Get Adorable Address Labels on Etsy!

Get Adorable Address Labels on Etsy!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing the Etsy Package
  3. Address Labels and Note from the Seller
  4. Review of the Unicorn Address Labels
  5. Review of the Vintage Santa Address Labels
  6. Review of the Cat Address Labels
  7. Other Stickers and Designs
  8. Pricing and Shipping
  9. Communication and Customer Service
  10. Conclusion

Unboxing the Etsy Package

Tammy, a YouTube content creator, received a package from Etsy and shares her excitement through an unboxing video. The video showcases her unboxing experience, the contents of the package, and her overall impression of the product. She expresses her delight and appreciation for the seller's customer service and attention to detail. In this article, we will explore Tammy's unboxing experience, review the address labels she received, and provide an overview of the seller's communication and pricing.

Tammy starts by expressing her excitement and curiosity about the package she received from Etsy. She mentions that she had done some Christmas shopping and also ordered some envelopes, so she wasn't sure what the package contained. As she opens the package, she discovers a cute little note that instantly brings a smile to her face.

Address Labels and Note from the Seller

Tammy realizes that the contents of the package are address labels. She explains that the seller, Stephanie, had upgraded her order to include "unicorn" and "glossy" address labels. Tammy expresses her appreciation for Stephanie's gesture and mentions that she also ordered some unicorn stickers, which makes the address labels even more fitting.

Tammy is impressed with Stephanie's customer service, noting that she received a sweet message from her as soon as she placed the order. She emphasizes the importance of supporting small businesses and encourages her viewers to check out Stephanie's Etsy shop.

Review of the Unicorn Address Labels

Tammy proceeds to show her viewers the unicorn address labels she received. She describes them as spectacular and showcases the whimsical font and cute unicorn design. Tammy mentions that she had the option to choose from different unicorn poses and expresses her love for the glossy finish of the labels. She shares that each sheet contains 15 unicorn address labels and that she received two sheets.

Review of the Vintage Santa Address Labels

Next, Tammy presents the vintage Santa address labels she received. She points out the different font used for these labels and mentions that they are easy to read. Tammy expresses her excitement to use these labels for her Christmas cards. Similar to the unicorn labels, she received two sheets of vintage Santa address labels, with 15 labels per sheet.

Review of the Cat Address Labels

Tammy reveals that the cat address labels are her personal favorites. She shows the grumpy cat design and praises its cuteness. Tammy mentions that there were three poses of the cat to choose from. She appreciates the inclusion of her name in a cute font and shares that she received 30 cat address labels, with 15 labels per sheet.

Other Stickers and Designs

In addition to the address labels, Stephanie also included other stickers in Tammy's package. Tammy shows the "Meowy Christmas" stickers, featuring paw prints, and expresses her love for them. She displays the various Christmas-themed designs on the stickers and mentions that Stephanie included extra stickers as a bonus. Tammy is particularly excited about the hedgehog stickers and their adorable balloon designs.

Pricing and Shipping

Tammy shares the details of her purchase, mentioning that she spent a total of $26.69, including tax. She notes that there was no additional shipping fee. Tammy emphasizes the affordability of the address labels and stickers, considering the quality of the products and Stephanie's excellent customer service.

Communication and Customer Service

Throughout the article, Tammy praises Stephanie's communication and customer service. She mentions that Stephanie reached out to her immediately after she placed the order, demonstrating her dedication to providing a positive buying experience. Tammy appreciates Stephanie's attention to detail and her efforts to make her feel special as a customer.


Tammy concludes the article by reiterating her appreciation for Stephanie's products and customer service. She encourages her readers to check out Stephanie's Etsy shop, Male Bling, and emphasizes that the address labels and stickers she received exceeded her expectations. Tammy expresses her excitement about using the labels for her Christmas cards and concludes by thanking her readers for their time.


  • Tammy unboxes a package from Etsy and discovers cute address labels.
  • Stephanie, the seller, provides excellent customer service and adds personalized touches to the order.
  • Tammy reviews the unicorn, vintage Santa, and cat address labels, praising their designs and quality.
  • The additional stickers provided by Stephanie, including the "Meowy Christmas" and hedgehog stickers, add to Tammy's delight.
  • The pricing is affordable, and shipping is prompt.
  • Stephanie's communication and customer service are outstanding.
  • Tammy recommends Male Bling on Etsy for high-quality address labels and stickers.
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