Discover 9 Etsy Products Earning $100+ Daily

Discover 9 Etsy Products Earning $100+ Daily

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Moon Phase Products
    • Witchy Moon Phase Shirt
    • Flower Moon Phase Wall Decor
  3. Bass Fishing Product
  4. Hunting Product
  5. Golf Niche Products
    • Dimpled Tumbler
    • Golf Ball Marker
  6. Badass Affirmations Product
  7. Camping and Travel Products
    • Personalized Camping Sign
    • National Parks Map Gift
  8. Conclusion



In this article, we will explore nine Etsy products that are generating a significant amount of revenue, ranging from $100 per day to over $30,000 per month. These products serve various niches and prove that simple yet targeted products can be highly successful. We will also discuss the potential for building a brand around these products and provide some ideas for expanding upon them. So, let's dive in and discover the opportunities these products present.

Moon Phase Products

Witchy Moon Phase Shirt

One of the highly successful products we came across is a witchy moon phase shirt. This shirt targets individuals interested in moon phases, astrology, astronomy, and witchcraft. It has garnered 191 sales per month, with an estimated monthly revenue of $5,728. Priced at $26.39, it has been a consistent bestseller for quite some time. The demand for this niche product indicates that serving a specific audience can lead to substantial success.

Flower Moon Phase Wall Decor

Another product in the moon phase niche that is performing exceptionally well is a flower moon phase wall decor. This metal sign, which can be produced through print-on-demand services, brings in an impressive $24,613 in estimated sales per month. With 1,548 monthly sales and 2,067 favorites, this product clearly resonates with customers. The success of this product demonstrates the potential for building a brand around moon phase-related items.

Bass Fishing Product

In the bass fishing niche, we discovered a product with promising sales figures. This product, which has been live for eight months, generates 739 sales per month, amounting to $3,000 in revenue. By analyzing the tags used for this product, such as bluegill and catfish, we can identify related products that could appeal to the same target audience. This showcases the potential for expanding product offerings within a niche to maximize sales.

Hunting Product

Expanding into the hunting market, we found a product that has been performing consistently for over two years. With 56 sales in the last month and a revenue of $3,080, this product brings in approximately $100 per day. Despite the saturated nature of this niche, this product has demonstrated long-term success. It serves as a testament to the profitability of simple products that cater to a specific audience.

Golf Niche Products

Dimpled Tumbler

Within the golf niche, we encountered a unique and successful product. This dimpled tumbler, targeting golfers, has achieved substantial monthly sales of $5,873, amounting to over $100 per day. Despite only being live for two months, it has already garnered 235 sales. Expanding into related sub-niches, such as meditation and yoga for golfers, could offer further opportunities for growth within this market.

Golf Ball Marker

Continuing within the golf niche, we stumbled upon a truly exceptional product. This golf ball marker has generated an astonishing $24,753 in monthly revenue, equating to approximately $800 per day. With 1,548 monthly sales and 2,067 favorites, this product showcases the potential for significant success within the golf niche. Additionally, this product can serve as a cornerstone for building a brand around golf-related accessories.

Badass Affirmations Product

Breaking the mold of traditional niche products, we found a highly creative and successful product - badass affirmations. This product features affirmations stored in a jar with accompanying cards. With monthly sales of $4,300 and 215 units sold, it proves that innovative ideas can drive sales within niche markets. Expanding into related niches such as meditation and yoga can further capitalize on the success of this product.

Camping and Travel Products

Personalized Camping Sign

Moving into the camping and travel space, we discovered a personalized camping sign as a popular product. With monthly sales of 288 and a revenue of $5,184, this personalized item offers a unique touch for campers. Expanding into offering different sizes and customization options allows for further growth and customer satisfaction. The demand for this product, indicated by 4,358 favorites, suggests a profitable market for personalized camping accessories.

National Parks Map Gift

In the same camping and travel niche, a national parks map gift has been generating substantial revenue. With over $30,000 in monthly sales and 786 total sales, this product stands out as a top performer. By creating a print-on-demand version of this map, customers could have the option to color in the national parks they have visited. This idea combines the success of the existing product with the convenience of print-on-demand.


Through the exploration of these nine successful Etsy products, we have demonstrated the potential for niche-focused products to generate significant revenue. These products serve various niches, including moon phase enthusiasts, fishing enthusiasts, golfers, affirmation seekers, and campers. By understanding the demand within these niches and offering unique or personalized products, entrepreneurs can tap into highly profitable markets. So, take inspiration from these success stories and discover the opportunities waiting for you within your own niche.


  • Explore nine Etsy products generating substantial revenue
  • Simple products targeting specific niches can be highly successful
  • Moon phase products cater to enthusiasts of astrology, astronomy, and witchcraft
  • Build a unique brand around successful niche products
  • Expand product offerings within a niche for maximum sales potential
  • Identify related sub-niches to further capitalize on target audience
  • Find success in saturated niches through innovative ideas and exceptional execution
  • Personalize products for enhanced customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Tap into the camping and travel market with unique and useful products
  • Combine traditional manufacturing with print-on-demand to create new product opportunities.
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