Create the Perfect Aesthetic Rabbit Pen with Etsy

Create the Perfect Aesthetic Rabbit Pen with Etsy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up the Rabbit Pen
  3. Choosing the Pen Design
  4. Materials and Accessories
    • 4.1 Plastic Panels for the Pen
    • 4.2 Foam Interlocking Tiles for the Floor
    • 4.3 Garland for Decoration
    • 4.4 Hay Feeder and Litter Box
    • 4.5 DIY Hay Feeder
    • 4.6 Concrete Mixing Tub as a Litter Pan
    • 4.7 Bunny Hideout
    • 4.8 Wooden Hide House
    • 4.9 Pet Bed and Sunglasses
    • 4.10 Monstera Leaf Mat
    • 4.11 Munching Tree
  5. Conclusion



Hey, what's up, ladies and gentlemen? This is Tyler, aka Ruggy, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. Today, we have an exciting project in store as we set up a brand new rabbit pen for my adorable bunnies. The goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for them, and I can't wait to share the process with you.

Setting up the Rabbit Pen

Recently, I adopted a new bunny named Otis, and he is the cutest little bun ever. The bonding process with my other bunny, Olive, was a breeze, just like with my previous rabbits. They hit it off immediately, so there wasn't much to film in terms of bonding. But now, it's time to focus on designing an amazing pen for them.

Choosing the Pen Design

I didn't want to settle for a traditional pen that looks like a cage. My main focus was to create an aesthetically pleasing space for my bunnies. After some research, I found a pen on Amazon that caught my eye. It consists of see-through plastic panels that provide an unobstructed view of the rabbits. The simplicity and minimalistic design appealed to me, and the best part is that it is affordable.

Materials and Accessories

4.1 Plastic Panels for the Pen

The pen I chose is made of plastic panels that are easy to assemble. They connect using zip ties, which I found to be more secure than the provided connectors. The panels are see-through, offering a clear view of the rabbits without any obstructive bars.

4.2 Foam Interlocking Tiles for the Floor

For the flooring, I opted for foam interlocking tiles. These tiles are soft and provide a comfortable surface for the rabbits' feet. Surprisingly, they are also easy to clean and not absorbent, as I initially feared. Plus, the tiles are affordable and can be easily replaced if needed.

4.3 Garland for Decoration

To add a touch of whimsy to the pen, I decorated the perimeter with garland. I found some beautiful garland at Home Goods, which adds a festive atmosphere to the pen. However, availability may vary, so it's best to check your local store or other retailers for similar options.

4.4 Hay Feeder and Litter Box

When it comes to essential accessories for a rabbit pen, a hay feeder and litter box are a must. I found several shops on Etsy that offer high-quality hay feeders and litter boxes. These accessories are designed with compartments and openings that cater to the specific needs of rabbits.

4.5 DIY Hay Feeder

For the hay feeder, I decided to unleash my creative side and make one myself. It was a fun and rewarding experience, even though I had no prior experience working with wood. The end result was functional, although I did encounter some flaws. Nevertheless, it serves its purpose, and the rabbits enjoy having easy access to fresh hay.

4.6 Concrete Mixing Tub as a Litter Pan

Instead of using a traditional cat litter pan, I opted for a larger concrete mixing tub from Home Depot. This affordable alternative provides ample space for the rabbits to use as a litter box. Despite its size, the rabbits have no trouble using it, and cleaning is hassle-free.

4.7 Bunny Hideout

I wanted to provide a cozy hiding spot for my bunnies, so I found a charming wooden hideout on Etsy. The hideout, from Truly Possum Pet Shop, is made of sturdy wood and features multiple entrances and exits. The rabbits love exploring this hideout and feel safe with its open design.

4.8 Wooden Hide House

To add another layer of fun to the pen, I incorporated a two-story wooden hide house from Pets Gang Shop. This hide house offers a unique design with a top story that includes a small map and a bridge. The rabbits enjoy climbing and lounging on this hide house, making it a popular spot in the pen.

4.9 Pet Bed and Sunglasses

Creating a comfortable environment is essential, so I introduced a cute pet bed from Tiger Bunny NSf. The minimalistic design fits perfectly with the aesthetic I wanted to achieve. To add a touch of style, I also got sunglasses for my rabbits from the same shop. While it's not recommended to leave sunglasses on rabbits for extended periods, they make for adorable photo opportunities.

4.10 Monstera Leaf Mat

Aesthetics aside, I wanted to provide a natural touch to the pen. Little Beast Treats came to the rescue with their adorable monstera leaf mat. This rug-like mat adds a pop of color and enhances the overall appeal of the pen.

4.11 Munching Tree

To keep the bunnies entertained, I added a munching tree from Frankie and Friends Co. This wooden tree serves as a display for various hanging toys, offering mental and physical stimulation for the rabbits. It's a fantastic addition to the pen and provides endless entertainment.


And there you have it, folks! We have successfully set up a beautiful and functional rabbit pen for Otis and Olive. The combination of thoughtfully selected materials and accessories creates an aesthetically pleasing environment that enriches the rabbits' lives. I hope this article serves as inspiration for creating your own rabbit pen that perfectly suits your bunnies' needs and your personal style.


  • Designing a visually appealing rabbit pen
  • Choosing materials and accessories for functionality and style
  • DIY hay feeder and unique hideouts for added charm
  • The importance of a comfortable environment for rabbits
  • Enhancing the pen with decorations and interactive toys


Q: Can plastic panels withstand the rabbits' chewing habits? A: Plastic panels are generally safe for rabbits. However, some rabbits may have a tendency to chew on them. If you have a rabbit that loves to chew, it's best to provide appropriate chew toys and supervise their playtime to prevent any potential hazards.

Q: Are foam interlocking tiles easy to clean? A: Yes, foam interlocking tiles are easy to clean. They are non-absorbent, so any spills or messes can be wiped away with ease. Plus, if a tile becomes heavily soiled or damaged, it can be easily replaced.

Q: Can rabbits wear sunglasses? A: It is not recommended to leave sunglasses on rabbits for an extended period. While they can make for cute photo opportunities, rabbits may find them uncomfortable or distressing. Always prioritize the well-being and comfort of your furry friends.

Q: Can rabbits use the munching tree effectively? A: Every rabbit is different, and their ability to use the munching tree may vary. Some rabbits will quickly figure out how to interact with and enjoy the hanging toys, while others may need more time or encouragement. It's worth giving it a try and observing your rabbits' response.

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