Discover Unique Modern Farmhouse Decor on Etsy

Discover Unique Modern Farmhouse Decor on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Fallon Boutique - Beautiful Wreaths
  3. Trendy Andy Designs - Gorgeous Rainbow Decor
  4. Dusty Lilac Design - Charming Home Decor Pieces
  5. Fegler Mercantile - Quality Tiered Trays
  6. Freckled Ginger Shop - Adorable Wooden Decor
  7. Conclusion


Welcome to another Etsy shop spotlight video! In this episode, we will be exploring some amazing home decor items from various Etsy shops. From wreaths to rainbow decor to tiered trays, we have a range of beautiful pieces to show you. So, let's jump right in and discover these fantastic Etsy shops that deserve your attention and support.

1. Fallon Boutique - Beautiful Wreaths

The first shop we have on our list is Fallon Boutique, known for its stunning collection of wreaths. One standout piece is their gorgeous hoop wreath, featuring delicate leaves and flowers. The simple yet elegant design adds a touch of charm to any space. Fallon Boutique offers a variety of wreaths, ensuring there's something for every season and decor style. These wreaths also make fantastic gifts for anyone who loves home decor.

2. Trendy Andy Designs - Gorgeous Rainbow Decor

Next, we have Trendy Andy Designs, which specializes in vibrant rainbow decor. One of their standout pieces is a beautifully crafted rainbow with a gold tassel accent. The attention to detail and excellent quality of their products is evident. While the shop may occasionally go on a break, make sure to sign up for their email notifications to stay updated with their latest creations. Trendy Andy Designs offers a wide range of rainbow-themed decor items that are sure to brighten up any space.

3. Dusty Lilac Design - Charming Home Decor Pieces

Dusty Lilac Design is another Etsy shop with a selection of charming home decor pieces. They offer a variety of items, including pillows, cutting boards, lanterns, and more. The "With You, I Am Home" pillow is a standout piece that adds a sweet touch to any room. The attention to detail on their decor pieces, such as the wreath and the milk jug, is simply delightful. Dusty Lilac Design's unique and beautifully crafted items are sure to enhance the coziness of any home.

4. Fegler Mercantile - Quality Tiered Trays

If you're in search of a high-quality tiered tray, look no further than Fegler Mercantile. Their tiered trays are incredibly spacious and crafted with excellent attention to detail. The distressed rustic look adds a touch of charm to any decor style. While the white tiered tray may not always be available, Fegler Mercantile offers other fantastic items in their shop, including Raydon-inspired decor. If you're looking for a tiered tray that can hold a decent amount of decor, Fegler Mercantile is the shop to check out.

5. Freckled Ginger Shop - Adorable Wooden Decor

Last but not least, we have Freckled Ginger Shop, a haven for adorable wooden decor items. They offer a range of miniatures that are perfect for decorating tier trays or displaying on their own. The mini mason jar, the cute wooden snowman, and the charming pinecone scoop are just a few examples of the delightful pieces you can find at Freckled Ginger Shop. Their wooden risers, in particular, are versatile and can be used to showcase various items. Keep an eye out for when the shop returns from a break to explore their full range of offerings.


Thank you for joining us on this Etsy shop spotlight journey through some fantastic home decor items. We hope you found inspiration and discovered new shops to support. Remember to check out the links below for each shop mentioned in this article. Happy shopping and may your home be filled with beautiful and unique pieces that reflect your style and personality.

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