Design Your Own Christmas Planner and Make Money on Etsy!

Design Your Own Christmas Planner and Make Money on Etsy!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Christmas Printables
  3. Researching the Market
  4. Accessing the Canva Template
  5. Uploading Graphic Elements and Fonts
  6. Editing the Canva Template
    • Changing Backgrounds and Fonts
    • Adding Clipart and Patterns
    • Customizing Table Designs
    • Creating Additional Pages
  7. Finalizing and Selling Your Printable Planner
  8. Conclusion

Creating and Selling Christmas Printables Using Canva

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many people are searching for Christmas printables that they can use for various purposes. Whether it's for personal use or to sell on platforms like Etsy, creating and selling Christmas printables can be a lucrative business opportunity. In this article, we will explore the step-by-step process of creating and selling Christmas printables using Canva, a popular graphic design platform. From researching the market to accessing the Canva template and customizing it to your liking, we will cover everything you need to know to create and sell your own Christmas printables.

1. Introduction

The holiday season is a time when people are actively searching for Christmas-themed printables. From planners to gift guides, there is a high demand for well-designed and functional Christmas printables. By creating and selling these printables, you can tap into this growing market and offer products that people are actively looking for.

2. The Importance of Christmas Printables

Christmas printables offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for people who want to organize their holiday plans, keep track of their budget, and stay on top of their to-do lists. They can be easily downloaded, printed at home, or accessed digitally on devices like iPads. With the right design and content, Christmas printables can help people stay organized and enjoy a stress-free holiday season.

3. Researching the Market

Before creating your own Christmas printables, it's essential to research the market and understand what types of printables are currently popular and selling well. Platforms like Etsy can provide valuable insights into the trends and preferences of potential customers. By analyzing the top-selling Christmas printables on Etsy, you can gather ideas and inspiration for your own designs.

4. Accessing the Canva Template

To create and customize your Christmas printables, you can use a Canva template as a starting point. Canva offers a wide range of customizable templates that you can use for various design projects, including Christmas printables. By signing up for the Etsy Sellers Hub, you can gain access to a free Canva template specifically designed for creating Christmas planners.

5. Uploading Graphic Elements and Fonts

To make your Christmas printables unique and visually appealing, you can upload custom graphic elements and fonts to Canva. Platforms like Creative Market offer a vast selection of high-quality graphics and fonts that you can purchase and use in your designs. By adding these elements to your Canva account, you can easily incorporate them into your Christmas printables.

6. Editing the Canva Template

Once you have accessed the Canva template and uploaded your graphic elements and fonts, you can start editing the template to create your personalized Christmas printables. With Canva's user-friendly interface, you can customize various aspects of the template, such as changing the backgrounds, modifying fonts, adding clipart and patterns, and creating additional pages. The flexibility of Canva allows you to unleash your creativity and design printables that align with your unique style and the preferences of your target audience.

Changing Backgrounds and Fonts

One of the essential customization options in the Canva template is the ability to change the backgrounds and fonts. By selecting different colors, patterns, or even adding clipart to the backgrounds, you can give your Christmas printables a distinct and festive look. Additionally, by choosing fonts that match the overall theme and style of your printables, you can enhance the visual appeal and readability of your designs.

Adding Clipart and Patterns

Clipart and patterns can add visual interest and make your Christmas printables more appealing. By utilizing the graphic elements you have uploaded to Canva, you can easily drag and drop them into your printables. Whether it's a snowflake pattern or a Santa clipart, adding these elements can enhance the holiday spirit and make your printables stand out.

Customizing Table Designs

Tables are a common feature in Christmas printables, especially in planners and budget trackers. With Canva, you can customize the design of tables by changing the font, font size, colors, and borders. This allows you to create visually pleasing and organized tables that provide a user-friendly experience for your customers.

Creating Additional Pages

To offer more value to your customers, you can create additional pages within your Christmas printables. For example, you can include a daily planner layout, a memory page for photos, or even specialized pages for specific holiday tasks. By expanding the content and functionality of your printables, you can appeal to a wider range of customers.

7. Finalizing and Selling Your Printable Planner

Once you have customized the Canva template to your liking, it's time to finalize your Christmas printables and prepare them for selling. Make sure to proofread and double-check all the content and designs to ensure they are free of errors and inconsistencies. Save your printables in the appropriate file format, whether it's a PDF or a PNG, and make them ready for upload to platforms like Etsy.

8. Conclusion

Creating and selling Christmas printables can be a rewarding and profitable venture. By utilizing Canva's template and customization features, you can easily design unique and appealing printables that cater to the needs and preferences of your target audience. Remember to stay up to date with the latest trends in the market, continuously improve and expand your designs, and provide excellent customer service to ensure the success of your Christmas printable business. Happy designing and selling!


  • Learn how to create and sell Christmas printables using Canva
  • Research the market to understand popular Christmas printable trends
  • Access the Canva template through the Etsy Sellers Hub
  • Upload custom graphic elements and fonts to personalize your printables
  • Customize the template by changing backgrounds, fonts, and adding clipart
  • Create additional pages to offer more value to your customers
  • Finalize your printables and prepare them for selling on platforms like Etsy


Q: Can I use free graphics and fonts from Canva? A: Yes, Canva offers a wide range of free graphics and fonts that you can use in your designs. However, for more unique and high-quality options, it is recommended to explore platforms like Creative Market.

Q: Can I customize the size of the printables? A: Absolutely! Canva allows you to customize the dimensions of your printables to match your desired size. Whether you want to create small notepads or full-page planners, Canva provides the flexibility to adjust the sizes accordingly.

Q: Is it necessary to have a Canva Pro account to upload my own fonts? A: Yes, a Canva Pro account is required to upload custom fonts to your designs. However, you can take advantage of the free 30-day trial provided by Canva to access this feature and explore the full potential of your printable designs.

Q: How can I ensure the success of selling my Christmas printables on Etsy? A: Apart from creating high-quality and visually appealing printables, it's crucial to conduct thorough research of the market, optimize your product listings with relevant keywords, and provide excellent customer service. Being proactive in promoting your printables through social media and online communities can also help increase visibility and sales.

Q: Can I sell my Christmas printables on platforms other than Etsy? A: Absolutely! While Etsy is a popular platform for selling handmade and digital products, you can explore other online marketplaces, such as Amazon Handmade or your personal website, to reach a wider audience and diversify your sales channels. It's essential to understand the policies and guidelines of each platform to ensure compliance and maximize your selling potential.

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