Discover charming Coverminders Tray & Putty for Diamond Painting on Etsy

Discover charming Coverminders Tray & Putty for Diamond Painting on Etsy

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Etsy Finds from Just Minding Business
  3. Scarlett's Little Crafty Corner
  4. Randa's Crafty Corner
  5. JH in Vision Labs
  6. Tipsy Eggnog and Vanilla Cupcake Putty
  7. Snapcrafters Cafe
  8. Jenny's Shop and Smelly Snap
  9. Unboxing the Trolls
  10. Conclusion

Article: Unboxing Etsy Finds and More: A Look at Unique Creations


Welcome back, everyone! Today, we have an exciting unboxing video featuring some amazing Etsy finds and more. From Just Minding Business to Scarlett's Little Crafty Corner, Randa's Crafty Corner to JH in Vision Labs, we're about to dive into a world of creativity and unique products. So, let's get started!

  1. Etsy Finds from Just Minding Business:

First up, we have a package from Just Minding Business. This Etsy shop offers a range of adorable products, and I couldn't resist ordering a few items. As I open the package, I'm greeted with stickers featuring a campfire, sneakers, and s'mores. These stickers are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to my craft projects.

  1. Scarlett's Little Crafty Corner:

Next, I delve into a baggie from Scarlett's Little Crafty Corner. This shop not only has an adorable name but also offers a variety of creative goodies. Inside the baggie, I find a beautiful bracelet engraved with the words "Life is what you make of it." It's a wonderful reminder to always stay positive.

  1. Randa's Crafty Corner:

Moving on, let's explore the treasures from Randa's Crafty Corner. This shop recently restocked their putty collection, and I couldn't resist grabbing a jar of vanilla cupcake putty. Randa also included some extra goodies like candies and a cute little toy. What a delightful surprise!

  1. JH in Vision Labs:

Now, it's time to unbox a package from JH in Vision Labs. This shop is known for its high-quality trays, and I had been eagerly waiting for them to release a larger tray. Finally, my wish came true, and I'm thrilled with the size and design of the tray. It's a perfect addition to my crafting workspace.

  1. Tipsy Eggnog and Vanilla Cupcake Putty:

Let's take a moment to appreciate the scents of Tipsy Eggnog and Vanilla Cupcake Putty. These irresistible fragrances ignite a wave of nostalgia and make crafting even more enjoyable. The putty's texture and aroma will surely inspire hours of creativity.

  1. Snapcrafters Cafe:

Time to visit Snapcrafters Cafe, a shop that offers a range of unique and customizable snap buttons. I recently ordered some snap containers and was excited to receive a cute baggie with the order. Snapcrafters Cafe also included a lovely washi tape and an espresso candy. How thoughtful!

  1. Jenny's Shop and Smelly Snap:

Don't miss out on Jenny's Shop, where you can find an array of stunning snap buttons. These buttons not only serve as functional closures but also provide delightful scents. Jenny even included a bonus snap with a beautiful wolf design. It's these small touches that make a shopping experience truly special.

  1. Unboxing the Trolls:

Now, let's dive into the world of nostalgia with some adorable trolls. These little dolls remind me of my childhood, and I couldn't resist purchasing a few. The mystery element adds an extra layer of excitement as I open each box to reveal unique colors and hair designs.


In conclusion, the world of Etsy offers a treasure trove of unique and creative products. Whether it's Just Minding Business, Scarlett's Little Crafty Corner, Randa's Crafty Corner, JH in Vision Labs, or any other shop, you can find something that sparks joy and ignites your creativity. So, go ahead and explore these amazing shops to add some magic to your life. Happy unboxing!

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