Efficiently Processing Etsy Orders for 6-Figure Success

Efficiently Processing Etsy Orders for 6-Figure Success

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Evolution of the Etsy Shop
  3. Maintaining Ranking on Etsy
  4. Lowering Prices and Running Sales
  5. Maximizing Etsy Ad Spending
  6. Update on Sales Figures
  7. Sharing Shop Details
  8. Importance of Graphic Design Skills
  9. Using Digital Mock-ups
  10. Fulfillment Methods: Printing or Transfers
  11. Printing with a White Toner Printer
  12. Using Transfer Printers
  13. Setting Up the Shipping Process
  14. Picking Orders and Packaging
  15. Time Efficiency in Pressing Orders
  16. Key Takeaways of the Business Model
  17. Growing Sales with Facebook Ads
  18. Building an Effective Website
  19. The Right Product and Design Combination
  20. The Grind of Testing Variables
  21. Appreciating the Support
  22. 100,000 Subscribers Milestone
  23. Giveaway Updates and Appreciation
  24. Conclusion

The Evolution of an Etsy Shop: Learning from Mistakes

In this video, "Yo what's up, my name is Rich!" introduces us to his older video style where he showcases his Etsy shop and fulfillment process. Rich explains that earlier this year, he temporarily deactivated many of his listings to focus on creating more YouTube videos. However, he soon realized that this decision affected his shop's ranking on Etsy. To regain his standing, he adjusted his pricing strategy, running daily sales and maximizing his Etsy ad spending. Rich then proceeds to share his update, acknowledging that current sales figures are not what they used to be. Nevertheless, he continues to post new designs daily, emphasizing the importance of constantly improving graphic design skills. Rich further discusses the use of digital mock-ups and the options for fulfillment, whether it be printing or using transfers. He provides an overview of his shipping process, showcasing how orders are picked, labeled, and packaged efficiently. Throughout the video, he stresses the importance of persistence and testing different variables until finding success. Rich ends with appreciation for his followers and gives them a glimpse into future plans, including an upcoming giveaway to celebrate reaching 100,000 subscribers.


Welcome to another video by Rich, where he takes us back to his Etsy shop days and provides insights into its evolution. In this older-style video, Rich shares some valuable updates on his strategies and techniques, along with the challenges he faced along the way. Join him on this journey of learning and growth as he reveals the steps he took to adapt and improve his Etsy shop rankings.

The Evolution of the Etsy Shop

Earlier this year, Rich made the decision to temporarily deactivate many listings on his Etsy shop. This was done to allocate more time to creating YouTube videos. What seemed like a good idea at the time turned out to negatively affect his shop's ranking on Etsy. However, Rich quickly discovered this setback and decided to rectify the situation.

Maintaining Ranking on Etsy

To regain his shop's ranking on Etsy, Rich implemented several strategies. Firstly, he lowered the prices of his products significantly. Additionally, he ran daily sales to attract more customers and incentivize purchases. Rich also focused on maximizing his Etsy ad spending by increasing his daily budget. Although the ads didn't use up the entire budget, he still found it effective in driving traffic to his shop.

Update on Sales Figures

After implementing his strategies, Rich candidly shares that his current sales figures are not as impressive as they used to be. He used to average around $1,000 to $2,000 per day, but now he has seen a decline. Despite this, he remains optimistic and continues to explore new ways to boost sales.

Sharing Shop Details

Rich admits that he can no longer showcase his shop openly due to instances of others copying his designs. However, he stresses that he is always willing to help others by explaining his processes and sharing information through videos like this one.

Importance of Graphic Design Skills

One of the key aspects of Rich's success is his constant improvement in graphic design skills. It is beneficial to invest time and effort into learning design techniques. Having these skills enables him to undertake various tasks without having to outsource them. For example, creating digital mock-ups is a crucial aspect of his design process.

Using Digital Mock-ups

Digital mock-ups allow designers to create and share designs that they may not have physically produced yet. By posting such designs online, Rich is able to gauge customer interest and make sales accordingly.

Fulfillment Methods: Printing or Transfers

Rich elaborates on the two main methods he uses for fulfillment: printing and transfers. Rich himself has a white toner printer, which allows him to fulfill orders entirely in-house. However, for larger or more time-consuming orders, he also uses transfer printers. Transfers are created and sent to him for pressing onto shirts.

Printing with a White Toner Printer

Rich showcases his setup of a white toner printer, proving that he still uses it daily. This printer allows him to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. As an example, Rich selects a design—a ninja character—on a scrap t-shirt and demonstrates the pressing process. He emphasizes the importance of streamlining the process to ensure maximum productivity.

Using Transfer Printers

When Rich doesn't have access to his white toner printer, he relies on transfers sent to him by external printers. He specifically recommends using transfer providers like Super Color and 613 Originals due to their fast turnaround times. By utilizing transfer printers, Rich can still fulfill orders without having to print every design himself.

Setting Up the Shipping Process

Rich takes us through his shipping process, showcasing how orders are efficiently picked, labeled, and packaged for shipping. He uses literature dividers as organizers and keeps the process organized by stacking orders with their corresponding shipping labels and transfers.

Picking Orders and Packaging

To streamline the process further, Rich pre-prints all of the shipping labels and packing slips to pick orders efficiently. By printing these elements in advance, he can readily match each order with its corresponding shipping label, transfer, and packaging. This allows for quick and accurate order fulfillment.

Time Efficiency in Pressing Orders

Rich emphasizes the importance of being time-efficient when fulfilling orders. In a time-lapse demonstration, he shows how 17 t-shirts can be pressed and packaged in just 14 minutes. This efficiency is crucial for maintaining high productivity and meeting customer expectations.

Key Takeaways of the Business Model

Throughout his journey, Rich has learned several valuable lessons. He emphasizes the importance of consistently posting new designs to increase the likelihood of making sales. While many designs may not generate substantial sales individually, Rich believes that eventually, some designs will gain popularity and drive significant sales.

Growing Sales with Facebook Ads

Rich discusses the impact of running Facebook ads to increase sales. By targeting specific designs with ads, he can generate higher sales volume. However, running ads requires careful attention to detail and investment of time.

Building an Effective Website

Rich highlights the benefits of having an effective website. He recommends practicing and improving design skills to handle various aspects of website development independently. This includes tasks such as resizing images, which can be time-consuming and costly to outsource.

The Right Product and Design Combination

Rich emphasizes the importance of finding the right product and design combination to achieve successful sales. Simply increasing the number of listings does not guarantee additional sales. It is crucial to test different variables and continuously adapt to find the winning formula.

The Grind of Testing Variables

Rich acknowledges the demanding nature of the business model. He affirms that success is achieved through perseverance and diligently testing various variables. Each adjustment, be it in design or product, requires continuous effort until the right combination is discovered.

Appreciating the Support

Rich takes a moment to express his gratitude to his followers. He recognizes the support he has received throughout his journey and acknowledges the milestone of almost reaching 100,000 subscribers. Rich values his audience and encourages them to follow his Instagram page for updates on future plans.

100,000 Subscribers Milestone

Rich enthusiastically informs his audience about the nearing milestone of 100,000 subscribers. He expresses his excitement by hinting at a giveaway celebration on onlyninjas.com. This giveaway will provide an opportunity for a lucky winner to receive support to enhance their clothing brand.

Giveaway Updates and Appreciation

Rich expresses his appreciation for his followers and their ongoing support. He acknowledges that giveaways have been a popular feature on his website, where every purchase is an entry into the giveaway. Rich provides updates on previous winners and encourages his audience to remain engaged for future giveaways.


In conclusion, Rich reflects on his journey and the lessons he has learned while operating his Etsy shop. He emphasizes the importance of persistence, continuously learning, and testing different variables. Rich looks forward to reaching 100,000 subscribers and expresses his gratitude for the support he has received. Stay tuned for more videos and updates from Rich as he continues to share his expertise and insights in the world of e-commerce.

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