Discover Unique Printable Wall Art and Postcards on Etsy

Discover Unique Printable Wall Art and Postcards on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Choosing the Right Shop for Shop Reviews
  3. Reviewing Kariko Designs
    • Banner and Logo
    • Sections and SEO
    • About the Shop
    • Listings and Descriptions
    • Instagram and Pinterest
  4. Reviewing Digital Dreams by Debbie
    • Shop Presentation
    • Sections and SEO
    • Postcard Listings and Mock-ups
    • Digital Paper Packs and Mock-ups
    • Society6 Recommendation
  5. Reviewing OL Visuals
    • Shop Presentation and Announcement
    • Wall Art Listings and SEO
    • Advice on Listings and Mock-ups
    • Potential for Society6
  6. Conclusion

Reviewing Etsy Shops: Kariko Designs, Digital Dreams by Debbie, and OL Visuals

In today's shop review video, we will be exploring three exciting Etsy shops that specialize in selling printable art: Kariko Designs, Digital Dreams by Debbie, and OL Visuals. As an artist and teacher, I'm often asked how I choose shops for reviews. I base my selection on factors such as the potential for improvement, the ability to inspire others, or the presence of unique designs that catch my eye. Each of these shops brings something special, and I'm excited to delve into their strengths and areas for improvement. So, let's get started!

Reviewing Kariko Designs

Banner and Logo

Kariko Designs instantly captured my attention with their brilliant banner and logo. The aesthetics and styling reflect the shop's niche and Eastern European influence. While the banner is visually appealing, I would suggest making the logo larger and ensuring that all text is legible. Additionally, clarifying that the shop focuses on "Hungarian Folk Wall Art Printables" in the banner could enhance SEO visibility.

Sections and SEO

One area for improvement in Kariko Designs is the lack of clear sections for their products. Organizing listings into sections helps with SEO and improves the browsing experience for customers. Creating sections like "Wall Art Collections," "Printables by Size," or "Printables by Color" would be beneficial. Including keywords in section names adds to the shop's visibility and searchability.

About the Shop

Kariko Designs offers an opportunity to educate customers about the concept of printable art. Highlighting the fact that the designs can be downloaded and printed at home is crucial. This information should be repeated throughout the shop, particularly in descriptions, to enhance SEO and provide clarity for potential buyers. Adding links to the shop's social media accounts at the bottom of the page would also be a valuable addition.

Listings and Descriptions

The attention to detail in Kariko Designs' listings is commendable. However, there are a few areas that could benefit from improvement. Starting the listings with "Printable Wall Art" and including specific keywords, such as "Hungarian Printable Wall Art Embroidery Patterns," would enhance SEO visibility. Additionally, including information about printing options and available sizes in a clear and concise manner is important for customers to make informed decisions.

Instagram and Pinterest

While exploring Kariko Designs, I discovered that they have an Instagram presence. This is an excellent opportunity for the shop to showcase their designs and engage with a wider audience. I highly recommend updating the shop's Instagram information on their Etsy store for increased visibility and potential collaboration opportunities. If the shop also has a Pinterest account, I would encourage them to share the username to facilitate interaction and pinning.

Reviewing Digital Dreams by Debbie

Shop Presentation

Digital Dreams by Debbie captures attention with a visually appealing cover photo and a meaningful shop announcement. However, the announcement would be better suited as an About section, where the focus can be on conveying a concise description of the shop and its offerings. The announcement could then be utilized to promote social media discounts or other marketing strategies.

Sections and SEO

Digital Dreams by Debbie's sections could benefit from improved organization and optimization for SEO. Aligning listings like paper packs and postcards under relevant sections, such as "Digital Paper Packs" and "Printable Postcards," would enhance both SEO visibility and the customer's browsing experience. Clear section names that include relevant keywords are essential for search visibility.

Postcard Listings and Mock-ups

The mock-ups used for postcard listings could be improved for better visualization and increased sales potential. Adding a logo or text branding to the mock-ups would help establish a clear and consistent identity for the shop. Furthermore, providing mock-ups that showcase various sizes and display options would increase versatility and give customers a better idea of how the postcards can be used and displayed.

Digital Paper Packs and Mock-ups

Digital Dreams by Debbie's digital paper packs are visually appealing and well-designed. However, improving the mock-ups by adding a subtle shadow effect or utilizing canva for editing could enhance the overall aesthetic. Creating additional mock-ups that reflect different uses or settings can provide customers with a better understanding of how the papers can be utilized.

Society6 Recommendation

Based on the impressive quality of Digital Dreams by Debbie's designs, a recommendation for Society6 would be highly beneficial. Exploring print-on-demand platforms like Society6 could open up new avenues for reaching a wider audience and expanding the shop's presence beyond Etsy. The designs, particularly the adorable ones, would be well-suited to merchandise like printable postcards, art prints, and other artwear options.

Reviewing OL Visuals

Shop Presentation and Announcement

OL Visuals showcases a professional and visually pleasing shop presentation, featuring an eye-catching cover photo and a thoughtfully written announcement. However, considering that the announcement reads more like a personal bio, I recommend shifting it to the About section. The announcement should contain essential information about the shop's offerings and the benefit it provides to customers.

Wall Art Listings and SEO

OL Visuals' wall art listings demonstrate remarkable design and creativity. However, including the keyword "printable wall art" at the beginning of listing names would significantly improve visibility and searchability. Keywords like "skull wall art" and "day of the dead wall art" can also be added to target specific audiences. Optimizing listings with relevant keywords ensures maximum exposure for the shop.

Advice on Listings and Mock-ups

To enhance the listings, I suggest adding OL Visuals' logo or text branding to mock-ups to establish a consistent visual identity. Additionally, showcasing mock-ups in various sizes and settings would provide potential buyers with a more comprehensive view of how the artwork can be displayed. Diversifying the range of mock-ups can spark customers' imagination and help them envision the art in different contexts.

Potential for Society6

With OL Visuals' exceptional design capabilities and creatively appealing artwork, exploring Society6 as a print-on-demand platform could be highly rewarding. Society6 offers various product options that complement wall art designs, such as art prints, apparel, and home decor items. Expanding the shop's reach through Society6 would allow for more diverse monetization opportunities and exposure to a wider audience.


In conclusion, these three Etsy shops have demonstrated exceptional creativity and potential. Kariko Designs, Digital Dreams by Debbie, and OL Visuals all provide unique and visually appealing printable art options. By implementing some SEO optimization strategies, improving mock-ups, and exploring additional platforms like Society6, these shops can effectively showcase their talents and reach a broader customer base. With their remarkable designs and dedication, I have no doubt that these shops will continue to thrive and succeed in the digital art market.

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