Increase Your Sales Dramatically!

Increase Your Sales Dramatically!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Content Creator
  3. Reselling on Poshmark
    1. Platforms for Reselling
    2. Focus on Poshmark
    3. Content Approach on YouTube
  4. Honoring Subscriber Milestones
  5. Sharing Best Sales
    1. Sales Above $150
    2. Noteworthy Sales
    3. Thread Up Finds
  6. Notable Sales in the $200 Range
    1. Brands and Their Stories
    2. Retail Arbitrage Experience
    3. Designer Rescues
  7. Impressive Sales in the $300 Range
    1. Chanel Makeup Bag Surprise
    2. Amazing Boots and Dresses
  8. Outstanding Sales in the $400 Range
    1. Prada and Gucci Discoveries
    2. The Freebie that Sold Big
  9. The Unbelievable Sale
    1. Finding the Marco Bicego Bracelet
    2. The Gratitude for Reselling Success
  10. Conclusion

Reselling Success: Unveiling the Best Poshmark Sales

If you're into the world of reselling, Poshmark is a platform that needs no introduction. Full-time reseller, Megan, has made a name for herself on Poshmark and YouTube, sharing her reseller journey and successes with her subscribers. In this article, we'll dive into Megan's best Poshmark sales from the beginning of her reselling journey up until now, showcasing the incredible finds, the brands, and the stories behind each sale.

About the Content Creator

Before we delve into the reselling success story, let's take a moment to get to know Megan, the content creator behind the thriving YouTube channel. Megan, also known as Megan the Reseller, is a passionate full-time reseller who mainly operates on Poshmark. Her YouTube channel is focused on providing reseller content, including unboxings, sales updates, and valuable tips and tricks for success in the reselling business. With a love for the reselling community and a genuine dedication to her subscribers, Megan's channel has become a go-to resource for resellers of all levels.

Reselling on Poshmark

Platforms for Reselling

In the vast world of online reselling, resellers have various platforms to choose from. While each platform has its unique advantages, Poshmark stands out as an appealing choice for many resellers. With its user-friendly interface, dedicated community, and focus on fashion and accessories, Poshmark provides an ideal platform for resellers to showcase their inventory and connect with potential buyers. Its popularity and extensive user base make it a promising space to generate sales and expand a reselling business.

Focus on Poshmark

While Megan also operates on a few other reselling platforms, Poshmark has become her primary focus. The platform's emphasis on fashion aligns well with Megan's style and inventory, allowing her to curate a reselling feed that caters to a specific target audience. Through her Poshmark listings, Megan has cultivated a loyal following and has established a thriving reselling business.

Content Approach on YouTube

Megan's YouTube channel serves as an extension of her reselling journey. With a conversational and engaging style, she invites her viewers into her world, sharing valuable insights, reselling tips, and stories of her successes and challenges. Her content appeals to both seasoned resellers and those new to the industry, as she provides a mix of educational and entertaining videos. From hauls and unboxings to sales updates and reseller Q&A sessions, Megan's YouTube channel offers a variety of content to keep her subscribers informed and entertained.

Honoring Subscriber Milestones

As a way to show gratitude to her growing subscriber base, Megan celebrates significant milestones with special videos and content. In her videos, she expresses her appreciation for her viewers' support and engagement, recognizing the importance of the reselling community in her success. This personalized approach fosters a sense of connection and loyalty among her subscribers, leading to a strong and engaged community.

Sharing Best Sales

Now, let's dive into the main event — Megan's best sales. From 2020 to October 2023, Megan compiled a list of her top sales, highlighting each item that sold for $150 or more. These sales demonstrate Megan's keen eye for valuable pieces, her understanding of desirable brands, and her ability to curate a profitable inventory.

Sales Above $150

Among the sales listed, Megan shares her experience with various brands, some of which may be unfamiliar to her viewers. From a Triple A jacket she found in a Goodwill in Portland to a pair of Mother jeans discovered at the bins, Megan proves that hidden gems can be found in unexpected places. She provides insights into her sourcing strategies and explains how she maximizes profits through her reselling techniques.

Noteworthy Sales

In addition to the sales above the $150 threshold, Megan includes some standout sales that warrant special attention. These items, ranging from luxury handbags to designer clothing, showcase the breadth and versatility of Megan's reselling portfolio. Some of the notable brands she has come across include Johnny Was, Veronica Beard, The Great, and Marc Jacobs. With each sale, Megan explains the distinct features of these brands and shares her excitement at finding and selling them.

Thread Up Finds

Throughout her reselling journey, Megan has had several successful finds from Thread Up, an online thrift store. She recounts the story of a stunning Magnolia Pearl tunic that sold mere minutes after its listing. Megan's experience with Thread Up serves as a testament to the potential treasures that can be discovered through online thrifting platforms.

Notable Sales in the $200 Range

Moving into the $200 price range, Megan's reselling success continues to impress. She shares remarkable sales stories, including a Chanel makeup bag found at the bins and a pair of eye-catching boots sourced through retail arbitrage. Additionally, she highlights some outstanding designer rescues from Thread Up, featuring brands like Prada, Gucci, and Coach. Megan's ability to identify valuable pieces and leverage different sourcing techniques underscores her expertise as a reseller.

Impressive Sales in the $300 Range

As the price range increases, so do the profits. Megan showcases her ability to secure sales in the $300 range, with items like a luxurious Prada lambskin leather purse and a vintage Gucci wool jumpsuit. These sales exemplify Megan's knack for recognizing high-end fashion and capitalizing on its value. Through her reselling endeavors, she proves that patience and knowledge are key to achieving substantial profits.

Outstanding Sales in the $400 Range

Megan's most remarkable sales are found in the $400 range. These sales represent the pinnacle of her reselling success, with brands like Marco Bicego and Gucci taking center stage. A Marco Bicego 18 karat gold bracelet acquired through a Thread Up Fun Box stands as the highlight of her sales journey. By emphasizing the rarity and value of these exceptional pieces, Megan inspires resellers to aim high and continue pursuing hidden treasures.

The Unbelievable Sale

Finally, we arrive at Megan's most unforgettable sale — the sale that made reselling history for her. This extraordinary sale features a Marco Bicego 18 karat gold bracelet, sourced from a Thread Up Fun Box. The bracelet, initially undervalued, sold for a staggering $1,300 on Poshmark. This sale not only symbolizes the immense profit potential in the reselling market but also serves as a testament to Megan's reselling skills and her unwavering dedication to sharing her reselling journey with her audience.


Megan's reselling success on Poshmark is a testament to her knowledge, perseverance, and passion for the industry. From her humble beginnings as a reseller to her extraordinary sales milestones, Megan's journey offers valuable insights and inspiration to both aspiring and experienced resellers. With her engaging YouTube content and remarkable reselling achievements, Megan continues to make a significant impact in the reselling community.

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