Exclusive Black Friday Sale on NEW Etsy Items!

Exclusive Black Friday Sale on NEW Etsy Items!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. New Vinyl Options
  3. Budget Trackers
  4. Cash Envelopes
    • Bubble Letter Envelopes
    • Ordered Cash Envelopes
    • Envelopes with Decorative Backing or Front
    • Clear Front Envelopes
    • Peekaboo Envelopes
    • Full Coverage Envelopes
  5. Placeholders
  6. Sales and Promotions
  7. Conclusion



Hey everyone, welcome or welcome back to my channel! My name is Anya, and I am a cash budgeter here on YouTube. Today, I have a very special video to bring to you all. I am going to be going over a bunch of new products that I will have available in my Etsy shop on Friday, just in time for my Black Friday sales. So, let's get to it!

New Vinyl Options

The first product I want to show you is actually a vinyl option. I will now be offering this beautiful glitter vinyl for all products in my shop that have a vinyl color option. This means envelopes as well as custom cash binders. Let me show you all of the different colors that I have available:

  1. Purple
  2. Magenta
  3. Light Blue
  4. Black
  5. Blue
  6. Pink
  7. Green
  8. Red
  9. Gold

All of these colors will be available on my Etsy shop starting this Friday for any products that have a color vinyl option.

Budget Trackers

Next up, I have budget trackers, and I will be offering these on my shop in sets of five. I can laminate them so that you can reuse them. You just have to clean them off with some alcohol if you're using a permanent marker or dry erase marker. I can hole punch them to fit inside your A6 size binder. Please note that these will not fit in the Mo Term wallets if they are hole punched. If you wanted to put these in your Mo Term wallets, you would have to fold them in half. Here are the color options available:

  1. Pink
  2. Teal Green
  3. Black
  4. Purple
  5. Blue
  6. Golden Yellow

Again, these will be available in sets of five and can be either hole punched and laminated or just normal.

Cash Envelopes

Now, let's move on to the different cash envelope styles that I will now be offering. First up, we have the bubble letter envelopes. These envelopes will be available in all sizes: regular, full bill size, A7 Mo Term size, and mini size.

Next, we have our ordered cash envelopes. Let me show you all the size options available: regular full bill size, A7 Mo Term hole punch size, and mini size.

I also have a few envelopes that come with a decorative backing or front. I have three different styles available, and all of them will come with the paper that is currently on them, as well as three other options. Here are the options:

  1. Clear Front Envelopes - The back is a beautiful marble design, and the front is clear. These can be ordered blank or with your category labels on them. Available sizes are classic, A7 Mo Term size, and mini size.

  2. Glitter Backings - We have gold, silver, and rose gold options. These are super pretty, especially in person. You can order any of these options for the next three envelopes.

  3. Peekaboo Options - The pattern is fully on the back and front with a clear peekaboo opening. Available sizes are full, A7 Mo Term size, and mini size.

  4. Full Coverage Envelopes - These come with the full, classic design. Available sizes are full, A7 Mo Term size, and mini size. You can purchase these envelopes with either the marble pattern or the gold, silver, or rose gold glitter. They can all be ordered blank or with your categories on them.


Last but not least, I officially have placeholders available in my shop. I will be offering a 500 placeholder and two options for the 1k slip: either the full 1,000 spelled out for you or just 1k. You'll have the option of these placeholders with clear backgrounds or with a marble, gold glitter, silver glitter, or rose gold glitter background. If you ordered one of the backgrounds, say silver, it would just be the silver background with your number on it.

Sales and Promotions

That's all for my video today. I know it was a quick one, but I wanted to hurry up and show you all the new products that will be available this Friday. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram so that you can be notified of our sales this weekend. We will have some promotions going on for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Please make sure to follow me on Instagram for more details. Stay safe and happy holidays!


In conclusion, I am thrilled to announce the addition of various new products to my Etsy shop. From vinyl options to budget trackers and cash envelopes, there is something for everyone. The different styles and personalization options ensure that each customer can find something that suits their preferences. Don't forget to check out our placeholders and stay tuned for sales and promotions this weekend. Thank you for watching and supporting my small business.

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