Hot Valentine's Shirt: Latest Design & Sublimation Blanks!

Hot Valentine's Shirt: Latest Design & Sublimation Blanks!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About Angela's Kids Etsy Shop
  3. Reopening for Valentine's Day
  4. Blank Apparel Choices
  5. Design Ideas for Riley
  6. Design Ideas for Roman
  7. Simple Designs vs. Applique
  8. Using Embroidery Software
  9. Introducing Chalky Hill Embroidery Supply
  10. Testing the Chalky Hill Needles and Stabilizers
  11. Completed Shirts and Their Designs
  12. Pricing and Selling on Etsy
  13. Conclusion

Embroidery Designs for Angela's Kids Etsy Shop

Welcome back to Angela's channel! In this video, she is excited to share some new designs she is creating for her kids' Etsy shop. After taking a break from selling kids' items, Angela is ready to reopen her shop just in time for Valentine's Day. In this article, we will explore the various design ideas Angela has for her children's shirts and the process she goes through to create these unique pieces. We will also take a look at a new embroidery supply company called Chalky Hill and see how Angela incorporates their products into her work. So, let's dive in and discover the creativity behind Angela's embroidery designs!


Angela, the owner of a kids' Etsy shop, decided to take a break from selling children's apparel for a while. However, with Valentine's Day approaching, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to reopen her shop and create new designs for her children's shirts. In this article, we will explore Angela's design ideas and the process she goes through to bring these designs to life.

About Angela's Kids Etsy Shop

Angela's kids' Etsy shop is a place where she sells unique and personalized clothing items for children. While she had temporarily closed her shop, Angela's love for creating kids' apparel never faded. Now, she is ready to dive back into the world of entrepreneurship and showcase her creativity through her embroidery designs.

Reopening for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day holds a special place in Angela's heart, as it is a time to spread love and appreciation. With that in mind, Angela decided to reopen her Etsy shop just in time for this romantic holiday. She sees it as the perfect opportunity to create special designs that capture the essence of love and affection.

Blank Apparel Choices

As Angela plans her designs, she carefully selects the blank apparel she will be using. For Valentine's Day, she has chosen long-sleeve bubbles, ruffle bottoms, and ruffle sleeve shirts in various colors. Angela believes that these apparel choices will provide a great canvas for her embroidery designs.

Design Ideas for Riley

Riley, Angela's daughter, loves everything related to Valentine's Day. For her, Angela plans to create a design featuring her name with a heart bow motif. Angela believes that simplicity is key and wants to keep the design clean and cute. She has seen other people add designs in the bottom right-hand corner, but she prefers to keep Riley's design simple yet eye-catching.

Design Ideas for Roman

Roman, Angela's son, has a current fascination for dinosaurs. Angela wants to incorporate Roman's love for dinosaurs into his Valentine's Day design. She envisions a cute dinosaur-themed design that will resonate with Roman and capture the essence of Valentine's Day.

Simple Designs vs. Applique

Throughout her embroidery journey, Angela has learned that simple designs can be just as impactful as more intricate applique designs. Initially, Angela was concerned about the perception of simplicity from her customers. However, she has witnessed the success of her simpler designs, such as the popular pumpkin shirt she sold for Thanksgiving. Angela believes that simple designs offer a quick and easy process, making them desirable for both herself and her customers.

Using Embroidery Software

To bring her designs to life, Angela uses embroidery software called Brilliance Essentials. This software allows her to customize colors, add names, and more. Angela appreciates the ease and flexibility that this software provides, allowing her to create unique designs for her children's shirts. She recommends Brilliance Essentials to fellow embroiderers, citing its compatibility with Mac devices and the fact that it requires a one-time payment rather than a monthly subscription.

Introducing Chalky Hill Embroidery Supply

Angela recently received a box of embroidery supplies from a subscriber-turned-entrepreneur named Yvette. Yvette started her embroidery supply company, Chalky Hill, and sent Angela some of her products to try. In this section, we will explore the various products Yvette sent and how Angela incorporates them into her embroidery process.

Testing the Chalky Hill Needles and Stabilizers

Angela decides to test the Chalky Hill needles and stabilizers on her embroidery machine. She carefully replaces her current needles with the Chalky Hill needles and notes any differences in the embroidery process. Angela also experiments with the Chalky Hill stabilizers, such as water-soluble, cutaway, tearaway, and no-show stabilizers. She provides honest feedback on the performance and quality of these products, giving viewers an inside look at how they work.

Completed Shirts and Their Designs

After experimenting with various designs and utilizing the Chalky Hill embroidery supplies, Angela completes a set of shirts for her children. These shirts showcase her creativity and attention to detail. Angela is excited about the outcome and believes these shirts will be a hit on her Etsy shop. She adds them to her inventory and eagerly awaits the customer response.

Pricing and Selling on Etsy

Angela understands the importance of pricing her embroidered shirts appropriately. In this section, she discusses her pricing strategy and how she determines the value of her creations. By offering unique and personalized designs, Angela aims to attract customers who appreciate the craftsmanship and effort put into each shirt. She also shares tips on how to effectively market her products on Etsy to maximize sales and reach a wider audience.


In this article, we delved into Angela's journey of creating embroidery designs for her kids' Etsy shop. From reopening her shop for Valentine's Day to carefully selecting the blank apparel and incorporating unique designs, Angela showcases her creativity and passion for embroidery. We also explored her experiences with the Chalky Hill embroidery supplies and how they enhance her embroidery process. By sharing her expertise and insight, Angela inspires both fellow embroiderers and potential customers. So, if you're in the market for one-of-a-kind embroidered children's clothing, be sure to check out Angela's Etsy shop and discover the craftsmanship behind her beautiful designs.

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