Discover the whimsical world of Sunflower Dreams on Etsy!

Discover the whimsical world of Sunflower Dreams on Etsy!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Sunflower Dreams Kit
  3. Main Pages Kit
  4. Ephemera Kit
  5. Background Pages
  6. Damask Sheets
  7. Collage Elements
  8. Smaller Ephemera
  9. Journal Mini Pages
  10. Creating a Zine
  11. Conclusion



Hey there! Pramita here, and I'm excited to share with you a long overdue flip through of my new kit called "Sunflower Dreams." In this article, I'll give you a detailed overview of what you can expect from this kit, including the main pages kit, the ephemera add-on, background pages, damask sheets, collage elements, smaller ephemera, journal mini pages, and even a tutorial on creating your own zine. So let's dive in and explore this beautiful kit!

Overview of the Sunflower Dreams Kit

The Sunflower Dreams kit is a treat for all the sunflower lovers out there. With around 32 pages, this kit offers a wide variety of elements and designs that will spark your creativity. Whether you're working on a sunflower-themed journal, a handmade folio, or any other project, this kit has got you covered.

Main Pages Kit

Let's start with the main pages kit. These pages are the heart of the kit and feature stunning sunflower designs, textured elements, golden splatters, and more. The color tones vary to give you options for creating multiple signature journals. From vibrant peachy-pinks to muted yellows and greens, these pages offer versatility in design. You can even use them as covers or full-size journal pages.

Ephemera Kit

Next up is the ephemera kit, which is an add-on to the main pages kit. This kit includes 20 pages of additional tags, cards, and ephemera pieces. These smaller elements are perfect for layering, creating pockets, and adding detailed accents to your projects. The kit also features vintage sunflower images, fussy cut flowers, and even a mini booklet that you can fold and use as an interactive piece in your journal.

Background Pages

In addition to the main pages kit, the Sunflower Dreams kit also offers background pages. These pages are perfect for creating tags, journal cards, and layered elements. They come in different color tones, from brighter shades to more muted and peachy tones. You can print them on the back of your channel pages or use them as collage papers to give your projects depth and texture.

Damask Sheets

To add an elegant touch to your projects, the kit includes three sheets of damask designs. These beautiful patterns come in muted yellow, gray, and peach tones, allowing you to incorporate them into various color schemes. They can be used as backgrounds, borders, or even fussy cut elements to add sophistication to your journals.

Collage Elements

If you love fussy cutting and creating your own ephemera, you'll enjoy the collage elements included in the kit. With four sheets of vintage sunflower images, seed packets, and vintage cards, you can mix and match these elements to design unique pockets, tuck spots, and clusters in your journals. They can also be used to make your own mini tags or layered accents.

Smaller Ephemera

The Sunflower Dreams kit also offers smaller ephemera pieces, such as tickets, journal cards, and mini postcards. These elements are perfect for adding details, layering, or making hidden paper clips in your projects. You can use them to create depth and interest in your journal pages or simply as decorative accents.

Journal Mini Pages

For those working on smaller-sized journals or looking for extra journaling space, the kit includes mini journal pages. Some of the main pages have been reduced to fit into a signature size, allowing you to create mini journals or add more pages to your existing projects. These pages can also be used as journaling cards, tags, or as the covers for your mini journals.

Creating a Zine

Lastly, the Sunflower Dreams kit offers the opportunity to create your own zine. A zine is a small booklet or magazine that you can fold and assemble yourself. The kit includes pre-designed pages with dotted lines for cutting and folding. You can follow the folding pattern and assemble the zine to add a unique interactive element to your journal or project.


And there you have it – a comprehensive overview of the Sunflower Dreams kit. With its stunning sunflower designs, versatile elements, and opportunities for creativity, this kit is a dream come true for any sunflower enthusiast. Whether you're new to journaling or a seasoned crafter, the Sunflower Dreams kit offers endless possibilities to create beautiful, personalized projects. So grab your kit and let your imagination flourish with the beauty of sunflowers.


  • The Sunflower Dreams kit offers a wide variety of creative elements, including main pages, ephemera, background pages, damask sheets, collage elements, smaller ephemera, and mini journal pages.
  • The main pages feature stunning sunflower designs, textured elements, and golden splatters, perfect for creating a sunflower-themed journal or project.
  • The ephemera kit adds an extra dimension to your projects with tags, cards, and fussy cut flowers.
  • Background pages provide versatility and texture for layering and creating cohesive designs.
  • Damask sheets bring an elegant touch to your projects with their beautiful patterns and muted color tones.
  • Collage elements allow you to personalize your projects by creating unique pockets, tuck spots, and clusters.
  • Smaller ephemera pieces, such as tickets and mini postcards, add details and decorative accents to your journal pages.
  • Journal mini pages offer additional journaling space or the opportunity to create mini journals.
  • The kit includes a tutorial on creating a zine, allowing you to add an interactive element to your journal or project.
  • The Sunflower Dreams kit is perfect for both beginner and experienced crafters, offering endless possibilities for creativity and personal expression.


Q: Can I use the Sunflower Dreams kit for projects other than sunflower-themed journals? A: Absolutely! While the kit is designed with sunflowers in mind, the elements can be used for various projects. Get creative and personalize your projects in any way you like.

Q: Are the colors in the kit true to the images? A: The colors may vary depending on your printer and the ink you use. However, the kit offers a range of color tones that can be mixed and matched to create cohesive designs.

Q: Can I use the kit for digital projects? A: The Sunflower Dreams kit is primarily designed for physical crafting projects. However, you can scan the elements and use them digitally if you prefer.

Q: Are there any additional resources or tutorials available for using the kit? A: Yes! The creator of the Sunflower Dreams kit offers tutorials and additional resources on their Etsy shop, Facebook group, and Instagram page. Be sure to check them out for inspiration and guidance.

Q: Can I customize the kit by adding my own elements? A: Absolutely! The Sunflower Dreams kit provides a great foundation for customization. Feel free to add your own ephemera, photos, or embellishments to make your projects even more unique.

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