Explore Minnie Mouse Ear Collection

Explore Minnie Mouse Ear Collection

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Red Sequin Bunny Ears
  3. Millennial Pink Ears
  4. Puppy Balloon Ears
  5. Pixar Ball Ears
  6. Loungefly Ears
  7. Peppermint Ears
  8. Coco Ears
  9. Magic Carpet Ears
  10. Garden Ears


The Ultimate Disney Ear Collection: A Look at Gwen's Impressive Assortment


Disney ears have become a popular fashion accessory among Disney enthusiasts, and Gwen is no exception. She has amassed an impressive collection of Disney ears over the years, ranging from classic styles to unique designs. In this article, we will take a closer look at Gwen's Disney ear collection, highlighting her favorite pairs and where she obtained them. Get ready to dive into the magical world of Disney style!

Red Sequin Bunny Ears

Gwen's collection starts with the latest addition to her Disney ear family - the red sequin bunny ears. These vibrant and festive ears are believed to have been released for Chinese New Year. Gwen received them in her Bibbidi Box, a subscription service that sends Disney-themed goodies every month. The red sequins add a touch of glamour to any Disney outfit, making these ears a must-have for Gwen.

Millennial Pink Ears

Next up, we have the iconic millennial pink ears. Gwen can't remember exactly where she acquired these beauties, but it's safe to say they are a popular choice among Disney fans. These ears were possibly purchased from the Disney Outlet Store, which is known for offering discounted Disney merchandise. The millennial pink color adds a touch of modernity to Gwen's collection, making them a versatile and stylish option.

Puppy Balloon Ears

Another pair of ears that caught Gwen's eye were the charming puppy balloon ears. She found these adorable ears at a collecting shop, instantly falling in love with their playful design. The puppy balloon ears are not Disney licensed, but they still fit right into Gwen's Disney-themed collection. The vibrant colors and whimsical balloons make these ears a fun and unique addition.

Pixar Ball Ears

Taking inspiration from the beloved Pixar movies, Gwen decided to add the Pixar ball ears to her collection. These ears feature the iconic Pixar ball on both the front and the back, with a little lamp on the side. The Pixar ball ears are officially licensed Disney merchandise, showcasing Gwen's love for both Disney and Pixar films. These ears are a playful and nostalgic tribute to the captivating world of Pixar.

Loungefly Ears

Gwen's collection also includes a stylish pair of Loungefly ears. The exact name of these ears eludes her memory, but she distinctly remembers finding them at the Disney Outlet Store. Loungefly is a popular brand known for its unique and trendy designs, and these ears are no exception. The elegant pattern and high-quality craftsmanship make them a standout piece in Gwen's collection.

Peppermint Ears

Embracing the festive spirit, Gwen added the peppermint ears to her Disney ear lineup. She was drawn to the candy cane cutie design and picked them up during the holiday season. Gwen recalls getting these ears on clearance from Shop Disney, adding a touch of Christmas magic to her collection. The peppermint ears are a sweet reminder of the joyful atmosphere at Disney parks during the holiday season.

Coco Ears

For fans of the animated film "Coco," Gwen's Disney ear collection wouldn't be complete without the Coco ears. These intricately designed ears feature a pattern inspired by the Day of the Dead celebration, complete with music notes and vibrant colors. Gwen found these unique ears during her Disney outlet store shopping spree, instantly falling in love with their artistic flair. The Coco ears are a testament to Gwen's appreciation for Disney's diverse and enchanting storytelling.

Magic Carpet Ears

One of Gwen's favorite pairs of Disney ears is the magic carpet ears. These were the first Disney park ears she acquired and remain a cherished item in her collection. The magic carpet design, with Jasmine's jewel in the middle, holds a special place in Gwen's heart. Surprisingly, she found these beauties at the Disney Outlet Store, coming across the only pair available. The magic carpet ears are a symbol of Gwen's love for Disney and her passion for discovering hidden treasures.

Garden Ears

With a love for all things floral, Gwen couldn't resist adding the garden ears to her collection. These delicate and feminine ears were also acquired from the Disney Outlet Store. However, Gwen wishes that the entire ear was covered in flowers instead of just the front. Nonetheless, the garden ears are a charming addition, showcasing Gwen's love for nature and Disney's attention to detail.

To be continued in Part 2

Stay tuned for the second part of this article, where we will explore more of Gwen's Disney ear collection. From small shop finds to Etsy treasures, Gwen's collection continues to grow, adding more magic and personality to her Disney adventures. Get ready to be inspired by her lovely assortment and discover new favorites along the way!


  • Gwen's Disney ear collection is a testament to her love for all things Disney.
  • From classic styles to unique designs, Gwen's collection caters to a variety of tastes.
  • Red sequin bunny ears add a touch of glamour to any Disney outfit.
  • Millennial pink ears offer a modern and stylish option for Disney fans.
  • Puppy balloon ears showcase Gwen's love for playful and charming designs.
  • Pixar ball ears pay homage to the beloved movies created by Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Loungefly ears bring a trendy and fashionable flair to Gwen's collection.
  • Peppermint ears embrace the festive spirit and add a touch of Christmas magic.
  • Coco ears celebrate the vibrant and diverse storytelling of Disney's "Coco."
  • Magic carpet ears hold a special place in Gwen's heart as one of her first park ear purchases.
  • Garden ears showcase Gwen's love for nature and Disney's attention to detail.


Q: Where does Gwen find her Disney ears? A: Gwen finds her Disney ears from various sources, including the Disney Outlet Store, small shops, and Etsy.

Q: Are all of Gwen's Disney ears officially licensed Disney merchandise? A: Not all of Gwen's Disney ears are officially licensed Disney merchandise. She also includes unique and handmade designs from small shops and Etsy.

Q: How does Gwen choose her Disney ears? A: Gwen's Disney ear choices are often based on her personal style preferences and the uniqueness of the designs. She looks for ears that stand out and complement her Disney outfits.

Q: Where can I find the exact same Disney ears featured in this article? A: While some of the Disney ears mentioned in this article may no longer be available, several Etsy sellers and small shops specialize in creating similar custom designs.

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