Magical Dungeons and Dragons Finds: Etsy Small Business Haul

Magical Dungeons and Dragons Finds: Etsy Small Business Haul

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Mystery Dice Earrings
  3. DND Themed Mystery Scoop
  4. Tray and Tested Mystery Dice Bag
  5. Dungeon Master Goodies
  6. Stickers and More
  7. Campaign Memories
  8. Small Business Haul Playlists
  9. Other Content on the Channel
  10. Conclusion



In this video, I will be sharing my small business haul of Dungeons and Dragons themed goodies. I recently purchased a few items that are DND themed and thought it would be cool to do a video specifically showcasing them. I'm a huge fan of Dungeons and Dragons and I'm excited to share my finds with you. So let's dive in and see what I've got!

Mystery Dice Earrings

One of the first items I want to show you are these awesome D20 earrings that I found on Etsy. These earrings are in the shape of a D20 dice and come in a variety of different colors. What makes them so unique is that they are 3D printed, giving them a cool texture and making them super lightweight. If you're not a fan of heavy earrings, these are perfect for you. I also found a pair of purple D20 earrings and glow-in-the-dark dice earrings that I had forgotten about. It's always fun to discover hidden treasures!

DND Themed Mystery Scoop

Next up, I ordered a mystery bag of dice from a website called Tray and Tested. I love the anticipation of not knowing what I'll get, so this was a fun purchase for me. When I opened the bag, I was greeted with a beautiful turquoise blue dice with gold numbers. The set also included various other dice like six-sided dice, which are perfect for DND gameplay. There are so many cool sets you can get, including ones with rubber ducks in the center. The possibilities are endless!

Tray and Tested Mystery Dice Bag

Continuing with the dice theme, I also ordered a little mystery scoop from a website called Mystery Dice Goblin. I was immediately drawn to the cute packaging and couldn't wait to see what was inside. I received a brown dice with a shimmering effect, a koi fish dice, a simple blue D20 dice, and more. The selection was unique and the dice were of great quality. I especially loved the koi fish dice, and I know my dice-loving friend will be envious of it.

Dungeon Master Goodies

As a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, I couldn't resist getting some items specifically for a Dungeon Master. I found a cool sticker that says "DM," which stands for Dungeon Master. It's a fun way to show off your role in the game. Although I have never been a DM myself, I admire those who take on the challenge. It must be both exciting and nerve-wracking to create and guide the story for a group of players.

Stickers and More

In addition to the dice and Dungeon Master sticker, I also received some cool stickers in my mystery scoop. One sticker that caught my attention was a dragon with multiple heads, resembling the infamous hydra. Another sticker said, "I rolled to seduce. Try again," which brought back memories of humorous in-game moments. I found these stickers to be a fun way to express my love for Dungeons and Dragons and decorate my belongings.

Campaign Memories

During the lockdown, I had the opportunity to participate in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a group of friends. Chaos ensued, but it was an incredibly fun experience. We created unique characters, fought epic battles, and forged unforgettable memories. Playing Dungeons and Dragons allows you to immerse yourself in a fantastical world and embark on thrilling adventures. It's a game that sparks creativity and bonds between players.

Small Business Haul Playlists

If you enjoy watching small business hauls like this one, be sure to check out my playlist dedicated to them. I have curated a collection of videos showcasing various small businesses and the awesome products they offer. Each video is a treasure trove of unique and handmade items that you won't find in mainstream stores. Supporting small businesses is a great way to discover hidden gems and contribute to the growth of independent entrepreneurs.

Other Content on the Channel

In addition to small business hauls, my channel features a range of other content that you might enjoy. I regularly upload studio vlogs, time-lapse videos of my artwork, and other fun art-related content. If you're a fan of creativity, the channel has something for you. I invite you to subscribe and join the community of art enthusiasts and small business supporters.


Thank you for tuning in to this small business haul of Dungeons and Dragons themed items. I hope you enjoyed seeing the mystery dice earrings, the DND themed mystery scoop, and other goodies that I purchased. Dungeons and Dragons is a game that brings joy and sparks the imagination, and it's always exciting to find unique products that celebrate this fantastical world. Remember to support small businesses and explore the treasures they have to offer. Until next time, take care and may your dice rolls always be in your favor!


  • Discover unique Dungeons and Dragons themed products in this small business haul video.
  • Explore mystery dice earrings that are 3D printed and lightweight.
  • Unveil the excitement of mystery dice bags and the anticipation of not knowing what you'll get.
  • Find Dungeon Master goodies like stickers and accessories.
  • Relive memories of playing Dungeons and Dragons campaigns with friends.
  • Check out the small business haul playlists for more unique and handmade products.
  • Dive into the channel's other content, including studio vlogs and art-related videos.
  • Support small businesses and contribute to the growth of independent entrepreneurs.
  • Embrace the joy and imagination that Dungeons and Dragons brings.
  • May your dice rolls always bring you success in the game!


Q: Where can I find the D20 earrings featured in the video?
A: The D20 earrings are available on Etsy. Search for "D20 dice earrings" to find various options.

Q: Can you customize the mystery dice bags from Tray and Tested?
A: No, the mystery dice bags come with pre-selected sets of dice. The fun is in not knowing what you'll get.

Q: How can I become a Dungeon Master?
A: Becoming a Dungeon Master involves familiarizing yourself with the game's rules and mechanics, creating compelling storylines, and facilitating gameplay for a group of players. There are many resources available online to help you get started.

Q: Are the stickers from the mystery scoop waterproof?
A: The stickers are not explicitly mentioned to be waterproof. It's best to place them on dry surfaces to ensure their longevity.

Q: Can you play Dungeons and Dragons online?
A: Yes, there are various platforms and websites that allow you to play Dungeons and Dragons online with friends or join existing game groups. Explore options like Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or even virtual tabletops on Discord.

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