Create Beautiful DIY Polaroid Movie Poster and Album Cover Wall

Create Beautiful DIY Polaroid Movie Poster and Album Cover Wall

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why I Decided to Decorate My Room
  3. Using Pinterest for Album and Movie Covers
  4. How I Printed the Photos
  5. Hanging Up the Prints
  6. Adding My Favorite Outfits
  7. The Jordan Accordion Book
  8. Hanging Up the Poster
  9. Total Cost of the Room Decor
  10. Conclusion



Hey there, sneaker geeks! It's your boy, geek of sneakers, back with another video. Today, I want to take a break from the usual sneaker talk and share something a little different. As you can see behind me, I've recently decorated my room with some awesome album and movie cover prints. In this article, I'll walk you through the process of how I transformed my plain walls into a visually stunning backdrop that reflects my personality and interests.

Why I Decided to Decorate My Room

When I used to edit my videos and look at the background of my room, aside from my shoe collection and closet, it just looked plain and boring. I wanted something on the walls that truly represented me and added a visually pleasing element to my videos. I wanted my room to be a reflection of my interests and personality, especially when discussing topics like sneaker and clothing hauls. It was time to spruce up my space and bring it to life.

Using Pinterest for Album and Movie Covers

To find the perfect album and movie covers for my room, I turned to Pinterest. I searched for polaroid-style movie posters and album covers and saved a bunch of options on my phone. The screen recordings show the extensive selection to choose from. I handpicked covers that resonated with me, both from my childhood favorites and recent releases.

Growing up as a Harry Potter fan, it was only fitting to include a couple of Harry Potter polaroids, like "The Chamber of Secrets" and "The Order of the Phoenix." It always amused me how classmates would nickname me "Harry Potter" because of my name. To add a personal touch, I even included my own profile picture in the top corner, serving as a reminder that everything below it represents albums I've listened to and movies I've watched throughout my life.

How I Printed the Photos

To print the photos, I used a fantastic app called Free Prints. Let me tell you, it's a game-changer. With Free Prints, I could order up to 85 4x6 photos every month, and I only had to pay for shipping. For my album and movie cover wall, I ended up with 37 prints. The total cost? Just around three dollars and twenty cents. Can you believe that? It's an incredible deal. I highly recommend Free Prints, and if they're watching, I wouldn't mind a sponsorship!

Hanging Up the Prints

To hang up the prints, I opted for Command poster strips. I didn't want to risk damaging the walls with tape that could potentially peel off the paint when removed. These poster strips are a safe and convenient alternative. They don't leave any residue and hold the prints securely. I purchased a pack of 48 strips for around eight dollars and change at Lowe's. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Adding My Favorite Outfits

In addition to the album and movie covers, I also decided to showcase some of my favorite outfits from Instagram. I created a line of my preferred ensembles under the handle "geek of sneak underscore." I thought it added a nice touch to have the album covers on top and separate the movie and TV shows below. It adds a sense of organization to the overall aesthetic.

The Jordan Accordion Book

Another cool item I added to the mix was a Jordan accordion book. I had actually created it as a project for my intro to graphic design class. Placing it on top of the first four album covers, I used Command strips to secure it. I initially had concerns about the strips potentially ripping the paper, but a test run on a random piece reassured me that everything would be fine. The book adds a unique dimension to the wall, tying in my love for sneakers.

Hanging Up the Poster

For the grand finale, I had a special poster that I ordered from Etsy. I had been eagerly waiting to open it and finally hang it up for this video. It's a folded poster with a incredible design featuring bread toast and a captivating sky background. The words "Gravity's Worst Nightmare" add a touch of intrigue. I used Command strips again to mount the poster to my wall (or rather, my door).

Total Cost of the Room Decor

Surprisingly, everything you see here, including the poster and the album and movie cover wall, only cost me around 35 dollars. I couldn't believe it myself - such an amazing transformation for a steal of a price. Now, every video I record will have a captivating and presentable background that truly reflects who I am.


Well, there you have it, folks. My room transformation journey from plain walls to a visually stunning display of album and movie covers. I hope you enjoyed this different video and article. It was a fun project to undertake, and I'm thrilled with the results. My room now truly feels like an extension of myself, pulling together my love for sneakers, fashion, and pop culture. Stay tuned for more videos with my new aesthetic background! As always, stay safe, enjoy life, and keep being your own unique self. Geek of Sneakers signing out!

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