Discover Magical Tarot Decks on Etsy

Discover Magical Tarot Decks on Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing the Tarot Decks
  3. The Iridescent Tarot Deck
  4. The Parchment Tarot Deck
  5. The Craft Cards Tarot Deck
  6. The Vintage Vibes Tarot Deck
  7. Initial Impressions and Personal Preferences
  8. Using the Tarot Decks in Readings
  9. Cleansing and Consecration of Tarot Decks
  10. Conclusion



Hey everyone, Desiree here! In this video, I'm excited to share with you my recent unboxing of some brand new tarot decks that arrived in the mail. I ordered these decks from an Etsy store and couldn't wait to see what I got. In this article, I will walk you through the unboxing process and give you my initial impressions of each deck. So, let's dive in!

Unboxing the Tarot Decks

I was eagerly waiting for my tarot decks to arrive, and finally, the packages showed up at my doorstep yesterday. Despite being a little wonky with my camera setup, I wanted to ensure a smooth unboxing experience. I purchased a total of four tarot decks from an Etsy store. Although I had never ordered from this particular store before, I took the risk and now I am ready to share my thoughts on each deck with you.

The Iridescent Tarot Deck

The first deck I unboxed was the Iridescent Tarot deck. I was attracted to this deck because of its holographic appearance. However, upon inspection, I realized that the holographic effect was only printed on the cards and not an actual holographic foil. Nonetheless, the deck boasts a moon-inspired design, giving it a cold and wintery vibe. The cardstock is thick and glossy, making the cards visually appealing. Although it didn't match my initial expectations, it still holds the charm of the classic Rider-Waite artwork, which I am comfortable working with.

The Parchment Tarot Deck

Next, I opened the box containing the Parchment Tarot deck. This deck offered a more traditional and classic feel. Its plain and simple design caught my attention as I was looking for a deck with a neutral color palette. However, upon seeing it in person, I started having doubts about its appeal. It seemed a bit too neutral for my taste, as I tend to prefer vibrant and bold decks. Nevertheless, the cardstock quality is commendable, and I will still find use for this deck despite it not being one of my favorites.

The Craft Cards Tarot Deck

The third deck I unboxed was the Craft Cards Tarot deck. Its hot pink and black color scheme immediately grabbed my attention. I had been searching for a borderless deck, and this one seemed promising. The glossy cardstock and vibrant colors make the deck visually stunning. The black cards with pink illustrations, such as the Tower and the Devil, create a striking contrast. I instantly felt a connection with this deck and knew I would be using it in future readings.

The Vintage Vibes Tarot Deck

Finally, I opened the box containing the Vintage Vibes Tarot deck. This deck exudes a vintage and antique vibe, thanks to its antiqued paper design. It features a turquoise background, which adds a touch of uniqueness to the deck. Similar to the previous decks, the cardstock quality is excellent, and the absence of colored edges doesn't diminish its charm. I found myself drawn to this deck as it invoked a sense of nostalgia and intrigue.

Initial Impressions and Personal Preferences

Of the four decks, my favorites were the Craft Cards Tarot and the Vintage Vibes Tarot. The Craft Cards Tarot, with its vibrant colors and borderless design, instantly captivated me. I could envision using it in various readings. The Vintage Vibes Tarot, on the other hand, appealed to my love for all things vintage. Its antiqued paper and turquoise background gave it a unique charm. However, personal preferences may vary, and it's important to choose a deck that resonates with you on a personal level.

Using the Tarot Decks in Readings

I am excited to incorporate these new decks into my upcoming readings. The Craft Cards Tarot deck will most likely be my go-to choice for November readings, as I feel a strong connection with its energy. The Winter-themed Iridescent Tarot deck will be perfect for holiday-themed readings during December. Each deck offers its own distinct mood and symbolism, making them valuable tools for divination.

Cleansing and Consecration of Tarot Decks

Before using my new tarot decks, I will perform a personal cleansing and consecration ritual. This involves letting them sit overnight with selenite crystals to clear any residual energies. In the morning, I will dedicate the decks and perform an energy clearing, ensuring that they are attuned to my intentions and ready for accurate readings. Cleansing and consecrating tarot decks help establish a strong connection between the reader and the cards, enhancing the accuracy of readings.


In conclusion, unboxing these tarot decks was an exciting experience. Although my expectations for some of the decks weren't fully met, they still possess their own unique qualities. The Craft Cards Tarot and Vintage Vibes Tarot decks stood out as my favorites, with their vibrant colors and vintage appeal. I am eager to incorporate them into my future readings and explore the insights they have to offer. Remember, when choosing a tarot deck, it's important to follow your own intuition and select one that resonates with you personally.

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