Discover Unique Planner Accessories at Etsy Shops Pwm

Discover Unique Planner Accessories at Etsy Shops Pwm

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to the Etsy Planner
  2. Overview of the Two Etsy Shops
  3. Importance of Following the Shops on Instagram
  4. Vacations and Hiatuses
  5. Tracking Goals and Sales
  6. Planning for Craft Fairs and Events
  7. Notes and Days Layout
  8. Restocks and Inventory Management
  9. Challenges of Being a Small Shop
  10. New Releases and Special Promotions
  11. Tracking Orders and Delivery Dates
  12. Managing Personal Life and Business in the Planner
  13. New Ideas and Future Plans
  14. Social Media Strategies and Challenges
  15. Changes for the New Year
  16. Offering Freebies and Incentives for Customers
  17. Monthly Instagram Follower Count
  18. Customization Options and Multiple Product Lines
  19. Introduction of Resin Products
  20. Conclusion

Introduction to the Etsy Planner

In this article, we will explore the world of Etsy planning and dive into the details of a planner used by an Etsy seller. Etsy is a popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, and having an organized planner is essential for managing the operations of an Etsy shop. We will take a closer look at how the planner is utilized, the challenges faced by small shop owners, and the strategies for success. So, let's get started and discover the intricacies of the Etsy planner.

Overview of the Two Etsy Shops

The planner belongs to a seller who manages two different Etsy shops - Phoenix Plans and Sophie's Bow Collection. The first shop, Phoenix Plans, focuses on selling stickers and features a wide range of designs. On the other hand, Sophie's Bow Collection specializes in handmade bow accessories for pets and their owners. It all started with the seller's love for her furry companion, Sophie, and the desire to create beautiful bows for her. With two distinct shops, the seller has established a diverse customer base and offers unique products.

Importance of Following the Shops on Instagram

To keep up with the latest updates, new products, and promotions, customers are encouraged to follow both Phoenix Plans and Sophie's Bow Collection on Instagram. By following the shops on social media, customers gain access to exclusive content and enjoy a sneak peek into the upcoming releases. It is a great way to stay connected, engage with the seller, and be the first to know about exciting offers.

Vacations and Hiatuses

Just like any other business, the Etsy shops sometimes go on vacation or take a hiatus. Taking time off is essential for rest, rejuvenation, and the creation of new items. During these vacations, the shops are temporarily closed for new orders. Customers are notified about the closure, and any orders placed during this time will be processed once the seller returns. It is a necessary step to ensure smooth order fulfillment and maintain customer satisfaction.

Tracking Goals and Sales

Setting goals and tracking sales is an integral part of managing an Etsy shop. The seller uses the planner to record her goals and reflect on her progress. Each month, the planner features highlighted sections for the seller to post daily and achieve her goal of consistent posting. However, while the intention was to maintain a daily posting schedule, the seller admits to struggling with social media consistency. Despite the challenges, the seller understands the significance of social media engagement and aims to improve in this area.

Planning for Craft Fairs and Events

In addition to online sales, the seller also participates in craft fairs. These events provide an opportunity to showcase the products in person and interact with customers. To ensure a smooth experience, the seller plans and prepares for these craft fairs using the planner. By noting down the dates and locations of upcoming events, the seller can make necessary arrangements and ensure that she has enough products and supplies to meet the demand.

Notes and Days Layout

The planner follows a specific layout, with two separate sections for notes and days. The seller divides the planner into two columns to cater to the different needs of her two Etsy shops. These columns help her keep track of the activities and tasks related to each shop. Additionally, the planner incorporates a weekly overview, allowing the seller to plan and schedule tasks according to the days of the week. It is an efficient way to ensure a systematic approach to managing the shops.

Restocks and Inventory Management

Regular restocking is crucial for maintaining inventory levels in the shops. The seller includes restocks in the planner's to-do list to keep track of items that need replenishment. By having a clear record, the seller can order or print the necessary supplies in a timely manner. However, due to limited space and the small-scale nature of the business, the seller faces challenges in managing inventory efficiently. Despite these challenges, the seller finds innovative ways to ensure the availability of products for customers.

Challenges of Being a Small Shop

As mentioned earlier, the Etsy shops are small-scale businesses operating from the seller's kitchen. Limited space and resources pose challenges in managing inventory, printing, and order fulfillment. Additionally, with a smaller customer base compared to larger shops, the seller acknowledges that sales volume can vary. However, the seller remains optimistic and focuses on providing quality products and excellent customer service. Maintaining a personal touch and attention to detail are some of the advantages that come with being a small shop.

New Releases and Special Promotions

Regularly introducing new releases and running special promotions are key strategies employed by the seller to attract customers. The planner helps the seller plan and organize these launches and promotions effectively. By noting down the dates and details, the seller can ensure a smooth rollout and make the necessary preparations. New releases generate excitement among customers, while promotions and discounts encourage sales and customer loyalty.

Tracking Orders and Delivery Dates

Order management is a critical aspect of running an Etsy shop. The planner includes a section dedicated to tracking orders and their delivery dates. By documenting these details, the seller ensures that every order is processed promptly and delivered within the specified timeframe. It allows for efficient communication with customers regarding order status and any delays that may occur. Tracking orders using the planner helps in maintaining customer satisfaction and managing expectations effectively.

Managing Personal Life and Business in the Planner

Apart from business-related activities, the seller also utilizes the planner to manage her personal life. The planner allows her to mark days when she will be out of town or unavailable. By doing so, she can inform customers in advance and schedule order processing accordingly. The planner acts as a comprehensive tool, helping the seller balance her personal commitments and business responsibilities effectively.

New Ideas and Future Plans

Generating new ideas and planning for future additions to the shops is an ongoing process. The planner serves as a space where the seller can list down and organize these ideas. From new designs and products to potential collaborations, the planner captures the seller's creative thoughts and aspirations. This ensures that she remains proactive in expanding her product offerings and providing unique experiences for customers.

Social Media Strategies and Challenges

Social media plays a vital role in promoting the Etsy shops and connecting with customers. The seller acknowledges the importance of improving her social media presence and engagement. While recognizing the need for consistency, managing various social media platforms can be challenging. Nonetheless, the seller remains committed to enhancing her social media strategies to reach a wider audience and build a loyal customer base.

Changes for the New Year

With the start of a new year, the seller plans to make a few changes to her approach. She mentions a shift in the layout, moving away from separating the months and weeks and opting for a holistic view of the entire week. This change will provide a more comprehensive perspective and make planning more efficient. Adapting and evolving are essential to the growth and success of an Etsy shop, and the seller demonstrates a willingness to embrace change.

Offering Freebies and Incentives for Customers

To show appreciation to customers and encourage repeat purchases, the seller offers freebies and incentives. For example, customers who order 40 or more items after discounts receive a free bow clip from Sophie's Bow Collection. This gesture adds value to the customer's purchase and promotes customer satisfaction. The seller plans to continue offering such incentives to provide an exceptional shopping experience for customers.

Monthly Instagram Follower Count

One of the metrics used to measure the shops' popularity and reach is the monthly Instagram follower count. The seller keeps track of the follower count at the beginning and end of each month. It serves as a benchmark for evaluating the growth and engagement of the shops on social media. Although the follower count may fluctuate, it remains an essential indicator of the shops' online presence and brand awareness.

Customization Options and Multiple Product Lines

To cater to diverse customer preferences, both Phoenix Plans and Sophie's Bow Collection offer customization options. The seller provides script and icon customization for Phoenix Plans, allowing customers to personalize their items. Additionally, Sophie's Bow Collection offers a variety of products, including earrings, hair bows, and pet accessories. The diverse range of products appeals to different customers and ensures a wide selection of options.

Introduction of Resin Products

A recent addition to the inventory is the introduction of resin products. The seller now creates resin earrings and pet ID tags. These products add a unique touch to the shops and provide customers with additional options to choose from. The resin products are meticulously made and feature various designs, including seasonal themes. The seller plans to expand the resin product line and incorporate more innovative designs in the future.


The Etsy planner provides an invaluable tool for managing the day-to-day operations of an Etsy shop. From restocks and inventory management to tracking orders and planning for events, the planner acts as a guide for the seller. Despite the challenges that come with being a small shop, the seller remains dedicated to providing quality products and excellent customer service. By embracing new ideas and continuously improving strategies, the seller strives for success in the world of Etsy. The planner serves as a reflection of the seller's passion and commitment to running two unique and thriving Etsy shops.

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