Discover the perfect crochet treasures and subscription box

Discover the perfect crochet treasures and subscription box

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About the Etsy Package
  3. Review of the Crochet Hooks
  4. Comparison with Polymer Clay Hooks
  5. The Benefits of Recycled Yarn
  6. Unboxing the Crochet Society Box
  7. Overview of the Contents
  8. Patterns and Projects
  9. Interview with Amigurumi Designer
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will be exploring some exciting crochet-related topics. We will start by discussing an interesting package that the author received from Etsy. Then, we will dive into a detailed review of the crochet hooks that were contained in the package. Next, we will explore the idea of using polymer clay hooks and compare them with the ones received from Etsy. After that, we will discuss the benefits of using recycled yarn in crochet projects. Following that, we will unbox the Crochet Society Box and examine its contents. We will also provide an overview of the various patterns and projects that were included in the box. Additionally, we will feature an interview with an amigurumi designer. Finally, we will conclude the article by summarizing the key points discussed throughout.

About the Etsy Package

The author begins by introducing a package that they received from Etsy. They explain that they discovered the package through a Facebook group and were immediately drawn to the beautiful crochet hooks displayed in the post. Excited about the prospect of owning these hooks, the author decided to visit the seller's Etsy shop and place an order. They express their anticipation as they unwrap the package and describe the content.

Review of the Crochet Hooks

The author proceeds to provide a detailed review of the crochet hooks they purchased from Etsy. They describe the design, size, and color of each hook and express their satisfaction with the quality of the product. The author also mentions their experience crocheting with the hooks and compares their handling to other popular brands. They express their admiration for the craftsmanship and urge readers to consider trying out these hooks for their crochet projects.

Comparison with Polymer Clay Hooks

In this section, the author compares the Etsy crochet hooks with ones they had previously made using polymer clay. They acknowledge the beauty of the Etsy hooks and confess that their own attempts at creating polymer clay hooks pale in comparison. However, they still encourage readers to explore creating their own if they have the skills, as it can be a fun and rewarding experience. The author also briefly explains the process of making polymer clay hooks and suggests places where one can purchase clay and inexpensive metal hooks.

The Benefits of Recycled Yarn

Moving on, the author discusses the advantages of using recycled yarn in crochet projects. They emphasize the importance of supporting sustainable practices and note that not all recyclables actually make it into recycled products. They highlight the environmentally-friendly properties of recycled acrylic yarn and share their favorable experience with a specific brand. The author also mentions affordability and availability as additional benefits of using recycled yarn.

Unboxing the Crochet Society Box

The author transitions into unboxing the Crochet Society Box, which had been eagerly-awaited for a few weeks. They express their excitement and gratitude to Bella Coco for curating such an intriguing subscription box. As they open the box, they describe the items inside and their initial impressions. They mention the inclusion of a crochet hook, a tape measure, yarn, and other surprises.

Overview of the Contents

In this section, the author provides a comprehensive overview of the items included in the Crochet Society Box. They detail each item, including a crochet hook with a unique design, yarn made from recycled materials, and various accessories like stitch markers and tape measures. The author expresses satisfaction with the variety and quality of the items, and also mentions the presence of patterns and projects for users to explore.

Patterns and Projects

The article continues by discussing the patterns and projects provided in the Crochet Society Box. The author showcases some examples, such as coasters, amigurumi toys, and a winter hat. They mention how the box includes instructions and materials necessary to complete these projects. The author encourages readers to try their hand at these patterns and experiment with different designs and techniques.

Interview with Amigurumi Designer

In this section, the author features an interview with a talented amigurumi designer named Allison North. They discuss her work, inspiration, and techniques. The author also highlights some of Allison's creations and provides links for readers to connect with her. They encourage interaction between the crochet community and talented designers like Allison.


The article concludes by summarizing the key points discussed throughout. The author reflects on their crochet journey and the progress they have made with their craft. They express their gratitude for the support of their fellow crocheters and provide links to additional resources, including the Etsy shop, Crochet Society, and recommended YouTube channels. The author leaves the readers with a final message of encouragement and a call to explore their own crocheting endeavors.

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