Discover Elegant and Unique Pink Bow Ties on Etsy

Discover Elegant and Unique Pink Bow Ties on Etsy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. About Pink Bow Ties
  3. Custom Doll Stickers
  4. Sticker Designs 4.1. Joe 4.2. Candice 4.3. Yvonne 4.4. Vindisa 4.5. Tiffani
  5. The Misses Sticker
  6. Other Stickers 6.1. Mica 6.2. Tara 6.3. Riri 6.4. Rashida 6.5. Pasha 6.6. Me Sticker 6.7. Pam 6.8. Raquel 6.9. Aisha 6.10. Erin 6.11. Wonder Woman Sticker 6.12. Wendy 6.13. Black Ops Sticker 6.14. Robin 6.15. Emoticons 6.16. Watercolor Stickers 6.17. Avery 6.18. Dawn 6.19. Yada 6.20. Next Video: Dot EMU

Pink Bow Ties: A Review of Custom Doll Stickers


Welcome to our review of Pink Bow Ties, one of my favorite sticker shops. In this article, we will be exploring the unique and beautiful custom doll stickers created by Pink Bow Ties. From their sticker designs to the quality of their prints, we will delve into every aspect that makes this shop a must-visit for sticker enthusiasts.

About Pink Bow Ties

Pink Bow Ties, owned by the talented Lamia, is a sticker shop that specializes in custom doll stickers. Lamia creates personalized dolls of individuals based on their photos, outfits, and preferences. These custom dolls are turned into stickers and serve as a unique way to express one's style and personality.

Custom Doll Stickers

Pink Bow Ties' custom doll stickers are the highlight of the shop. Lamia takes great care in capturing the essence of each individual and transforming them into adorable sticker characters. These custom dolls can be ordered by joining Lamia's waitlist, which opens periodically. The attention to detail and the personalized touch of these stickers make them a popular choice among planner enthusiasts.

Sticker Designs

Pink Bow Ties also offers a range of pre-designed stickers, both custom and non-custom. Let's take a closer look at some of the unique sticker designs available:

Joe: Featuring an adorable bag and a trendy mug, Joe's sticker captures the essence of a stylish planner enthusiast.

Candice: With a gorgeous summery dress, Candice's sticker is perfect for those who love flowy, vibrant outfits.

Yvonne: Yvonne's fall look, complete with red booties and a long necklace, showcases the beauty of autumn fashion.

Vindisa: Sporting yellow Chuck sneakers, Vindisa's sticker captures a casual and modern look.

Tiffani: Tiffani's fabulous skirt and matching earrings make her sticker a standout.

The Misses Sticker: With a relatable message about the love-hate relationship with leaving the comfort of bed, this sticker is humorous and relatable.

Other Stickers

In addition to the custom doll stickers and the sticker designs mentioned above, Pink Bow Ties also offers a wide variety of other stickers. Here are a few highlights:

Mica: This sticker features a stunning dress with intricate patterns, making it perfect for special occasions.

Tara: Tara's sweater with the phrase "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come" resonates with many introverts who prefer one-on-one interactions.

Riri: Although not a fan of Rihanna, the outfit featured in this sticker is undeniably gorgeous.

Rashida: With vibrant hair and a complementary outfit, Rashida's sticker stands out.

Pasha: As a real person's custom doll, Pasha's sticker depicts her beautifully, capturing her unique style.

Emoticons: Pink Bow Ties also offers a set of emoticon stickers, perfect for adding personality and fun to planners and journals.

Watercolor Stickers: These stickers, created by a new artist recently added to the shop, showcase beautiful watercolor illustrations in various designs.

With a vast array of unique and stylish sticker designs, Pink Bow Ties offers something for every sticker enthusiast. The attention to detail and quality of these stickers make them a worthwhile addition to any collection.

Next Video: Dot EMU

In our next video, we will be exploring Dot EMU, another exciting addition to the world of stickers. Stay tuned to discover more stunning designs and unique creations.


  • Pink Bow Ties is a sticker shop known for its custom doll stickers.
  • Custom doll stickers are personalized based on individuals' photos and preferences.
  • The attention to detail in these stickers is remarkable, capturing the essence of each person.
  • The shop also offers a range of pre-designed stickers, featuring various stylish outfits and accessories.
  • Watercolor stickers are a recent addition to Pink Bow Ties, offering a unique aesthetic.


Q: How can I order a custom doll sticker from Pink Bow Ties? A: You can join Lamia's waitlist on Instagram at Pink Bow Ties. Keep an eye out for announcements about when the waitlist opens.

Q: Are the stickers printed on high-quality paper? A: Yes, Pink Bow Ties prints their stickers on buttery matte paper, ensuring a premium feel and vibrant colors.

Q: Can I find stickers of real people at Pink Bow Ties? A: Yes, Pink Bow Ties occasionally includes custom doll stickers of real people. These stickers can be a fun and personalized way to showcase your style.

Q: Are watercolor stickers available in various designs? A: Yes, Pink Bow Ties recently introduced watercolor stickers created by a new artist. These stickers come in a variety of designs and add a unique touch to any collection.

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