Create Stunning Instagram Templates for Etsy with Adobe Express

Create Stunning Instagram Templates for Etsy with Adobe Express

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Adobe Express?
  3. Benefits of Using Adobe Express for Business
  4. Step 1: Choosing Which Templates to Sell on Etsy 4.1 Determining Competition and Search Volume 4.2 Using Sales Samurai for Keyword Research
  5. Step 2: Creating Templates in Adobe Express 5.1 Desktop vs Mobile App 5.2 Using Adobe Express Membership for Branding 5.3 Designing Templates from Scratch 5.4 Using Creative Features of Adobe Express
  6. Step 3: Sharing Templates with Buyers 6.1 Organizing Projects in Adobe Express 6.2 Sharing Templates through Libraries 6.3 Resizing Templates for Different Formats
  7. Step 4: Creating an Etsy Listing 7.1 Downloading Templates for Listing Photos 7.2 Optimizing Title, Description, and Tags 7.3 Adding PDF File as Product Download 7.4 Creating a Listing Video
  8. Step 5: Promoting Your Etsy Listing 8.1 Joining Etsy Teams for Free Promotion 8.2 Utilizing Social Media for Promotion 8.3 Optimizing Your Etsy Shop Brand
  9. Conclusion


In the digital age, social media templates have become a popular resource for businesses looking to enhance their online presence. With the advent of platforms like Etsy, selling these templates and making passive income has become easier than ever. This article will guide you through the process of creating social media templates using Adobe Express and successfully selling them on Etsy. From choosing the right templates to promoting your Etsy listing, you'll learn step-by-step how to tap into this lucrative market and generate daily passive income.

What is Adobe Express?

Adobe Express is an online platform and app that enables users to create unique graphics and templates for their businesses. Whether you need flyers, logos, banners, social media posts, YouTube thumbnails, or more, Adobe Express provides a user-friendly interface to design visually appealing graphics. You can choose from pre-existing templates or create your own, making it a versatile tool for all types of businesses. With features such as background removal, image resizing, video editing, PDF creation, and even QR code generation, Adobe Express offers a comprehensive suite of tools to meet your design needs.

Benefits of Using Adobe Express for Business

Using Adobe Express offers several advantages for businesses looking to create social media templates. Its free background removal feature allows you to easily cut out specific elements and create visually stunning designs. You can also resize images, convert file formats, crop videos, and design professional PDFs, all within the platform. By subscribing to the Adobe premium membership, you gain access to a wider range of templates, fonts, branding options, content planning and scheduling capabilities, increased storage, and much more. Adobe Express empowers you to take your social media template game to the next level, resulting in higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Step 1: Choosing Which Templates to Sell on Etsy

Before diving into the creative process, it's essential to choose the right templates to sell on Etsy. This involves finding templates with low competition but a decent search volume. For example, if you want to sell Instagram post templates, search for related keywords on Etsy and assess the number of results to gauge competition. Tools like Sales Samurai can further assist in finding profitable keywords and popular Etsy products. By finding a niche with high demand but few competitors, you increase your chances of selling more templates and achieving greater success on Etsy.

Step 2: Creating Templates in Adobe Express

Once you've determined which templates to sell, it's time to start designing them in Adobe Express. Depending on your preference, you can either use the desktop version or download the app on your mobile device. To ensure brand consistency, consider getting an Adobe Express membership, which allows you to add your logo, use custom brand colors, and access a broader range of templates and fonts. When designing your templates, focus on visually appealing elements, such as shapes, colors, and fonts that align with your brand or target audience. Experiment with Adobe Express's unique text arrangement features to create captivating designs that stand out from the competition.

Step 3: Sharing Templates with Buyers

Once you've created your templates in Adobe Express, it's time to share them with potential buyers. Adobe Express offers a convenient feature called libraries, where you can store and organize your templates. Name your projects appropriately, such as "Instagram Templates 1," "Instagram Templates 2," and so on. By sharing the link to your library, anyone with the link can access and use your templates. Additionally, you can duplicate your projects and resize the templates for different formats, such as Instagram stories. This way, you cater to a wider audience and provide more value to your customers.

Step 4: Creating an Etsy Listing

With your templates ready, it's time to create a compelling Etsy listing that attracts buyers. Start by downloading the templates you've created and use them as visuals in your listing photos. Optimize your title, description, and tags by including relevant keywords and highlighting the unique features of your templates. Consider offering information on how the templates can be edited, the number of templates included in the purchase, and the different types of templates available. Adding a listing video can further enhance your product's appeal and engage potential buyers. Finally, include the PDF file of your templates as the digital download product file for customers to access upon purchase.

Step 5: Promoting Your Etsy Listing

To generate more sales on Etsy, you need to promote your listing effectively. One cost-effective way to do this is by joining Etsy teams and actively participating in discussions. This helps increase views, favorites, and likes for your listings, boosting your ranking on Etsy's search results and attracting more potential buyers. Additionally, create social media accounts for your brand and regularly promote your templates to your target audience. Optimize your Etsy shop brand by providing more information about your business, showcasing your templates, and offering customer testimonials. By utilizing these promotional strategies, you'll drive organic traffic to your Etsy listing and increase your sales potential.


Creating and selling social media templates on Etsy can be a lucrative venture for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging the power of Adobe Express and following the step-by-step process outlined in this article, you can start generating passive income on a daily basis. Remember to choose templates with low competition and high search volume, design visually appealing templates using Adobe Express's innovative features, optimize your Etsy listing for SEO, and promote your products through Etsy teams and social media channels. With the right strategies in place, you'll be well on your way to success in the world of social media template sales on Etsy.


  • Learn how to use Adobe Express to create and sell social media templates on Etsy.
  • Tap into the lucrative market of social media template sales and generate passive income.
  • Choose the right templates based on low competition and high search volume.
  • Design visually appealing templates using Adobe Express's innovative features.
  • Optimize your Etsy listing for SEO and create an enticing listing video.
  • Promote your Etsy listing through Etsy teams and social media channels.


Q: Can I use Adobe Express for free? A: Yes, Adobe Express offers a free version that provides several useful features. However, subscribing to the Adobe premium membership gives you access to additional templates, fonts, branding options, and more advanced editing tools.

Q: How many templates can I create in one Adobe Express project? A: Each project in Adobe Express can have up to 30 pages. If you want to sell more than 30 templates, you can create multiple projects or duplicate existing ones.

Q: Can I edit the templates I create in Adobe Express? A: Yes, one of the benefits of Adobe Express is that it allows for easy editing of templates. You can modify text, images, colors, and other elements to suit your needs or the needs of your customers.

Q: Can I sell my templates on platforms other than Etsy? A: Absolutely! While this article focuses on selling templates on Etsy, you can explore other platforms like your own website, social media, or even other online marketplaces to reach a wider audience and maximize your sales potential.

Q: How can I drive more traffic to my Etsy listing? A: There are several ways to promote your Etsy listings. Joining Etsy teams, engaging in discussions, and networking with other sellers can help increase your visibility within the Etsy community. Additionally, leveraging social media platforms and optimizing your shop brand can attract potential buyers from outside of Etsy.

Q: Can I customize the templates I purchase from Etsy? A: Yes, the templates you sell on Etsy are meant to be customizable. Buyers can edit the text, colors, images, and other elements within the templates to align with their brand or personal preferences. This flexibility adds value to your templates and caters to the individual needs of your customers.

Q: How can I ensure customer satisfaction with my templates? A: To ensure customer satisfaction, provide clear instructions on how to edit the templates and offer support if customers encounter any issues. Additionally, regularly update your templates with new designs and respond promptly to customer inquiries and feedback. By delivering high-quality templates and excellent customer service, you'll build a loyal customer base and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

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