Master Etsy Shipping - Tutorial & Tips

Master Etsy Shipping - Tutorial & Tips

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up Shipping Profiles
    • Assigning Shipping Profiles to Listings
    • Finding Shipping Profiles
    • Differences Between Print-on-Demand Platforms
    • Creating New Shipping Profiles
  3. Required Information in Shipping Profiles
    • Origin Postal Code
    • Processing Time
    • Delivery Times and Pricing for Each Country
    • Shipping Upgrades
  4. Strategies for Determining Shipping Prices
    • Finding the Bullseye Price
    • Including Value-Added Tax (VAT)
  5. Offering Free Shipping in One Country
  6. Conclusion

Setting Up Shipping Profiles on Etsy

In this video, we will dive into the process of setting up shipping profiles for your Etsy shop. Shipping profiles are a crucial part of managing your shop's shipping strategy, determining pricing, and providing accurate delivery estimates to your customers. Let's explore how to effectively set up these profiles and make the most out of them!


Before we dive into the specifics of setting up shipping profiles, let's first understand their purpose and importance. Etsy requires sellers to assign a shipping profile to each listing, ensuring that all necessary information is provided to potential buyers. Having well-defined shipping profiles helps streamline the shipping process, ensures consistency in pricing, and provides clarity to customers regarding delivery times.

Assigning Shipping Profiles to Listings

To start, make sure you assign the appropriate shipping profile to each of your listings. It's crucial to note that you can only assign one shipping profile per listing. If you have a listing with a combination of different products, consider grouping them together to share a common shipping profile. This will prevent confusion and ensure accurate shipping pricing.

Finding Shipping Profiles

Finding your shipping profiles within each listing is straightforward. You can easily access and manage them from within the listing editor. Additionally, you can find all your shipping profiles by navigating to your shop dashboard, selecting "Settings" from the left menu, and then clicking on "Shipping Settings." This will take you to a tab where you can view and edit all your shipping profiles.

Differences Between Print-on-Demand Platforms

When it comes to shipping profiles, different print-on-demand platforms may have variations in functionality. For example, platforms like Gelato and Printful automatically push their default shipping profiles to your shop once you integrate your Etsy account with their platform. This means that all the shipping profiles created by these platforms will be available for your listings from the start.

On the other hand, Printify allows you to create a new shipping profile for each listing you publish or select an existing one. This flexibility gives you the freedom to customize shipping profiles for individual listings, but it can also lead to an overwhelming number of shipping profiles if not managed carefully.

Creating New Shipping Profiles

Creating a new shipping profile on Etsy is relatively straightforward. You can access the option to create a new profile by clicking on the "Create Profile" button within your Etsy account. From there, you can enter all the required information and customize the profile to fit your specific needs. Keep in mind that Etsy has implemented stricter requirements for shipping profiles to enhance the accuracy of delivery time estimates.

Required Information in Shipping Profiles

Etsy now requires additional information in shipping profiles to provide more accurate delivery estimates to customers. One of the essential pieces of information is the origin postal code, which determines the starting point for calculating shipping rates. Fortunately, most print-on-demand platforms now populate the origin postal code automatically. However, if it's not pre-filled or needs to be updated, you can retrieve the correct postal code from previous orders or by searching for your print provider's business address.

Another crucial aspect of shipping profiles is the processing time. It is essential to set an accurate processing time to manage customer expectations and meet Etsy's criteria for shipping on time. Monitoring your processing times throughout the year, especially during peak seasons like the fourth quarter, ensures that your orders are fulfilled within the expected timeframe.

Moreover, you must consider delivery times and pricing for each country where you sell your products. Print-on-demand platforms often pre-populate the shipping information, including the shipping service, delivery time, and cost, based on their default settings. However, you have the flexibility to make adjustments and ensure that your prices and delivery estimates align with your business strategy.

Strategies for Determining Shipping Prices

Determining the right shipping prices can be a challenging task. It requires finding a balance between affordability for customers and covering your costs without compromising your profit margins. One approach is to find the "bullseye price," a combination of the item price and the shipping price that strikes this balance.

To determine the bullseye price, you need to assess the average shipping costs for different products and consider factors like weight, dimensions, and shipping carriers. By analyzing this data and experimenting with different price points, you can find an optimal shipping price that resonates with customers while also accounting for any value-added tax (VAT) charges in certain countries.

Offering Free Shipping in One Country

If you want to entice customers from a specific country, you can consider offering free shipping as a promotional strategy. By setting up a shipping profile with free shipping for your domestic country, you create a compelling proposition for local buyers. However, keep in mind that you will need to adjust your shipping prices for other countries to account for the revenue lost from offering free shipping.


Setting up shipping profiles is an essential aspect of managing your Etsy shop effectively. By assigning the right profiles to your listings, providing accurate information, and determining competitive shipping prices, you can streamline your shipping process and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Remember to regularly review and update your shipping profiles to adapt to changing circumstances and ensure customer satisfaction.

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