Discover the Winners of Willow Awards 2022 & Save Big with 50% off Etsy Sale

Discover the Winners of Willow Awards 2022 & Save Big with 50% off Etsy Sale

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Taking a slower approach in 2022
  3. The 2022 Willow Awards
  4. The New Favorite Channel Award
  5. The Lovely Comments Award
  6. The Most Encouraging Comment Award
  7. The Willow Award for Fairy Godmother
  8. The Loyal Patron Award
  9. The Patron of the Year Award
  10. The Kindred Spirit Receiver Award
  11. Conclusion


Welcome to the Willow Awards for 2022! In this post, we will be showcasing and celebrating some of the most influential and supportive individuals in the willowband journals community. It has been a year of growth, self-care, and connection, and we are excited to honor those who have made significant contributions throughout the year. So let's dive in and recognize these incredible individuals!

Taking a slower approach in 2022

This year has been all about embracing a slower pace and prioritizing self-care. Unlike the previous year, where goals and products were the focus, 2022 has been a year of living a simpler, smaller life. Taking the time to connect with ourselves and doing things from a space of self-awareness and authenticity. This shift in approach has allowed for a more meaningful and fulfilling experience.

The 2022 Willow Awards

As a token of gratitude for the immense support received in the previous year, a 50% off sale is being held on Etsy, including all journals and printable kits. The overwhelming support shown by the community has been instrumental in keeping the business going and has been greatly appreciated. It is a testament to the uncertain nature of being a small business owner and the importance of support from the community. A heartfelt thank you is extended to all who have supported and continue to support the willowband journals.

The New Favorite Channel Award

Each year, the New Favorite Channel Award is given to creators who have inspired and captivated the willowband journals community. This award serves as a reflection of the personal journey and interests of the creator. Over the years, several channels have received this award, including Johanna Cloth, my life myths, the cottage fairy, and Tiffany Julia. These creators have brought unique perspectives, creative editing styles, and a love for self-discovery and growth to the community.

The Lovely Comments Award

Comments play a crucial role in the growth and encouragement of the willowband journals channel. For every creator, comments are a source of motivation and reassurance. They are the lifeline that keeps creators going even during moments of doubt. The Lovely Comments Award is dedicated to two community members, Opal and Denise, who have consistently left heartfelt and encouraging comments on the videos. Their words have been a source of strength and inspiration, reminding the creator that their work is valued and appreciated.

The Most Encouraging Comment Award

Comments have the power to brighten someone's day, and the Most Encouraging Comment Award highlights the impact of one special community member, Dorinda. Through thoughtful and in-depth comments, Dorinda has demonstrated a deep understanding of the content shared in the videos. Her reflections and encouragement have had a profound effect on the creator, fostering a sense of connection and reminding them that their work matters.

The Willow Award for Fairy Godmother

Margo, the recipient of the Fairy Godmother award, has been a guiding light in the willowband journals community. Through her involvement in the Intentional Life Course and the Willow Lady Group, Margo has consistently uplifted and encouraged the creator. Her presence and support have been invaluable, reminding the creator of the beauty of connections formed through shared interests and passions.

The Loyal Patron Award

The Loyal Patron Award is given to Beatrice, a patron who has steadfastly supported the willowband journals throughout its journey. Beatrice's unwavering support has been instrumental in enabling the creator to pursue their creative dreams. It is through the generosity and belief of patrons like Beatrice that creators can continue to share their work with the world.

The Patron of the Year Award

Susan, the recipient of the Patron of the Year award, embodies the spirit of a kindred spirit. Through ongoing conversations and sharing of journal pages, Susan has brought inspiration and encouragement to the creator's life. Her passion for journaling has fueled the creator's own creative endeavors, reinforcing the power of a supportive community.


In conclusion, the 2022 Willow Awards have been a celebration of the vibrant and supportive community that surrounds willowband journals. From the New Favorite Channel Award to the Patron of the Year Award, each recognition reinforces the crucial role that community members play in the journey of a creator. The willowband journals community is a testament to the power of connection, encouragement, and shared interests. As we move forward into a new year, the creator is filled with gratitude for the continued support and looks forward to the growth and possibilities that lie ahead.

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