Discover the Secrets Behind a Successful Press-on Nail Business

Discover the Secrets Behind a Successful Press-on Nail Business

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background Story
  3. Starting a Press-On Nail Business
  4. The Importance of Quality Materials
  5. Pricing and Affordability
  6. Showcasing Designs and Custom Options
  7. Packaging and Delivery
  8. Customer Trust and Assurance
  9. Maintaining and Caring for Press-On Nails
  10. Final Thoughts and Call to Action


Starting a Press-On Nail Business: A Journey to Creativity and Success


Welcome to my channel, where I share my personal journey and experiences in the world of press-on nails. In today's video, I am excited to discuss my passion project - my press-on nail business on Etsy. Join me as I take you through the story of how it all began, the challenges I faced, the importance of using high-quality materials, affordable pricing, showcasing designs, packaging, and ensuring customer satisfaction. So, let's dive in!

Background Story

Let me give you a little background about myself. For the past year, I found myself at a crossroads in my career. Unsure of whether to work in a salon or operate from home, the COVID-19 pandemic added an extra layer of complexity to my decision-making process. Living with my parents, I was concerned about the safety implications of having customers visit me. This uncertainty led me to explore alternative avenues for income generation.

Starting a Press-On Nail Business

During my time exploring different possibilities, I stumbled upon YouTube videos showcasing personal nail businesses. I was amazed to discover that this could be a legitimate and profitable venture. Intrigued by the idea, I decided to start my own press-on nail business, primarily using Etsy as a platform to reach potential customers.

The Importance of Quality Materials

Being a perfectionist, I understand the value of using high-quality materials in my press-on nails. For instance, I use nail tips from Kiara Sky, a renowned nail brand known for its excellent craftsmanship. These tips ensure durability and a professional finish. Additionally, the gel polishes I utilize are sourced from Valentino Beauty Pure, a brand I trust for its reliable and long-lasting products. I firmly believe in providing my customers with top-notch quality that they can rely on and enjoy.

Pricing and Affordability

One of my primary goals in this business is to make press-on nails accessible and affordable. I understand that not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on nails. Therefore, I aim to strike a balance by offering quality press-on nails at reasonable prices. For example, my pricing ranges from $15 for hand-drawn designs to a maximum of $60 for intricate designs with large rhinestones. By doing so, I ensure that customers get value for their money while saving compared to frequent salon visits.

Showcasing Designs and Custom Options

As a creative individual, I love showcasing my designs to my customers. While my Etsy store serves as the primary platform for displaying my work, I also promote my designs on Instagram, Tic Tac, and YouTube. This allows me to reach a wider audience and share my passion for press-on nails. Moreover, I encourage customization and offer personalized designs based on customer preferences. Those interested in custom nails can easily reach out to me through Instagram DMs, ensuring a tailored experience for each customer.

Packaging and Delivery

When it comes to packaging, I prioritize both aesthetics and practicality. Each press-on nail set is carefully packaged in a way that ensures maximum protection during shipping. I include glue tabs, which I personally vouch for their effectiveness, a nail file, buffer, and a cuticle wooden pusher. These additional items provide customers with everything they need to apply, maintain, and remove the press-on nails with ease.

Customer Trust and Assurance

I understand that building trust with customers is vital for the success of my business. As a new nail tech, I recognize the initial hesitation some might have in placing an order. That's why I created this video to provide reassurance and let you know that I am a legitimate business owner. I have also included a picture of my Etsy store to provide a glimpse of my offerings.

Maintaining and Caring for Press-On Nails

Taking care of press-on nails is essential for their longevity and reuse. Customers can follow my guidelines to clean and store the nails properly, ensuring they last for an extended period. I emphasize the durability of these nails and the savings they offer in the long run compared to frequent salon visits.

Final Thoughts and Call to Action

In conclusion, my press-on nail business is a manifestation of my creativity and a way to provide affordable and high-quality nail options for individuals who value their time and money. I invite you to check out my Etsy store and explore the variety of designs I offer. Feel free to reach out to me for custom nail requests or any queries you may have. Thank you for joining me on this journey!


  • Personal journey of starting a press-on nail business
  • Balancing affordability and quality in pricing
  • Showcasing unique and customizable designs
  • Packaging and providing necessary tools for customers
  • Maintaining and caring for press-on nails for longevity
  • Building trust and assurance for customers
  • Invitation to explore the Etsy store and customize nails


Q: How long do the press-on nails last?

A: With proper care and maintenance, press-on nails can be reused multiple times and can last for weeks.

Q: Is it safe to order press-on nails during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: As a customer-centric business, I prioritize the safety and well-being of my customers. Rest assured, I adhere to strict hygiene practices while handling and packaging the nails.

Q: Can I request a custom design or style for my press-on nails?

A: Absolutely! I offer personalized designs and customization options. You can reach out to me via Instagram DMs to discuss your preferences and requirements.

Q: How do I remove the press-on nails without damaging my natural nails?

A: I provide detailed instructions on how to safely remove the press-on nails without causing any harm to your natural nails. Following those guidelines will ensure a seamless removal process.

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