Discover Unique Jewelry for Everyday Wear

Discover Unique Jewelry for Everyday Wear

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. My Journey with Jewelry
  3. Supporting Small Businesses
  4. Earrings: Simple and Elegant
  5. Necklaces: Personalization and Style
  6. Rings: Stacking and Layering Fun
  7. Affordable Options: Etsy Finds
  8. Pandora: Sentimental Pieces
  9. Conclusion


My Jewelry Collection: A Journey of Self-Expression and Personal Style


Welcome to my channel! Today, I am thrilled to discuss something that has become a newfound passion of mine: jewelry. In this long-awaited video, I am going to share with you my jewelry collection. Over the past year, I have dedicated time and resources to curating a collection that reflects my personal style, supports small businesses, and adds a touch of elegance to my everyday looks. Join me as I delve into the world of jewelry, showcasing pieces that hold sentimental value, highlight my personality, and bring joy to my life.

My Journey with Jewelry

In the past, jewelry was never a priority for me. Limited by both budget and time, I often settled for cheap, disposable pieces from high street stores. However, as I embarked on a challenge to refrain from buying new clothes in 2020, I found myself with extra resources to invest in something I had overlooked for so long. Thus began my journey with jewelry, a journey that has been filled with exploration, discovery, and excitement.

Supporting Small Businesses

One aspect of my jewelry collection that I am particularly proud of is my commitment to supporting small businesses. Instead of purchasing from large retailers, I sought out independent artisans, local shops, and hidden gems on platforms like Etsy and Instagram. These small businesses offer unique and handmade pieces, often with a personal touch that sets them apart from mass-produced jewelry. By supporting these businesses, I have not only found stunning jewelry but also connected with passionate and talented individuals who pour their heart and soul into their craft.

Earrings: Simple and Elegant

Earrings have always been a staple in my collection. Recently, I have been venturing into more fun and creative designs that elevate my outfits and add a touch of playfulness. One such brand that I adore is Ivy May, an artisan who creates stunning clay earrings. The circular white speckled studs, oval marbled ones, and neutral-colored donut earrings are among my favorites. These handmade pieces offer a unique and unconventional twist on traditional earrings, making them a standout in my collection.

Necklaces: Personalization and Style

When it comes to necklaces, I have cultivated a collection that encompasses both personalization and style. Cosmic Chains, a brand I discovered, stole my heart with their twisted chain necklace featuring my star sign. The pendant's perfect size and placement make it a go-to piece for any occasion. Another favorite is the golden disc choker from Elk Bloom, that unfortunately, I cannot find at the moment. Despite its temporary absence, this necklace has become a staple in my collection due to its elegance and versatility.

Rings: Stacking and Layering Fun

Rings hold a special place in my heart, as they are often the most sentimental pieces in a jewelry collection. I have carefully selected rings that can be stacked and layered for different looks and moods. Lucy Lockett Studio, a local Etsy shop, became a go-to for unique finds, like their onyx and gold eternity ring. This piece offers a bold and dramatic touch that complements my simpler stacking rings. Another standout is a gold beaded flattened ring from Crystal Stone London, which adds intricate detail to my collection at an affordable price.

Affordable Options: Etsy Finds

For those on a budget or searching for affordable yet stylish jewelry, Etsy is a treasure trove. Canask Creations offers a range of handmade clay earrings, including beautifully designed studs. Their donut-shaped earrings in neutral tones are a personal favorite. Ivy May, as mentioned earlier, also offers budget-friendly options that do not compromise on design or quality. Exploring these Etsy shops allows you to discover hidden gems while supporting independent designers and creatives.

Pandora: Sentimental Pieces

While my focus has shifted towards supporting small businesses, I cannot overlook the sentimental value of some Pandora pieces in my collection. These rings, gifted to me by family and friends, hold a special place in my heart. One silver ring, adorned with flowers, was gifted to me by my best friend, while another features hearts and was given by my nan. Though I have transitioned to gold jewelry, these rings still hold sentimental value and are occasionally worn, bringing back cherished memories.


In conclusion, my jewelry collection has undergone a transformation in recent years. From inexpensive, disposable trinkets to carefully curated pieces, each item now reflects my personal style, supports small businesses, and adds a touch of elegance to my everyday life. Whether it's the unique designs from Etsy shops, the sentimental value of Pandora, or the personalization of necklaces, my collection continues to grow and evolve. I encourage you to explore the world of jewelry, discover passionate artisans, and build a collection that tells your own unique story.

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