Learn Unique Money Management Tips on Etsy

Learn Unique Money Management Tips on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Stuffing Envelopes for Etsy Paycheck
  3. Business Binder and Etsy Shop
  4. Counting and Sorting Envelopes
  5. Managing Taxes for Side Business
  6. New Products and Wallets
  7. Saving for Black Friday Equipment
  8. Shipping Expenses and Boxes
  9. Office Supplies and Marketing Budget
  10. Bills and Subscriptions for Side Business
  11. Student Loan Payments
  12. Funding for Texas Trip and Savings Update
  13. Saving for Seasonal and Winter Activities
  14. Saving for Future Expenses
  15. Funding for Holidays and Anniversaries
  16. Saving for 2022 Planner
  17. Monthly Subscriptions and Expenses
  18. Saving for Vacation and Special Events
  19. Planning for Moving Expenses
  20. Allocations for Family and Gifts
  21. Savings for Weddings and Babies
  22. Cash Envelopes for Expenses
  23. Savings Challenge Box
  24. Conclusion

Stuffing Envelopes for Etsy Paycheck

Welcome back to my channel, where today I will be discussing the process of stuffing envelopes for my Etsy paycheck. As an Etsy seller, it is crucial to stay organized and ensure that orders are fulfilled correctly. In this video, I will walk you through the steps I take to count and sort my envelopes, manage my business finances, and allocate funds for various expenses. So, let's get started!


As an Etsy seller, I rely on my business binder to keep track of my finances and plan for future expenses. In today's video, I will be focusing on the task of stuffing envelopes for the second week of October. This is an essential part of my Etsy paycheck process, as it ensures that I fulfill orders accurately and efficiently.

Business Binder and Etsy Shop

Before I begin stuffing the envelopes, let me introduce you to my business binder. This binder serves as the central hub for all my Etsy-related activities. Inside, I have various sections dedicated to taxes, products, equipment, shipping, office supplies, marketing, bills, and more.

One of the key features of my business binder is the organization of my Etsy shop. All the envelopes you see today are available for purchase in my Etsy shop, which is always linked down below. This way, customers have access to the products I am currently stuffing.

Counting and Sorting Envelopes

To ensure that I have the correct amount of envelopes to stuff, I start by counting them. Today, I need to stuff four hundred and ninety-four envelopes. Let's give it a count and ensure that we have the right denominations.

After a careful count, I confirm that I have exactly four hundred and ninety-four envelopes. Now, I will set them up in my cash tray for easy access during the stuffing process.

Managing Taxes for Side Business

Before I start stuffing the envelopes, I always allocate funds for taxes. As a responsible business owner, it is crucial to plan for tax payments. Today, I will be setting aside thirty dollars for taxes.

Today's tax amount comes to one hundred and eighteen dollars. To set this amount aside, I take out one hundred dollars, a ten-dollar bill, and three one-dollar bills. With this, my tax fund for my side business is now at three hundred and ninety-three dollars.

It is essential to have this money stored away, regardless of whether I will need to pay it all at the end of the year or during tax season. This way, I am well-prepared for any tax obligations that may arise.

New Products and Wallets

Before we move on to the next section of my binder, let me share some exciting news. I recently purchased new products for my Etsy shop. One of the products I have introduced is a set of wallets that come in various colors.

These wallets, such as the black, rose gold, light blue, and sparkle pink ones I have here, are now available for purchase in my shop. They come with accordion-style compartments and matching envelopes that fit inside. I chose these colors based on customer feedback and will consider expanding the range in the future.

Saving for Black Friday Equipment

In preparation for Black Friday, I am currently saving money to purchase new equipment for my business. One of the items I have my eye on is an industrial laminator. This laminator will significantly aid in the packaging and presentation of my products.

To allocate funds for this expense, I add twenty dollars to my equipment section. With this addition, I now have a total of two hundred and seventy-one dollars saved for Black Friday purchases.

Shipping Expenses and Boxes

As an Etsy seller, shipping is a crucial aspect of my business. Today, I need to replenish my shipping budget as I recently had to purchase boxes for my savings challenge boxes. I allocate fifteen dollars for shipping expenses.

It is essential to keep a dedicated budget for shipping to ensure that I can fulfill orders promptly and cover the associated costs. My shipping budget now stands at fifteen dollars.

Office Supplies and Marketing Budget

Moving on to my office supplies section, I notice a discrepancy in the amount saved. It seems that there was an error, and only ten dollars are present instead of the expected five dollars. I will need to investigate and rectify this.

Meanwhile, my marketing budget remains steady at sixty-five dollars. Allocating funds for marketing is essential in promoting my Etsy shop and reaching a wider audience.

Bills and Subscriptions for Side Business

Now, let's move on to managing the bills and subscriptions required for my side business. One of the significant expenses is my P.O. box, which is due for renewal at the end of the month. I have set aside money specifically for this expense.

In addition to the P.O. box, I also cover subscriptions such as Canva and Quickbooks, which are vital tools in my business operations. These subscriptions are essential for creating and managing my designs and finances.

Today, I allocate twenty dollars for Quickbooks, ensuring that I have enough funds to cover this expense when it comes due. In total, I currently have one hundred and nineteen dollars saved for bills and subscriptions.

Student Loan Payments

Beyond my Etsy business, I also set aside money for student loan payments. This serves as a reminder to prioritize paying off my loans, even as I pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors.

Today, I am adding twenty dollars to my student loan category. This brings the total amount saved for my student loans to seven hundred and eighty dollars.

Paying off my student loans is a long-term goal, and I plan to make a substantial payment towards this debt in January before interest begins accruing again.

Funding for Seasonal and Winter Activities

In addition to my financial commitments, I also prioritize saving for seasonal and personal activities. Today, I will be allocating funds for winter activities.

As it is still early in the planning process, I decide to save five dollars for now. I have a designated envelope for seasonal and winter activities, ensuring that these funds are separate from my general savings.

Currently, I have a total of seven dollars saved for seasonal activities. I plan to create trackers and further outline my savings goals for these activities.

Saving for Future Expenses

Looking ahead, it is essential to save for future expenses such as purchasing a new car, making a down payment on a house, or even planning a wedding. To ensure that I am financially prepared for these endeavors, I allocate five dollars to my future category.

With this new addition, I now have a total of twelve dollars saved for future expenses. This category serves as a reminder to consistently save for significant milestones in life.

Funding for Holidays and Anniversaries

In addition to future expenses, I also allocate funds for holidays and anniversaries. These special occasions require thoughtful planning and budgeting to ensure a memorable celebration.

Today, I allocate ten dollars for my anniversary, which is coming up in December. This brings the total amount saved for holidays and anniversaries to two hundred and ten dollars.

As these occasions approach, I will continue to save and plan accordingly. Having separate envelopes for each celebration helps me stay organized and avoid any financial stress.

Saving for 2022 Planner

As the year comes to an end, it is essential to start thinking about the upcoming year and the tools needed to stay organized. I allocate ten dollars towards saving for my 2022 planner.

Having a planner that suits my needs and style is crucial for maintaining my business and personal commitments. With this addition, I now have fifty-two dollars saved for my 2022 planner.

Monthly Subscriptions and Expenses

In addition to the savings categories, I also have ongoing monthly expenses to consider. These include subscriptions, such as streaming services and gym memberships, as well as recurring bills for utilities and internet.

To ensure I stay within my budget, I allocate thirty dollars towards these monthly expenses. By setting aside a dedicated amount, I can comfortably cover these recurring costs and avoid any financial strain.

Saving for Vacation and Special Events

While it is essential to work hard, it is equally important to take time off and enjoy life. I allocate ten dollars towards my vacation envelope, ensuring that I have funds saved for future travel experiences.

Currently, I have a total of forty-five dollars saved for vacations. These funds serve as a reminder to prioritize self-care and create lasting memories through travel.

Planning for Moving Expenses

As I near the end of my lease, I begin planning for the inevitable move. Moving can be a costly endeavor, so it is crucial to start saving early and ensure a smooth transition.

In today's session, I allocate five dollars to my moving envelope. This serves as the initial saving towards my moving expenses, with more significant allocations planned for the coming months.

Allocations for Family and Gifts

As the year progresses, it is important to consider family and loved ones. I allocate five dollars to my family envelope, which helps cover expenses when I visit my family.

In addition to family, I also allocate five dollars to my future gift-giving endeavors. Having separate envelopes for these categories allows me to budget accordingly and be more intentional with my spending.

Cash Envelopes for Expenses

Finally, it's time to address the cash envelopes that I use for day-to-day expenses. These envelopes cover various categories such as clothes, going out, household items, and personal care.

Today, I allocate five dollars to my clothes envelope. This envelope serves as a reminder to budget for necessary clothing items and occasional wardrobe updates.

Similarly, I allocate five dollars to my going out envelope, which covers expenses related to socializing with friends and dining out. Maintaining a separate envelope for this category helps me stick to my budget while still enjoying life.

I allocate five dollars to my household envelope, which covers general home expenses, such as cleaning supplies and small décor items.

Lastly, I allocate ten dollars to my self-care envelope. This envelope serves as a reminder to invest in myself and prioritize activities that bring me joy and relaxation.

Savings Challenge Box

To conclude today's video, I turn my attention to my savings challenge box. This box contains various cash envelopes that I use to organize and save for different goals and expenses.

Today, I retrieve the envelopes from the box, and we go through the process of stuffing them with the allocated cash. Each envelope represents a specific category of expenses or savings goal.

As I stuff the envelopes, it is important to note that the money may stick out slightly due to the box's size constraints. However, this visible representation helps me track the progress of each envelope and stay motivated.

I am continually working on finalizing the details of the savings challenge box and how I will offer it for sale. It will be available in my shop soon, and I will provide updates on the customization options and pricing.


Thank you for joining me today as I stuffed envelopes for my Etsy paycheck. Managing my finances and staying organized is crucial for the success of my side business. With my business binder and savings challenge box, I can plan for expenses, save for future goals, and stay on top of my financial responsibilities.

By allocating funds for taxes, products, equipment, shipping, bills, and various other expenses, I can ensure the smooth operation of my Etsy shop. Additionally, setting aside money for savings and personal activities allows me to enjoy life while still working towards long-term financial goals.

I hope you found this video informative and inspiring. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so you won't miss any future updates. Thank you for watching, and I'll see you in the next video!


  • Stuffing envelopes for my Etsy paycheck
  • Organizing finances with a business binder
  • Counting and sorting envelopes accurately
  • Managing taxes for a side business
  • Introducing new products and wallets
  • Saving for Black Friday equipment
  • Allocating funds for shipping expenses
  • Budgeting for office supplies and marketing
  • Managing bills and subscriptions
  • Setting aside money for student loan payments
  • Planning and saving for seasonal activities
  • Saving for future expenses and milestones
  • Funding holidays and anniversaries
  • Allocating funds for a 2022 planner
  • Managing monthly subscriptions and bills
  • Saving for vacations and special events
  • Planning for upcoming moving expenses
  • Budgeting for family and gift-giving
  • Using cash envelopes for day-to-day expenses
  • The process of stuffing envelopes in a savings challenge box
  • Conclusion


Q: Where can I purchase the wallets and envelopes mentioned in the video? A: The wallets and envelopes are available for purchase in my Etsy shop. The shop link is always provided in the video description.

Q: Will you be offering additional colors for the wallets in the future? A: I am considering offering more colors for the wallets based on customer feedback. However, for now, I have started with black, rose gold, light blue, and sparkle pink options.

Q: When will the savings challenge box be available for purchase in your shop? A: I am currently working on finalizing the details for the savings challenge box and how it will be offered for sale. Stay tuned for updates on availability and pricing.

Q: How can I stay updated on your shop and future videos? A: To stay updated on my shop and future videos, make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell. This way, you won't miss any updates or new content.

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