From Bedroom to Global Success: Insights from Etsy CEO

From Bedroom to Global Success: Insights from Etsy CEO

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Etsy's commitment to female entrepreneurship
    1. 87% of sellers are women
    2. Empowering women through creativity
  3. Financial impact of Etsy businesses
    1. Response to financial need
    2. Building a global business
  4. Etsy's commitment to diversity
    1. Female representation in leadership roles
    2. Diversity in engineering
  5. Intentionality and sustained commitment
    1. Attracting talented women
    2. Addressing job description biases
  6. Finding females in tech roles
    1. Proactive sourcing efforts
    2. Building pipelines through partnerships
  7. Women's success at Etsy
    1. Outperforming expectations
    2. Stock performance and market reaction
  8. Conclusion

Etsy: Empowering Female Entrepreneurs through Diversity and Creativity

In today's world, female entrepreneurship and diversity are gaining increasing recognition and support. One company that has been at the forefront of this movement is Etsy, the digital marketplace known for its unique handmade and vintage products. With an astounding 87% of their sellers being women, Etsy has become a platform that not only provides a space for creativity and entrepreneurship but also empowers women to build successful businesses from their own living rooms. In this article, we will explore Etsy's commitment to female entrepreneurship, the financial impact of Etsy businesses, the company's dedication to diversity, and their strategies for finding and supporting women in tech roles.


Etsy, the renowned digital marketplace, has made a name for itself as a platform that supports and promotes women in the world of entrepreneurship and creativity. With a staggering 87% of their sellers being women, Etsy has become a hub for female-led businesses, allowing women to showcase their talent and turn their passions into profitable ventures. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects that make Etsy a driving force in female entrepreneurship, from the financial impact of Etsy businesses to the company's commitment to diversity.

Etsy's Commitment to Female Entrepreneurship

One of the most remarkable attributes of Etsy is its overwhelming representation of women among its sellers. With 87% of their sellers being women, the company has unintentionally become a platform that truly uplifts and empowers women in the business world. While this high percentage may have not been a focused effort, it exemplifies the organic growth of female entrepreneurship within the Etsy community. The fact that more than 2 million sellers, most of them running businesses of one, can operate on a global scale from the comfort of their homes is truly remarkable.

Financial Impact of Etsy Businesses

Etsy not only provides a platform for creative individuals but also serves as a catalyst for financial stability and growth. Nearly 50% of Etsy sellers indicated that they started their businesses in response to a financial need in their families. This clearly demonstrates how Etsy serves as an on-ramp for individuals to build and run businesses that have the potential to become significant players in the global market. By harnessing their creative energy and translating it into marketable products, these women are able to generate income and support their families, all while pursuing their passions.

Etsy's Commitment to Diversity

Etsy stands out among other companies when it comes to diversity, particularly in boosting the representation of women. The company has not only achieved gender parity in leadership roles, with 52% of people in leadership positions being female, but also has made significant progress in diversifying its engineering workforce. A commendable 33% of Etsy's engineers are women, which surpasses industry standards and sets a new benchmark for tech companies. This commitment to diversity at all levels of the company is not only a reflection of Etsy's values but also a strategic advantage in attracting and retaining talented women.

Intentionality and Sustained Commitment

Etsy's commitment to diversity and inclusion has been a focus from the beginning. This intentional effort to create an environment where talented women can thrive has yielded positive results. By consistently promoting diversity and providing opportunities for women to succeed, Etsy has become a place where talented women see themselves excelling. This commitment has not only attracted exceptional women to join the company but also created a competitive advantage in the talent market.

One practical step Etsy has taken is addressing biases in job descriptions. Research shows that women are less likely to apply for a job if they do not fulfill every requirement listed in the description, whereas men tend to apply even if they fulfill only most of the requirements. By carefully assessing each requirement and determining its true necessity, Etsy has seen an increase in the number of women applying for technical positions. This demonstrates the company's dedication to providing equal opportunities and combating biases that may hinder female representation.

Finding Females in Tech Roles

Etsy recognizes the importance of actively sourcing talented women for technical positions. With unemployment rates for coders being close to zero, it is crucial for the company to be proactive in finding qualified women. To achieve this, Etsy has established partnerships with organizations like the Recurse Center in New York, which provides mid-career women with training and skill enhancement opportunities in engineering. Building such relationships and pipelines over the years has proven to be a vital strategy in bridging the gender gap in tech roles.

Women's Success at Etsy

Etsy's commitment to empowering women has translated into a remarkable track record of success. Outperforming expectations, the company has experienced consistent growth. During an investor day, Etsy projected a 16% to 20% growth rate in merchandise sales, which led to a temporary decline in their stock. Despite the temporary market reaction, Etsy's performance has been exceptional, and the company remains confident in its long-term vision.


Etsy's commitment to female entrepreneurship and diversity has made it a trailblazer in the business world. From empowering women to build global businesses to fostering an environment of inclusion and gender parity, Etsy has set an example for other companies to follow. Through a sustained commitment to diversity, intentional efforts to address biases, and proactive sourcing, Etsy has been successful in nurturing female talent in the tech industry. With a track record of outstanding performance, Etsy continues to be a driving force in empowering women and shaping the future of entrepreneurship.


  • Etsy, the digital marketplace, has 87% of its sellers being women, making it a platform for female entrepreneurship and diversity.
  • Etsy sellers are able to build and run global businesses, benefiting from the changing nature of work and creativity.
  • Nearly 50% of Etsy sellers started their businesses in response to a financial need, highlighting the financial impact of Etsy businesses.
  • Etsy's commitment to diversity is evident through gender parity in leadership roles and high representation of women in technical positions.
  • Etsy's sustained commitment to diversity attracts talented women to the company and serves as a competitive advantage in the talent market.
  • Etsy actively sources and builds pipelines for women in tech roles, partnering with organizations like the Recurse Center to enhance diversity.
  • Etsy's exceptional performance and growth solidify its position as a success story in female entrepreneurship.
  • The company remains confident in its long-term vision and commitment to empowering women in the business world.


Q: What percentage of Etsy sellers are women? A: 87% of Etsy sellers are women, making it a platform that actively supports female entrepreneurship.

Q: How has Etsy positively impacted the financial stability of its sellers? A: Nearly 50% of Etsy sellers started their businesses in response to a financial need, showcasing Etsy's role in providing opportunities for financial growth.

Q: Does Etsy prioritize diversity within the company? A: Yes, Etsy is committed to diversity and gender parity, with 52% of leadership roles and 33% of engineering positions held by women.

Q: How does Etsy actively source women for technical positions? A: Etsy actively partners with organizations like the Recurse Center to train and enhance the skills of women in tech roles.

Q: How has Etsy performed in terms of growth and market reaction? A: Etsy has consistently outperformed expectations, with positive growth. Although there may be temporary market reactions, Etsy remains confident in its long-term vision and growth potential.

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