Etsy Shop Transformation: Stunning Decorated Labels and Faux Stamps

Etsy Shop Transformation: Stunning Decorated Labels and Faux Stamps

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Decorated Labels Kit 2.1 Description of the Labels 2.2 Label Sizes 2.3 Printing Options
  3. The Faux Postage Stamps 3.1 How the Stamps were Created 3.2 Design and Color Variations 3.3 Different Sizes
  4. Tips for Using the Kits 4.1 Cutting Out the Labels and Stamps 4.2 Dealing with White Edges 4.3 Recommended Tools
  5. Conclusion

Decorated Labels Kit and Faux Postage Stamps: A Creative Delight

Are you ready to embark on a journey of creativity and artistry? We are thrilled to introduce our new kits, the Decorated Labels Kit and the Faux Postage Stamps! These kits have been crafted with love and passion, and we can't wait to share them with you. Let's dive into the details and discover the wonders these kits hold.

The Decorated Labels Kit

Our Decorated Labels Kit is a treasure trove of exquisite labels that will add a touch of elegance to your projects. Each label has been carefully designed using our own labely elements, antique labels, and borders. The script used on the labels has been sourced from our personal collection of scanned items, ensuring a unique and authentic touch.

  • Description of the Labels:

In this kit, you will find an impressive range of 18 labels. From classic designs to whimsical motifs, there is something to suit every creative vision. Some labels have been adorned with intricate borders that we have lovingly crafted ourselves, while others feature symbols and illustrations from ancient documents. These labels are a testament to the beauty of the past, infused with a modern twist.

  • Label Sizes:

To offer versatility, we have included labels in three different sizes. Whether you prefer a larger label to make a bold statement or a smaller, more delicate one for intricate details, our kit has it all. We have also provided a PDF file with four pages and four JPEG files for your convenience. Please note that the JPEG files offer higher resolution, resulting in more defined prints.

  • Printing Options:

When printing the labels, we recommend using the JPEG files for optimal results, as they retain the true colors and details. However, if you choose to print from the PDF, rest assured that the prints will still be of excellent quality. We have arranged the labels on the pages strategically, ensuring minimal wastage of paper. In fact, we have included a page with mini labels, perfect for adding a touch of charm to any project.

The Faux Postage Stamps

Inspired by a desire to incorporate stamps into our creations, we have designed a set of unique faux postage stamps. These stamps offer the charm of vintage postage, without the need to source authentic stamps. Let's take a closer look at what our Faux Postage Stamps kit has to offer.

  • How the Stamps were Created:

Our talented designer, Stephie, took matters into his own hands and created these stunning stamps. Using a combination of borders from antique documents and symbols found in old books, he meticulously designed each stamp. His dedication and attention to detail have resulted in a collection of 39 exquisite stamps that will elevate your projects.

  • Design and Color Variations:

Stephie's creativity knows no bounds, as he experimented with various designs and colors for the stamps. Some stamps feature delicate floral patterns, while others showcase intricate borders. We have also included stamps in different colors, allowing you to pick the perfect stamp for your artistic endeavors.

  • Different Sizes:

To cater to different preferences, we have included stamps in varying sizes. Whether you want a large stamp to act as a focal point or smaller stamps for decorative accents, our kit has got you covered. We have even repeated some of our favorite stamps in mini versions, ensuring that no design opportunity is missed.

Tips for Using the Kits

To get the most out of your Decorated Labels Kit and Faux Postage Stamps, we have put together some helpful tips.

  • Cutting Out the Labels and Stamps: When cutting out the labels and stamps, we suggest using decal scissors for a neat and precise finish. These scissors provide clean cuts without damaging the delicate designs. Take your time and enjoy the process, cutting out a few at a time and storing them in an ephemera folder until you need them.

  • Dealing with White Edges: If you are concerned about any white edges around the labels or stamps, fear not! You can easily solve this by lightly coloring around the edges with a Tombow marker (such as the 942). This will blend the edges seamlessly with your project, leaving no trace of whiteness.

  • Recommended Tools: In addition to decal scissors and a Tombow marker, we recommend having a good printer at hand. While printing from the PDF or JPEG files, ensure that you select the appropriate orientation (landscape or portrait) to avoid any printing mishaps.


In conclusion, our Decorated Labels Kit and Faux Postage Stamps are a testament to our commitment to providing unique and inspiring artistic materials. We hope you find joy and inspiration in using these kits, allowing your creativity to flourish. Don't wait any longer – let your imagination soar with our beautifully crafted labels and stamps. Happy creating!


  • Introducing our Decorated Labels Kit and Faux Postage Stamps kit, filled with exquisite designs and endless possibilities.
  • The Decorated Labels Kit features 18 labels in three different sizes, adorned with our own labely elements and antique borders.
  • Our Faux Postage Stamps kit offers 39 unique stamps, showcasing intricate designs inspired by ancient documents.
  • Tips for getting the most out of your kits, including cutting techniques, dealing with white edges, and recommended tools.
  • Elevate your creative projects with these meticulously crafted labels and stamps, allowing your imagination to soar.


Q: How many labels are included in the Decorated Labels Kit? A: The Decorated Labels Kit contains a total of 18 labels in various sizes, offering versatility for your creative endeavors.

Q: Are there different design variations for the Faux Postage Stamps? A: Absolutely! Our Faux Postage Stamps kit includes a collection of 39 stamps, each featuring unique designs and colors for you to choose from.

Q: Can I print the labels and stamps from both the PDF and JPEG files? A: Yes, you can print either from the PDF or JPEG files provided. Both options yield excellent results, with the JPEG files offering higher resolution.

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