Discover Adorable Small Businesses for Unique Gifts at ETSY!

Discover Adorable Small Businesses for Unique Gifts at ETSY!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Part One: Etsy Haul Overview
  3. Rose Apparel US - Maroon Sweater from Schitt's Creek
  4. Success69 - Gray Tee with Jason Print
  5. Canvas Bella - Ghost Pocket Shirt
  6. Canvas Bella - Salem Local Witches Union Shirt
  7. We Be Designs - David's Sweater Earrings
  8. HJ Customs Co - Starbucks Knockoff Tumbler
  9. HJ Customs Co - Starbucks Skeleton Mermaid Tumbler
  10. Charming Cheetah - Offensive T-Shirts
  11. By Maya - Annabelle DVD Earrings
  12. Conclusion

Part Two: My Etsy Haul: Small Business Spotlight


Hey everyone, welcome back! Today, I'll be sharing my latest Etsy haul, featuring a variety of small businesses. I recently indulged myself in some online retail therapy and purchased a bunch of items from Etsy. In this article, I'll take you through each product I bought, highlighting the unique aspects of each small business. So, let's dive in and explore the wonders of Etsy!

Part One: Etsy Haul Overview

Before delving into the specific items, let me give you an overview of my Etsy haul. This time, I decided to split my purchases into two parts due to the sheer number of businesses I supported. While the first part focused more on spooky season items, my second haul contains a mix of spooky and cute treasures. Without further ado, let's jump into the details!

Rose Apparel US - Maroon Sweater from Schitt's Creek

The first product I want to highlight is a maroon sweater from Rose Apparel US, inspired by the popular TV show Schitt's Creek. If you're a fan of the show, you'll recognize it as the store David opened called "Rose Apothecary." I had been eyeing a similar sweater on Amazon for a while but couldn't resist this handmade version on Etsy. What I love about this sweater is its vibrant color, which adds a pop to my mostly gray and black wardrobe. It's incredibly soft and cozy, perfect for the cooler weather. The price of $32.55 might be slightly higher than mainstream shopping platforms, but the quality and handmade nature make it worth it.

Success69 - Gray Tee with Jason Print

If you're a fan of horror movies like me and appreciate a good dose of humor, this gray tee from Success69 will surely catch your attention. The shirt features a bleach-stained design of Jason Voorhees, the iconic character from the Friday the 13th franchise, accompanied by the text "Be Trippin." I couldn't help but smile when I saw this shirt, as the combination of horror and humor is right up my alley. At $24.99, it's an affordable addition to my wardrobe and a great conversation starter.

Canvas Bella - Ghost Pocket Shirt

Moving on, I discovered a charming shirt from Canvas Bella that immediately caught my eye. This unique piece features a plain black shirt with a twist - a couple of friendly ghosts peeking out of the pocket area. I love the subtle spooky vibes this shirt provides, making it perfect for occasions like kids' Halloween parties. The softness and comfort of the fabric make it even more appealing. Depending on the size you choose, prices on Etsy can vary, and for a large size like mine, it cost $20.99.

Canvas Bella - Salem Local Witches Union Shirt

Continuing with the witchy theme, I stumbled upon the Salem Local Witches Union shirt from Canvas Bella. With its vintage design and the text "Established 1692, Sky Above or Earth Below, Peace Within," this shirt perfectly captures the spirit of Salem and the enchantment of witches. Among the plethora of Hocus Pocus and Salem witches themed items available, this particular design stood out to me. Its softness and cuteness factor make it a must-have for any witchy enthusiast. The price of this shirt also stands at $20.99.

We Be Designs - David's Sweater Earrings

Sometimes, it's the little things that make a big impact, and that's exactly what I found in this charming pair of earrings from We Be Designs. These earrings feature tiny replicas of David's iconic sweaters from Schitt's Creek. As a fan of the show and David's fashion sense, I couldn't resist getting my hands on these adorable accessories. Priced at $15, they are a unique way to show off my love for the show and add a touch of quirkiness to any outfit.

HJ Customs Co - Starbucks Knockoff Tumbler

Let's move on from apparel and accessories to one of my recent obsessions - tumblers! I discovered HJ Customs Co on Etsy, and their collection of tumblers instantly caught my attention. First up is the Starbucks knockoff tumbler that resembles the famous coffee chain's cups. I opted for a plastic version, as I'm planning to transition to stainless steel ones in the future. Priced at $32.50, it might be slightly more expensive for a plastic tumbler, but the unique design and quality made it worth the price.

HJ Customs Co - Starbucks Skeleton Mermaid Tumbler

Continuing the tumbler journey, I couldn't resist getting another one from HJ Customs Co. This time, it's the Starbucks skeleton mermaid tumbler. With its matte black and skeleton mermaid design, this tumbler gives off a spooky, aesthetic vibe - a perfect fit for my personal style. As with the previous tumbler, I paid around $32.50 for this one, and I'm delighted with its unique and eye-catching appearance.

Charming Cheetah - Offensive T-Shirts

Now, let's dive into the world of offensive t-shirts, which hold a special place in my heart. Charming Cheetah caught my attention with their bold and humorous designs. From skeletons giving the middle finger to witty one-liners, I couldn't resist adding a few to my cart. The first one I picked up is a bleach tie-dye shirt featuring a skeleton sporting a baseball hat while gesturing rudely. Priced at $28.50, it's a statement piece that showcases my love for offensive humor.

By Maya - Annabelle DVD Earrings

Last but not least, I stumbled upon a unique Etsy shop called By Maya, specializing in handmade earrings. One particular pair of earrings instantly grabbed my attention - the Annabelle DVD earrings. These tiny replicas of Annabelle movie cases are a horror lover's dream. It's the type of quirky and unconventional accessory that always excites me. I paid around $15 for this adorable pair, and I can't wait to wear them and showcase my love for horror movies.


In conclusion, my Etsy haul has been a delightful experience, supporting small businesses and exploring a wide range of unique products. From cozy apparel to quirky accessories, each item adds a touch of personality to my wardrobe. I highly recommend checking out these small businesses on Etsy and discovering the wonders they have to offer. Whether you're a horror fan, a lover of quirky t-shirts, or simply searching for something out of the ordinary, Etsy has it all. Happy shopping and enjoy supporting these talented artisans!

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