Discover Affordable Service Dog Gear for 2022

Discover Affordable Service Dog Gear for 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ollie's Little Gear Corner
  3. Ollie's Sign
  4. Ollie's Leashes
  5. Ollie's Pull Straps
  6. Ollie's Leash Wraps
  7. Ollie's Patch Tabs
  8. Ollie's Collars
  9. Ollie's Prong Collars
  10. Ollie's Harnesses, Capes, and Vests
  11. Ollie's Treat Pouches and Accessories
  12. Ollie's Booties and Protective Gear
  13. Ollie's Bandanas and Clothing
  14. Ollie's Toys and Puzzles
  15. Conclusion

Ollie's Little Gear Corner

Welcome to Ollie's little gear corner! In this article, we will take a closer look at Ollie's collection of gear and accessories. Ollie is a beloved pet who has an impressive assortment of items. From leashes to collars, harnesses to booties, Ollie's gear is not only functional but also stylish. Let's dive into each category and explore Ollie's gear in detail.

Ollie's Sign

Let's start with Ollie's sign, which proudly displays his name. This personalized sign adds a touch of personality to his little gear corner. The frame is painted green, giving it a vibrant and eye-catching look. The sign is securely hung on the wall using hooks, ensuring it stays in place.

Ollie's Leashes

Ollie's collection of leashes is impressive. He has different leashes for various purposes. From over-the-shoulder leashes to short rope leashes, Ollie is prepared for any outing. The leather over-the-shoulder leash with brass hardware is a favorite for longer walks, while the short rope leash is perfect for quick trips to the groomer. Ollie's leashes are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Ollie's Pull Straps

When it comes to pull straps, Ollie has options. These straps are handy for training and control. Ollie has pull straps in different lengths, allowing for flexibility in his training sessions. The white pull strap with brass hardware from CSJ Creations and the heavy-duty biothane pull strap from Wag on Pet Gear are his go-to choices.

Ollie's Leash Wraps

To keep his leash collection organized, Ollie uses leash wraps. These wraps help prevent tangling and make it easy to find the right leash for each outing. Ollie has leash wraps with labels such as "in training" and "I work for her." These wraps are attached to binder clips, providing a simple and efficient organization system.

Ollie's Patch Tabs

Ollie's patch tabs are essential for displaying his patches. These tabs are designed to hold patches securely and can be easily attached to his gear. Ollie has patch tabs with various messages, such as "dog by jump to alert" and "Ford momentum pulling service dog." These patch tabs are both functional and stylish.

Ollie's Collars

Ollie's collection of collars is impressive. He has collars for everyday use and special occasions. The heavy-duty biothane collar from Wagon Pet Gear is his favorite. It is not only durable but also stylish with its white and deep green design. Ollie also has a rolled leather collar from Tractor Supply, which was his go-to choice before discovering the Wagon Pet Gear collar.

Ollie's Prong Collars

In the early stages of training, Ollie used a prong collar. He started with a basic and affordable one from Tractor Supply but later upgraded to a white biothane prong collar from Messy Poodles. This collar offers better control and blends in seamlessly with his gear, preventing unwanted attention or criticism.

Ollie's Harnesses, Capes, and Vests

When it comes to harnesses, capes, and vests, Ollie has a wide selection. His newest addition is a double-layered heavy-duty biothane harness from Wagon Pet Gear. With its deep green and white design and brass hardware, this harness is both functional and visually appealing. Ollie also has a Bridgeport harness and a One Tigress tactical vest, which he uses for specific purposes.

Ollie's Treat Pouches and Accessories

To keep his treats handy during training sessions, Ollie has two different treat pouches. His current favorite is the treat bag from Wild One, which features a convenient poop bag dispenser on the side. Ollie's treat pouches are always stocked with high-value treats to reward and motivate him during training.

Ollie's Booties and Protective Gear

Living in an area with extreme temperatures and various outdoor hazards, Ollie often wears booties and other protective gear. These booties, purchased from Amazon, offer protection from hot pavement and potential hazards like foxtails. Ollie also has a rain jacket and a winter coat to keep him comfortable in different weather conditions.

Ollie's Bandanas and Clothing

Ollie is quite stylish when it comes to bandanas and clothing. His collection includes bandanas from various sources, including So What Co. and pawn puppies. Ollie's bandanas are stored on a wooden board with clothespins, creating a visually appealing display. He also has custom capes and a vinyl cape from Patience in Love, which are reserved for special occasions.

Ollie's Toys and Puzzles

No gear collection is complete without toys and puzzles. Ollie has a range of toys to keep him entertained and mentally stimulated. From interactive puzzles to durable chew toys, Ollie's toy collection has something for every occasion. These toys provide both enjoyment and exercise for Ollie.

In conclusion, Ollie's little gear corner is a testament to the love and care he receives from his owner. The assortment of gear and accessories ensures that Ollie is both stylish and well-equipped for any situation. Whether it's a walk in the park or a training session, Ollie's gear enhances his experience and showcases his unique personality.

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