Etsy Ranking Secrets Revealed

Etsy Ranking Secrets Revealed

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Etsy Ranking Factors 2.1 Query Matching 2.2 Recency 2.3 Relevancy 2.4 Translations, Location, and Language 2.5 Customer and Market Experience Score 2.6 Listing Quality Score
  3. The Importance of Recency
  4. The Role of Relevancy
  5. Harnessing the Power of Translations, Location, and Language
  6. Maximizing Customer and Market Experience 6.1 Importance of Positive Reviews 6.2 Providing Excellent Customer Service
  7. Unveiling the Secrets of Listing Quality Score 7.1 Photography: Captivating Images 7.2 Video: Showcasing the Product in Use
  8. Conclusion

Understanding Etsy Ranking Factors

In order to achieve success on Etsy, it is essential to understand the factors that contribute to your ranking in both search and non-search areas of the platform. Without a good ranking, it becomes nearly impossible to generate sales and establish a thriving business. While Etsy has not officially labeled the ranking factors in order of importance, based on my extensive experience working with Etsy shops, I can confidently share the top five ranking factors with you.

1. Query Matching Before delving into the ranking factors, it is crucial to understand the concept of query matching. When a customer enters a search term on Etsy, such as "silver filigree bracelet," the platform searches for products that match that query. Query matching relies on having the right keywords in your product title, listing tags, and, sometimes, even in your product descriptions. Being eligible for query matching is the first step towards ranking on Etsy. While having a low competition keyword increases your chances of appearing at the top of search results, it does not necessarily mean you are "ranking" in the traditional sense. Etsy fills its search pages with both direct and partial matches to ensure customers have a wide range of products to explore.

2. Recency Recency plays a role in Etsy's ranking algorithm, albeit a minor one. When you list a new product, it receives a temporary boost from Etsy. While this boost is not significant enough to warrant repeatedly renewing listings, it serves as a gauge for Etsy to determine the initial interest in the product. Having an active store with a higher number of items in stock and regularly publishing and renewing products sends positive signals to Etsy, resulting in increased visibility and potential sales. In contrast, stores with fewer products and minimal activity do not benefit from these recency boosts.

3. Relevancy Relevancy is a crucial factor in Etsy's algorithm and determines how accurately your keywords match a customer's search query. While it may not directly translate to ranking, it significantly impacts your visibility. Using longer, more specific keywords with less competition improves your chances of appearing higher in search results. By strategizing with long-tail keywords, you can bypass the competition and increase your product's visibility to potential customers.

4. Translations, Location, and Language Translations, location, and language come into play when considering the international reach of your store. Accurate translations of your listings can aid in niche searches and can help your products rank higher in search results. Similarly, specifying your location not only provides transparency to customers but also allows Etsy to localize search results. Furthermore, filling out the various components of your shop setup, including location, gives your store a slight search boost.

5. Customer and Market Experience Score The customer and market experience score reflects the perception of your store by Etsy customers. Positive reviews, timely shipping, and excellent customer service contribute to a higher score. Etsy evaluates reviews based on a five-star rating system and considers both the number and quality of reviews in its ranking algorithm. Furthermore, providing exceptional customer service and promptly processing orders play essential roles in building a strong customer and market experience score. Maintaining a top-notch customer and market experience is critical for long-term success on Etsy.

6. Listing Quality Score Listing quality score takes precedence over all other ranking factors and directly correlates to the sales velocity of your products. It is a measure of how well your listings perform in terms of generating sales. Listings with high quality scores consistently sell and receive positive reviews. This increases their visibility on the platform, which leads to more sales and enhanced ranking. High-quality photography and product-in-use videos are two essential elements that contribute to a superior listing quality score. Captivating images and engaging videos help showcase your products, capture customer attention, and increase the likelihood of conversions.

As an Etsy seller, understanding and optimizing these ranking factors can significantly improve your store's visibility, sales, and overall success on the platform. By utilizing effective keywords, maintaining an active presence, providing excellent customer service, and prioritizing listing quality, you can enhance your Etsy rankings and build a strong and profitable business.


Q: How long does it take for recency boosts to take effect? A: Recency boosts occur when you list a new product or renew an existing one. While the boost is temporary, it helps Etsy gauge customer interest in your product. The effects of recency boosts typically occur shortly after listing or renewing and can increase your product's visibility and potential sales.

Q: Can I improve my ranking on Etsy without positive reviews? A: While positive reviews contribute to your customer and market experience score, it is not the sole determining factor in ranking. However, a higher number of positive reviews can increase customer trust and confidence in your store, leading to more sales and potentially higher rankings.

Q: How often should I renew my listings to benefit from recency boosts? A: Renewing listings solely to trigger recency boosts is not recommended. The boost received from listing or renewing a product is temporary and should not be the sole focus of your Etsy strategy. Consistently publishing new products, maintaining an active store, and providing quality products and customer service are more important for long-term success on Etsy.

Q: Are long-tail keywords more effective than shorter keywords? A: Long-tail keywords, consisting of three or more words, can be more effective in bypassing competition and increasing visibility. These keywords cater to niche searches and help your products stand out from the crowd. However, it is crucial to ensure that the long-tail keywords accurately reflect the features and benefits of your products to attract the right customers.

Q: How can I improve my listing quality score? A: To improve your listing quality score, invest in high-quality photography, capturing your products in the best light. Additionally, create product-in-use videos to showcase how your products enhance the lives of your customers. Strive for accurate product descriptions and ensure your listings consistently deliver on their promises. By focusing on delivering quality products and optimizing your listings, you can gradually increase your listing quality score and achieve better overall rankings on Etsy.


  • Understanding the five key ranking factors on Etsy: query matching, recency, relevancy, translations/location/language, customer and market experience score, and listing quality score.
  • Recency boosts provide temporary visibility for new or renewed listings, building interest and trust.
  • Relevancy and long-tail keywords help increase visibility by reducing competition and targeting specific customer searches.
  • Translations, location, and language impact international reach and localization of search results.
  • Customer and market experience score is influenced by positive reviews, excellent customer service, and on-time order processing.
  • Listing quality score is the ultimate determinant of ranking and is achieved through high-quality photography and enticing product-in-use videos.
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