Etsy's e-retail success: 79% sales surge and 12 million masks sold

Etsy's e-retail success: 79% sales surge and 12 million masks sold

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Rise of the "SU Economy"
  3. Etsy's Performance and Revenue Growth
  4. The Impact of the Pandemic on Etsy
  5. The Surge in Cloth Face Mask Sales
  6. Mother's Day Sales and Other Categories
  7. The Resilience and Creativity of Etsy Sellers
  8. The Increase in New Shops on Etsy
  9. The Long-Term Shift to Online Shopping
  10. Etsy's Commitment to Keeping Commerce Human
  11. The Importance of Etsy's Search Algorithm
  12. The Dynamic Nature of the Etsy Marketplace
  13. Etsy's Response to the Pandemic
  14. Conclusion

The Rise of the "SU Economy"

Amidst the global pandemic, a new type of economy has emerged - the "SU economy", also known as the stay-at-home economy. This economy refers to the significant shift in consumer behavior and the surge in online shopping and e-commerce activities. While many businesses are grappling with the challenges brought about by the pandemic, one platform, in particular, has thrived in this new economy - Etsy.

Etsy's Performance and Revenue Growth

Etsy, a renowned online marketplace for handcrafted goods, has seen impressive revenue growth amidst the pandemic. Despite the mixed first-quarter results, the second quarter proved to be outstanding for the company, with a staggering 79% increase in revenue. This growth can be attributed to the boost in demand for handmade face masks, which have become an essential item during these unprecedented times.

Etsy's revenue growth is a testament to the platform's ability to adapt and meet the changing needs of consumers. The company's strong performance is a result of the collective efforts of its sellers and their commitment to providing unique and relevant products.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Etsy

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous challenges for businesses worldwide. However, Etsy has managed to turn these challenges into opportunities. With many physical stores closed and people seeking alternative shopping methods, Etsy has become a go-to platform for buyers and a lifeline for sellers.

The pandemic has prompted a surge in online shopping, and Etsy's user-friendly interface and wide range of products have made it a preferred choice for consumers. From home furnishings to toys and games, Etsy offers an extensive selection of items that cater to diverse interests and needs.

The Surge in Cloth Face Mask Sales

One of the most notable contributions of Etsy to the fight against the pandemic is the surge in cloth face mask sales. As medical-grade personal protective equipment faced shortages, Etsy stepped in to fill the gap. In just one month, the platform sold $133 million worth of face masks, with several sellers producing hundreds of thousands of masks daily.

This tremendous response from Etsy sellers highlights their agility and commitment to supporting their communities. Additionally, it showcases the power of the Etsy marketplace in mobilizing resources and its ability to adapt to emerging needs.

Mother's Day Sales and Other Categories

While face masks have dominated the headlines, Etsy's success extends beyond this essential item. Non-mask sales on Etsy saw a remarkable 79% year-over-year increase in April. Although certain categories, like weddings, experienced a significant decline, others, such as home furnishings, toys and games, crafts supplies, and gifting, flourished.

Etsy has proven to be a platform that offers a wide array of products, catering to various interests and occasions. With its sellers continually inventing and offering new products, Etsy remains a vibrant and dynamic marketplace.

The Resilience and Creativity of Etsy Sellers

Etsy's growth and success are undoubtedly attributed to the resilience and creativity of its sellers. Many individuals who were previously unemployed or seeking a creative outlet have found a home on Etsy. The platform provides them with an opportunity to earn income for their families and showcase their talents.

The stay-at-home economy has provided a unique circumstance for individuals to tap into their creativity and utilize skills they may have always possessed. This influx of new talents and the doubling of new shops on Etsy in April exemplify the vast potential and entrepreneurial spirit of the Etsy community.

The Increase in New Shops on Etsy

As the stay-at-home economy began to take shape, Etsy witnessed a significant increase in the number of new shops opening on the platform. The number of new shops doubled in April, with many individuals leveraging their skills and creativity to start their online businesses.

This surge in new shops not only expands the product offerings on Etsy but also indicates a broader trend of individuals exploring e-commerce as a viable career path. The platform continues to provide a supportive environment for these aspiring entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed.

The Long-Term Shift to Online Shopping

The pandemic has accelerated the shift from offline to online shopping. With traditional brick-and-mortar stores facing closures and restrictions, consumers who were previously hesitant to shop online have been compelled to adapt and explore e-commerce options. Etsy has been a key player in facilitating this transition, offering consumers a reliable and secure online marketplace.

This shift in consumer behavior is expected to have lasting effects, even after the pandemic subsides. By attracting new customers and providing a positive online shopping experience, Etsy aims to establish long-term loyalty and become a go-to destination for everyday needs.

Etsy's Commitment to Keeping Commerce Human

In a world where many transactions have become impersonal and automated, Etsy stands out with its commitment to keeping commerce human. The platform emphasizes the importance of supporting small businesses, individual sellers, and local communities.

By purchasing from Etsy, buyers have the opportunity to support their neighbors and contribute to the livelihoods of independent creators. Etsy's focus on fostering a sense of community and connection in the online shopping experience sets it apart from other e-commerce platforms.

The Importance of Etsy's Search Algorithm

Etsy's search algorithm plays a crucial role in connecting buyers with the products they need. When the demand for face masks surged, Etsy's search engine team had to quickly adapt the search algorithms to prioritize relevant results. This swift response allowed Etsy to become one of the top search results on Google and attract a significant number of new buyers.

The ability to fine-tune search results showcases Etsy's dedication to improving the user experience and ensuring that buyers can find what they are looking for efficiently. The effectiveness of the search algorithm has contributed to Etsy's overall success during the pandemic.

The Dynamic Nature of the Etsy Marketplace

Etsy's success is not only attributed to its sellers but also to the dynamic nature of the marketplace itself. The platform remains agile and responsive, continuously evolving to address the changing needs of consumers and sellers. The ability to adapt quickly and provide innovative solutions sets Etsy apart in the e-commerce landscape.

Etsy's team, spread across various locations, has demonstrated resilience and dedication, working remotely to ensure the platform's smooth operation. The commitment to serving its community and delivering a positive shopping experience has been vital to Etsy's continued growth.

Etsy's Response to the Pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, Etsy has remained committed to its mission of empowering creative entrepreneurs and providing a platform for them to succeed. The company's response to the crisis has showcased its ability to adapt, support sellers, and meet the changing needs of buyers.

Etsy's actions, such as promoting the sale of cloth face masks and encouraging the creation of new shops, have not only contributed to its own success but have also had a significant impact on local communities. The platform continues to navigate the challenges brought about by the pandemic, ensuring that it remains a reliable and innovative marketplace for both buyers and sellers.


The rise of the "SU economy" has presented challenges and opportunities for businesses worldwide. In this new economy, Etsy has emerged as a front-runner, demonstrating exceptional growth and adaptability. By focusing on the needs of its community, Etsy has been able to thrive amidst uncertainty.

The surge in cloth face mask sales, the increase in new shops, and the shift to online shopping have all contributed to Etsy's success in the stay-at-home economy. As the world continues to grapple with the effects of the pandemic, Etsy remains a beacon of hope for creative entrepreneurs and a trusted destination for consumers seeking unique and meaningful products.

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