Discover the Secrets of Selling Art Printables on Etsy!

Discover the Secrets of Selling Art Printables on Etsy!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Potential of Selling Art Printables on Etsy
    • Overcoming Limitations
    • The Passive Income Advantage
  3. Selecting a Niche for Art Printables
  4. Tools and Resources for Creating Art Printables
    • Canva
    • Creative Market
    • Procreate
  5. Finding Inspiration: Keyword Research
    • Using Sales Samurai for Keyword Research
    • Exploring Etsy Searches
  6. Designing Art Printables with Canva
    • Utilizing Canva Elements
    • Purchasing Bundles from Creative Market
    • Designing Your Own Elements with Procreate
  7. Creating Different Size Options
  8. Creating Listings on Etsy
    • Importance of Listing Optimization
    • Crafting Effective Titles and Descriptions
    • Utilizing High-Quality Images
  9. Preparing Your Etsy Shop
    • Essential Preparations for Launching Your Shop
  10. Conclusion

Selling Art Printables on Etsy: A Lucrative Opportunity

Are you keen on earning a passive income from selling art printables on Etsy but feel limited by your artistic abilities or lack of knowledge about digital product sales? Fear not! Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a professional artist or possess extensive expertise in selling digital products to succeed in this venture. In fact, I made over a thousand dollars in just a few months on Etsy, even though I started without any artistic skills or knowledge of digital product sales.

The beauty of selling art printables on Etsy lies in the simplicity of the process. Art printables are digital products intended to be printed by customers. You create a design, usually as a high-quality PDF, which customers can print at home or take to a professional shop for framing. What makes art printables even more appealing is that the selling process becomes completely passive after initial setup. When a customer makes a purchase, Etsy automatically sends them an email with access to their digital download. You don't have to lift a finger after the sale.

To embark on your art printable-selling journey, the first step is to select a niche or topic for your creations. This is crucial because creating a specific niche allows you to attract repeat customers who resonate with your style. For example, if you are into the "boss babe" vibe, focusing on creating art printables with that theme will ensure that potential customers who love your style can explore more options within your shop.

To create visually appealing and professional-looking art printables, you will need a set of tools and resources. Three essential platforms I recommend are Canva, Creative Market, and Procreate. Canva provides an intuitive design interface and offers copyright-free elements for personal and commercial use. On the other hand, Creative Market offers a vast collection of high-quality art elements that you can purchase under a copyright-free license. Additionally, Procreate is an app that allows you to design your own unique elements, even if you don't consider yourself an artist.

Keyword research plays a significant role in optimizing your art printables for Etsy search rankings. Sales Samurai is a valuable tool you can use for this purpose. By researching popular keywords related to printable wall art and exploring Etsy's auto-populated search suggestions, you can gain insights into what potential customers are looking for. This research helps you identify viable ideas and understand the competition.

Now that you have a clear idea of what you want to create, it's time to unleash your creativity with Canva. With Canva's custom size option, you can design your art printables in various dimensions. The platform offers copyright-free elements that you can utilize in your designs. However, remember to use these elements to support your design rather than making them the main focal point. In addition to Canva's resources, Creative Market bundles and Procreate provide more avenues for creating unique and captivating designs.

Since customers appreciate variety, creating different size options for your art printables is essential. Canva Pro allows you to resize your designs easily, enabling you to curate multiple sizes suitable for framing preferences. By saving each size as a high-quality PDF, you can provide a wide selection of art prints within your listings.

Creating listings on Etsy requires careful attention to detail. Optimize your titles and descriptions using relevant keywords to enhance visibility in search results. High-quality images showcasing your designs are also paramount to attract potential buyers. Additionally, focus on offering exceptional customer experiences by including an instructional PDF, which can guide customers on how to print and use their art printables. This extra touch not only adds value but also presents an opportunity to capture customer email addresses for future marketing efforts.

Before launching your Etsy shop, it's crucial to make necessary preparations. From optimizing your shop's appearance and policies to setting realistic expectations about shipping and customer service, these steps lay the foundation for success. Proper shop preparation ensures a smooth customer journey and reinforces your professionalism.

In conclusion, selling art printables on Etsy provides a lucrative opportunity for anyone interested in generating passive income. With the right tools, a well-chosen niche, and a creative mindset, you can create captivating designs that resonate with your target audience. Don't let your lack of artistic skills hold you back; leverage the power of digital tools and platforms to make your mark in the art printable industry. So why wait? Dive into the world of art printables on Etsy and start your journey towards artistic and financial fulfillment.


  • Selling art printables on Etsy offers a passive income opportunity for anyone, regardless of artistic skills or knowledge of digital product sales.
  • Choosing a specific niche enhances customer engagement, increases the likelihood of repeat purchases, and sets you apart from general art printable sellers.
  • Canva, Creative Market, and Procreate are essential tools and resources for creating professional and visually appealing art printables.
  • Keyword research helps you understand customer preferences and optimize your art printables for Etsy search rankings.
  • Canva provides an intuitive platform with copyright-free elements for designing art printables, while Creative Market offers a vast collection of premium art elements.
  • Procreate allows you to unleash your creativity and design unique elements for your art printables, even without prior artistic skills.
  • Offering multiple size options for your art printables caters to individual customer preferences and increases the likelihood of sales.
  • Crafting optimized listings on Etsy involves creating attention-grabbing titles, compelling descriptions, and high-quality images that showcase your designs.
  • Preparing your Etsy shop diligently ensures a seamless customer experience, reinforces your professionalism, and sets the stage for success.
  • By embracing the art printable industry on Etsy, you can tap into the vast potential of passive income while expressing your creativity.


Q: Do I need to be an artist to sell art printables on Etsy?

A: No, artistic skills are not a prerequisite for creating and selling art printables on Etsy. With the right tools, resources, and a well-chosen niche, anyone can succeed in this venture.

Q: How can I differentiate myself from other art printable sellers on Etsy?

A: Choosing a unique and specific niche for your art printables allows you to carve out a specialized market. By offering designs that resonate with a particular audience, you can attract repeat customers and stand out from general art printable sellers.

Q: What tools do I need to create art printables for Etsy?

A: Essential tools for creating art printables include Canva, which provides an intuitive design interface and copyright-free elements, Creative Market, which offers a vast collection of high-quality art resources, and Procreate, an app for designing your own unique elements.

Q: How can I optimize my art printables for Etsy search rankings?

A: Conducting thorough keyword research using tools like Sales Samurai and exploring Etsy's auto-populated search suggestions can help you identify popular keywords and understand customer preferences. Incorporate these keywords strategically in your titles and descriptions for better visibility in search results.

Q: Is it necessary to offer multiple size options for art printables?

A: Offering different size options for your art printables caters to the diverse preferences of customers. Providing a variety of sizes increases the chances of making a sale and satisfies a wider range of customer needs.

Q: What are the crucial elements of an effective Etsy listing for art printables?

A: An effective Etsy listing includes an attention-grabbing title with relevant keywords, a compelling description that highlights the unique features and benefits of your art printables, and high-quality images that showcase your designs. Additionally, consider offering an instructional PDF to guide customers on printing and using their art printables.

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