Massive Savings Unboxing: Support Small Businesses!

Massive Savings Unboxing: Support Small Businesses!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing Savings Challenge
  3. Pink X Everything Package
  4. Savings with Shelanda Package
  5. Kimberly Johannas Package
  6. Busy Lizzy Budget Package
  7. GP's Odds and Ends Package
  8. Budget with Ira Package
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ



Are you ready for the ultimate unboxing savings challenge? In this article, we will be delving into the exciting world of unboxing and exploring various packages sent by popular budget and savings influencers. From Pink X Everything to Savings with Shelanda, Kimberly Johannas, Busy Lizzy Budget, GP's Odds and Ends, and Budget with Ira, we will discover the amazing products and surprises they have in store for us. Get ready for a thrilling unboxing journey that will leave you inspired and wanting more.

Unboxing Savings Challenge

Unboxing videos have taken the internet by storm, and for good reason. They offer a unique and exciting way to discover new products and experiences. The unboxing savings challenge takes this concept a step further by incorporating budget and savings strategies into the mix. It's a fun and interactive way to explore different ways to save money while enjoying the thrill of unboxing.

Pink X Everything Package

First up, we have a package from Pink X Everything, a popular budget and savings influencer. Known for her creative and high-quality products, Pink X Everything never fails to impress. In this package, we find an array of goodies, including her signature coasters, stickers, and a personalized card. The coasters, made with love and attention to detail, feature beautiful designs and a pink felt bottom, ensuring your tables are protected in style. The stickers are vibrant and fun, perfect for adding a touch of personality to your belongings. Pink X Everything's package is a testament to her dedication to providing top-notch products that her followers adore.

Savings with Shelanda Package

Next in line is a package from Savings with Shelanda, a beloved budget influencer known for her high-quality challenges and creative savings ideas. Shelanda's package includes her latest mystery kit, filled with four to six saving challenges to keep you on track with your financial goals. Along with the challenges, she includes a scratch-off card, which adds a fun and unpredictable element to the savings journey. Shelanda's challenges are thoughtfully designed to cater to different saving styles, ensuring everyone can find a challenge that suits them. With her attention to detail and commitment to helping others save, Shelanda's package is a true treasure trove of financial inspiration.

Kimberly Johannas Package

Our third package comes from Kimberly Johannas, a generous influencer who never fails to surprise her followers with thoughtful gifts. Inside her package, we find an assortment of cards, each carefully crafted with love and personalized messages. Kimberly's cards are a testament to her creativity and genuine care for her followers. Whether it's a holiday card, a thank you note, or a simple message of encouragement, Kimberly's cards are guaranteed to brighten anyone's day. Her attention to detail and beautiful designs make her package a true delight.

Busy Lizzy Budget Package

Our next package is from Busy Lizzy Budget, a creative influencer who always goes above and beyond to wow her followers. Lizzy's package is filled with surprises, including a collection of adorable donut-themed stickers and a set of high-quality, customizable dice. The stickers are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your planners, journals, or personal belongings, while the dice offer endless possibilities for game nights and savings challenges. Lizzy's thoughtful and fun package showcases her passion for delighting her followers and adding a little sparkle to their lives.

GP's Odds and Ends Package

Moving on to GP's Odds and Ends, a popular shop known for its unique challenges and creative products. In this package, we discover a series of Christmas-themed challenges designed to help you stay on top of your budget during the festive season. From decorating a Christmas tree to baking cookies for Santa, each challenge is meticulously thought out, allowing you to have fun while saving money. The challenges come with beautifully-designed envelopes, adding an extra touch of excitement and anticipation. GP's Odds and Ends' package is a testament to their commitment to helping their followers navigate the holiday season while keeping their finances intact.

Budget with Ira Package

Last but certainly not least, we have a generous package from Budget with Ira, an influential budgeting expert based in the UK. This package is a true showstopper, as it includes a 2023 Advent calendar filled with surprises. The Advent calendar is beautifully designed and promises excitement and anticipation leading up to Christmas Day. While we can't reveal the contents as they are meant to be opened from the 13th of December, we can't help but be thrilled about the gifts and surprises that await. Budget with Ira's package is a reminder of the joy and anticipation that comes with the holiday season, and we can't wait to experience it.


The unboxing savings challenge has introduced us to a world of creativity, generosity, and financial inspiration. From Pink X Everything's high-quality coasters and stickers to Savings with Shelanda's mystery challenges, Kimberly Johannas' heartfelt cards, Busy Lizzy Budget's playful stickers and dice, GP's Odds and Ends' festive challenges with envelopes, and Budget with Ira's Advent calendar, each package has left us in awe of the dedication and passion these influencers have for their followers. Through their products and challenges, they inspire us to save, budget, and find joy in the process. So, whether you're embarking on a savings journey or simply looking for a little something to brighten your day, these influencers have got you covered.


Q: Where can I find Pink X Everything's products? A: Pink X Everything's products can be found on her website

Q: How can I purchase Savings with Shelanda's mystery kit? A: Savings with Shelanda's mystery kit can be purchased on her Etsy shop.

Q: Where can I find Busy Lizzy Budget's donut-themed stickers and dice? A: Busy Lizzy Budget's donut-themed stickers and dice can be found on her Etsy shop.

Q: How can I order GP's Odds and Ends Christmas challenges? A: GP's Odds and Ends Christmas challenges can be ordered on their Etsy shop.

Q: Where can I get Budget with Ira's Advent calendar? A: Budget with Ira's Advent calendar can be ordered from their Etsy shop.

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