Essential Updates for Print on Demand & Etsy

Essential Updates for Print on Demand & Etsy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Express Delivery on Printify 2.1 How to qualify for Express Delivery 2.2 Products Eligible for Express Delivery 2.3 Limitations of Express Delivery 2.4 Pricing Considerations for Express Delivery 2.5 Future Expansions of Express Delivery
  3. AI Image Generator on Printify 3.1 Benefits of the AI Image Generator 3.2 How to use the AI Image Generator 3.3 Image Resolution and Upscaling 3.4 Controversy around AI in Design
  4. Branding Inserts on Printify 4.1 Adding a Personalized Touch to Your Products 4.2 Designing a Branded Insert 4.3 Enabling the Branding Insert Feature 4.4 Print Providers Offering Branded Inserts 4.5 Future Availability of Branded Inserts
  5. New Features in Everbee 5.1 Overview of Everbee Chrome Extension 5.2 Analyzing Shop Listings and Performance 5.3 Searching for Trending Keywords 5.4 Understanding Keyword Scores 5.5 Shop Details and Competitor Analysis
  6. Make an Offer Feature on Etsy 6.1 Introduction to the Make an Offer Feature 6.2 Setting up Make an Offer in Your Shop 6.3 Benefits of Allowing Offers 6.4 Discussing Pricing with Buyers 6.5 Limitations of Make an Offer Feature
  7. Conclusion

Express Delivery on Printify

Printify has introduced a new feature called Express Delivery, which aims to help sellers become more competitive on platforms like Etsy. With Express Delivery, customers can receive their orders within just two working days for a small additional cost. However, there are certain limitations and considerations to keep in mind when opting for this service.

To qualify for Express Delivery, sellers need to meet specific criteria outlined by Printify. The platform automatically chooses the best print provider for each order, based on factors like geographic location and production capabilities. As a seller, you won't be able to manually select the print provider for orders with Express Delivery.

Currently, Express Delivery is available for two of the most popular t-shirts on Printify: the Bell Cameras 3001 and the Gildan 5000. These t-shirts come in various sizes and color options. Printify plans to expand the list of products eligible for Express Delivery in the future.

One important consideration with Express Delivery is pricing. The cost of Express Delivery is $7.99, which sellers should factor into their pricing strategy. Since the print provider for Express Delivery orders may vary, the product price charged to sellers can also fluctuate slightly. It's essential to set competitive prices while ensuring profitability.

Despite these considerations, offering Express Delivery can give sellers a competitive edge, especially on platforms like Etsy where quicker shipping times are crucial. Printify aims to provide more control and expand the range of products available for Express Delivery in the future.

AI Image Generator on Printify

Printify now offers an AI Image Generator that allows sellers to create unique and eye-catching designs for their products. This feature is available to all registered Printify merchants and provides 15 free image generation attempts per day.

The AI Image Generator is a simple and intuitive tool. Sellers can select a product from the Printify catalog and open the mock-up generator. From there, they can choose the AI Image Generator option and input a prompt. The prompt includes selecting a main object, determining the setting, adding descriptive adjectives, and choosing the image style. The AI then generates creative designs based on the provided prompt.

One of the key benefits of the AI Image Generator is its ability to upscale generated images to meet the necessary resolution requirements for production. This ensures that even designs requiring higher resolution will be suitable for printing on products.

The use of AI in design is a somewhat controversial topic. While some embrace the creativity and efficiency it offers, others have concerns about its impact on human creativity and the job market. It's essential for sellers to consider their stance on AI and make informed choices when utilizing the AI Image Generator on Printify.

Branding Inserts on Printify

Printify has introduced a new feature called Branding Inserts, allowing sellers to add a personalized touch to their products. This feature enables sellers to showcase their brand's identity and improve the unboxing experience for customers.

Setting up Branding Inserts is easy. Sellers can design their inserts using the mock-up generator provided by Printify. They have the freedom to be creative and include various elements such as discount codes, thank-you notes, or promotional messages. Once the design is finalized, sellers can enable the Branding Insert feature for their selected store.

Currently, only two print providers on Printify, Monster Digital and Dimona T, offer branded inserts. However, Printify plans to expand this feature in the future, allowing more print providers to offer branding inserts.

Branding Inserts enhance the customer's perception of the brand and create a lasting impression. By including a personal touch in the packaging, sellers can differentiate themselves from competitors and leave a positive impression on customers.

New Features in Everbee

Everbee, a Chrome extension plug-in, offers new and exciting features to assist sellers with trend research and keyword analysis. With Everbee, sellers can gain valuable insights into popular products and optimize their listings for better visibility.

One of the features of Everbee is the Product Analytics tool, which allows sellers to analyze top-performing listings in specific categories. Sellers can sort listings based on monthly revenue and estimate the competition level using Everbee's keyword analysis feature. This information helps sellers identify trending keywords and understand the market landscape.

Everbee provides valuable data on keyword search volume and competition. Sellers can determine which keywords have high search volume and low competition, indicating better opportunities for ranking higher in search results. The keyword score feature provides a convenient way to assess the potential of a particular keyword based on its search volume and competition.

Additionally, Everbee enables sellers to analyze competitor shops and their best-selling listings. By gaining insight into competitor performance, sellers can improve their own strategies and identify gaps in the market.

Make an Offer Feature on Etsy

Etsy has introduced a new feature called Make an Offer, which allows buyers to negotiate the price of listings. While primarily aimed at sellers with physical inventory, Print-on-Demand (POD) sellers can leverage this feature creatively to enhance sales and engage with customers.

To use Make an Offer, sellers need to set their shop currency to US dollars. Sellers can choose which listings to include in the Make an Offer feature and set the maximum discount they are willing to consider. Buyers can then submit offers below the listed price, and sellers have the option to accept or negotiate further.

Allowing offers on listings can be beneficial for sellers in several ways. It helps to clear out inventory that may be stagnant, encourages bulk purchases, and allows sellers to make sales they might otherwise miss. Moreover, Make an Offer gives sellers valuable insight into buyers' price expectations, enabling them to adjust their pricing strategy accordingly.

Messages on Etsy's platform handle all communication related to offers. Sellers can discuss pricing with buyers, negotiate offers, and send adjusted prices through the messaging system. It's important to note that the adjusted price is only valid for 48 hours and only applies to the specific listing and buyer.

While Make an Offer is primarily designed for sellers with physical inventory, POD sellers can still benefit from this feature by using it creatively. Negotiating prices, offering discounts on bulk purchases, and engaging in discussions with buyers can help POD sellers build stronger customer relationships and increase sales.


These new updates on Printify and Etsy bring exciting features that can benefit sellers in various ways. From faster shipping options to AI-powered design generation, sellers have valuable tools at their disposal to improve their competitiveness and sales strategies. By staying informed and utilizing these features effectively, sellers can enhance their print-on-demand businesses and provide better experiences for their customers.

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