Discover Magical Disney Ears: Park-inspired, Handmade, and Etsy Finds!

Discover Magical Disney Ears: Park-inspired, Handmade, and Etsy Finds!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. My Hair Coloring Adventure
  3. Introduction to Theme Park Ear Collection
  4. Disney Park Ears
    • 4.1 Iridescent Ears
    • 4.2 Haunted Mansion Ears
    • 4.3 Arendelle Aqua Ears
  5. Etsy Ears
    • 5.1 Mickey and Minnie Ears
    • 5.2 BB-8 Ears
    • 5.3 Alien Ears
  6. Handmade Ears
    • 6.1 Floral Wire Ears
    • 6.2 Merida Ears
    • 6.3 Coco Ears
    • 6.4 Incredibles Ears
  7. Choosing the Perfect Pair
  8. Conclusion

Article Title: My Colorful Collection of Theme Park Ears

Introduction Welcome to Anomaly Adventures, where I embrace my quirky side and share my unique experiences with you. Today, I want to dive into a topic that holds a special place in my heart – my collection of theme park ears. From Disney parks to handmade creations, I have amassed quite the assortment over the years. So, join me on this ear-filled journey as I take you through the various pairs that bring joy to my life.

My Hair Coloring Adventure Before we embark on the world of theme park ears, there's an elephant in the room that I must address – my vibrant purple hair. Yes, it may be an unconventional choice, but I absolutely adore it. To achieve this bold look, I used a product called Splat that I found at Walmart. Despite the mess it created during the application process, the end result was undeniably worth it. This semi-permanent dye is meant to fade after 30 washes, but it has clung to my gray strands beautifully. Now, with my eye-catching hair, I can confidently move on to the main event – my beloved collection of theme park ears.

Introduction to Theme Park Ear Collection We all have our guilty pleasures, and for many fans of theme parks, one such guilty pleasure is indulging in the captivating world of theme park ears. Whether it's the iconic mouse ears from Disney or the charming handmade creations found on Etsy, there's something truly magical about adorning your head with a whimsical pair. In this article, I will take you on a tour of my own extensive collection, sharing the stories behind each cherished pair. So, let's dive into the enchanting world of theme park ears together.

Disney Park Ears

Iridescent Ears The first pair in my ever-growing collection holds a special place in my heart – my iridescent ears. These were the first ears my family and I bought at the Disney parks. We came across them when we saw someone in line wearing them, and immediate enchanted by their beauty. The iridescent shimmer won my daughter's heart, and we had to track them down. Although she has outgrown them, they remain one of the cutest pairs in my collection. The oversized bow may not be to everyone's taste, but I simply adore the sparkle and the way they resemble ice.

Haunted Mansion Ears Next up are my beloved Haunted Mansion ears, inspired by one of my favorite Disney attractions. These ears are designed to resemble the ballerina from the stretching room, a pre-show to the Haunted Mansion ride. The intricate details, such as the print on her skirt and the umbrella she holds, make these ears truly special. The red velvet adds a touch of elegance, reminiscent of the mansion itself. Without a doubt, these hauntingly beautiful ears are a top pick in my collection.

Arendelle Aqua Ears As a Disney fan, I couldn't resist hopping on the latest trend – the Arendelle Aqua color palette. These ears caught my attention with their mesmerizing shade of aqua. After searching high and low for them, I finally found them right before leaving Animal Kingdom. It may have been an impulse purchase, but it was one that I had been eyeing for a while. The moderate-sized bow and the sparkly demeanor of these ears won me over. They bring a wave of Frozen-inspired magic to my collection.

Etsy Ears

Mickey and Minnie Ears Venturing beyond the realm of Disney parks, Etsy has become a treasure trove for finding unique and unofficial Disney merchandise. One Etsy vendor, Kitty So Crafty, caught my eye with their high-quality, classic Mickey and Minnie ears. These ears are a throwback to the old-school Mickey and Minnie design, complete with the iconic pie eyes. The red and white polka dot bow adds a touch of nostalgia, while the smoothness of the ears showcases the craftsmanship of Kitty So Crafty.

BB-8 Ears For my daughter, who is a Star Wars fan, I set out to find the perfect ears. These BB-8 ears, made of flannel, depict the beloved droid from "Star Wars." The ears feature a "Star Wars" print, and the bow is adorned with a soft and fluffy fabric. Although I don't remember the specific Etsy vendor who created these ears, they hold a special place in our collection. Despite a minor mishap where one ear fell off, it was easily reattached, and these ears continue to be a favorite among the younger Star Wars enthusiasts.

Alien Ears Another Etsy find for my Disneybounding adventure at Disneyland was a pair of ears inspired by the aliens from "Toy Story." These whimsical ears, once again created by Kitty So Crafty, perfectly capture the essence of the Toy Story characters. The green tulle bow adds a playful touch, matching the skin of the aliens. These ears have withstood my travels and remain a delightful addition to my collection.

Handmade Ears

Floral Wire Ears While I may not be the best at sewing, it hasn't stopped me from creating my own unique pairs of ears. One method I have found success with is using floral wire to construct my handmade ears. For instance, when preparing for a cruise in 2017, I made a pair of flower ears with floral wire. I simply hot glued silk flowers onto a satin headband, wrapping the floral wire around them. The result was a lovely set of flower ears, reminiscent of a summer day. From Disney Cruise Line colors to cute anchor bows, each pair carries its own story and adds a personal touch to my collection.

Merida Ears Inspired by the fiery and brave Merida from "Brave," I crafted a pair of floral wire ears with a touch of Celtic green ribbon. These ears, adorned with elegant yet resilient chrysanthemums, capture the essence of Merida and her vibrant world. I take these ears with me when I visit Magic Kingdom, hoping to spot the fearless princess herself. Even if I don't get the chance to meet her, these ears remind me of the magical films that bring joy to so many.

Coco Ears Drawing inspiration from the heartwarming film "Coco," I fashioned a pair of chrysanthemum ears that reflect the movie's color palette. These handmade ears feature vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows akin to the chrysanthemum petals found in the film. To enhance the floral theme, I added a blue bow, representing the blue elements found in "Coco." It's amazing how a simple creation can encapsulate the emotions and beauty of a cherished movie.

Incredibles Ears Although not my proudest sewing moment, I couldn't resist attempting to sew my own pair of ears inspired by "The Incredibles." These ears feature a print showcasing the iconic family members from the film. The ribbon bow combines the colors of the Incredibles' superhero suits. Despite their imperfections, these ears serve as a reminder to embrace creativity and passion, even if the final result isn't picture-perfect.

Choosing the Perfect Pair With such a diverse collection of theme park ears, choosing which pairs to bring on my Disney vacations is a delightful challenge. Just like deciding which perfume to wear, it all depends on my mood and the magical experience I want to create. Each pair brings its own unique blend of nostalgia, whimsy, and personal connection. So, whether I opt for a classic Disney park pair or don my handmade creations, each day is an opportunity to express my love for all things magical.

Conclusion As we come to the end of our journey through my collection of theme park ears, I hope you've enjoyed exploring the colorful and diverse array of designs that have captured my heart. From Disney park ears brimming with nostalgia to handmade creations infused with personal touch, each pair tells a story and represents a cherished memory. Whether you're a theme park enthusiast or simply appreciate the magic of accessories, I encourage you to embrace your own unique style and find joy in the small details that make life truly extraordinary.


  • Embarking on a colorful journey through my collection of theme park ears
  • Sharing stories of cherished Disney park ears, including iridescent, Haunted Mansion, and Arendelle Aqua designs
  • Exploring the enchanting world of Etsy ears, featuring Mickey and Minnie, BB-8, and alien-inspired creations
  • Showcasing the creative process of crafting handmade floral wire ears, such as Merida, Coco, and Incredibles designs
  • Embracing personal style and finding joy in the small details that make life extraordinary

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find the iridescent ears and the Haunted Mansion ears? A: The iridescent ears can be found at various Disney parks or through official Disney merchandise outlets. The Haunted Mansion ears can typically be purchased at the Haunted Mansion gift shop or other Disney park stores.

Q: Are the ears from Etsy official Disney merchandise? A: No, the ears found on Etsy are not official Disney merchandise. They are typically handmade or created by independent sellers. However, they often capture the magic and style of Disney in unique and creative ways.

Q: How can I make my own handmade ears like yours? A: Making your own handmade ears can be a fun and creative project. One method is to use floral wire as a base and hot glue various decorative elements, such as silk flowers or themed ribbons, onto a headband. There are many online tutorials available that provide step-by-step instructions for creating your own unique pair of ears.

Q: Which pair of ears is your favorite? A: It's difficult for me to choose just one favorite pair, as each holds its own sentimental value and brings joy in different ways. However, I have a soft spot for the classic Mickey and Minnie ears from Etsy, which evoke a sense of nostalgia and whimsy.

Q: Do you wear your handmade ears to the Disney parks? A: Yes, I have worn my handmade ears to the Disney parks on various occasions. Although they may not be as professionally made as the official Disney park ears, they add a personal touch and allow me to express my creativity and love for all things Disney.

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