Discover Unique Vintage Blank Patches on Etsy

Discover Unique Vintage Blank Patches on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Unboxing Videos
  3. Exploring Online Auction Websites
  4. The Thrill of Unboxing
  5. Finding Time to Relax
  6. The Revelation: Blank Patches
  7. The Potential of Selling in Bulk
  8. The Challenges of Quantity Discounts on Etsy
  9. The Variety of Vintage Patches
  10. Researching Patch Types on Etsy
  11. Conclusion

Unboxing Blank Patches: A Lucrative Opportunity

Unboxing videos have become a popular trend in the online world. People love the excitement of unwrapping a package and revealing its contents. It's like being a kid on Christmas morning all over again. In this article, we delve into the world of unboxing and discover a surprising find that holds great potential for profits.

If you're familiar with online auction websites, then you know the thrill of bidding on items and anxiously awaiting its arrival. But sometimes, we need to take a step back and give ourselves time to relax. That's exactly what the author of this unboxing video did. He took the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the process of receiving a package in the mail.

Inside the package, he discovered a series of blank patches. At first glance, this may seem like an unremarkable find. However, the author quickly realized the value these blank patches held. Each patch could be listed on Etsy and left to sit and sell over time. This presented a unique opportunity for passive income.

The author considered different selling strategies for these patches. One option was to sell each patch individually, allowing customers to choose their desired quantity. However, the challenge was that the shipping costs for each individual patch would be quite high. To overcome this, the author considered offering quantity discounts, where customers could buy multiple patches and enjoy lower shipping costs per patch.

Unfortunately, Etsy doesn't easily facilitate quantity discounts, making it a challenge for sellers. Despite this, the author remained determined to explore the market for these vintage patches. They were a unique find, reminiscent of the patches seen on the jackets of motorcycle gangs. Although they may not be the same, they certainly held a similar appeal.

The author planned to conduct further research to identify the specific type of patches and gauge their market value on Etsy. They aimed to position these patches as vintage items, adding a touch of nostalgia that could potentially increase their perceived value.

In conclusion, this unboxing video revealed a surprising opportunity for the seller. The discovery of blank patches opened doors to a potential source of smart passive income. With careful marketing and pricing strategies, these vintage-style patches could find their way into the hands of eager customers. It's yet another reminder that even the simplest items can hold remarkable potential when approached with creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Unboxing a package reveals a surprising find of blank patches
  • Opportunity for passive income by listing and selling the patches on Etsy
  • Exploring different selling strategies, including quantity discounts
  • Challenges with offering quantity discounts on Etsy platform
  • The patches hold a vintage appeal, reminiscent of motorcycle gang patches
  • Further research needed to determine the market value and position them as vintage items
  • The potential for smart passive income with careful marketing


Q: Can I buy these blank patches individually? A: Yes, each patch can be purchased individually on Etsy.

Q: Are the patches iron-on or sew-on? A: Most of the patches are iron-on, except for a few exceptions that have a soft, felt-like back, indicating they are sew-on patches.

Q: Can I get a quantity discount if I buy multiple patches? A: Unfortunately, offering quantity discounts on Etsy is challenging. However, you can still order as many patches as you want and pay a flat shipping fee for each patch.

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