pandemic forced the owners to leave their regular jobs and commit fully to their entrepreneurial pursuit. With the closure of physical retail locations, they turned to auction houses for larger quantities of items. This decision, coupled with the surge in online shopping, led to tremendous growth. Compared to 2018, their business grew by 199%.

Dealing with the Pandemic

The challenges posed by the pandemic proved to be a turning point for the business. Forced to adapt and think outside the box, the owners seized the opportunity and expanded their range of products. They invested in buying trackloads of items, further boosting their inventory. The year 2020 witnessed a growth rate of 65%, reflecting the resilience and adaptability of the business.

Yearly Growth and Achievements

Every passing year brought new milestones and achievements. The continuous growth trajectory was a result of strategic decisions, improved sourcing, and a focus on better quality items. By 2020, the business had scaled up to over a thousand four hundred items, marking a 65% growth compared to the previous year. These achievements served as testimony to the trust established with customers.

Focus on Better Quality Items

Throughout their journey, the business owners learned the importance of offering better quality items. This meant avoiding damaged or repaired products, chipped items, or items with defects. While charity shops and car boots can offer unique finds, auction houses became their preferred sourcing platform due to the consistent supply of top-notch items. This emphasis on quality ensured customer satisfaction and created a steady stream of positive feedback.

Building Trust and Customer Satisfaction

Trust is a vital element in any successful business. The owners' commitment to providing excellent products and customer service paid off. Year after year, they experienced instances of customers willing to spend large sums of money to purchase items from them. These instances, such as selling two spoons for £700 within two hours of listing them on Etsy, boosted their confidence and reaffirmed their credibility in the market.


Starting a business and nurturing it to success is a journey filled with challenges, perseverance, and strategic decision-making. This account of a business owner's experience serves as a reminder that overnight success is rare and that gradual growth and dedicated efforts yield long-term rewards. By adapting to changing circumstances, focusing on quality, and building trust with customers, anyone embarking on this journey can create a thriving enterprise.

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