Boost Your Income: Real Results for Graphic Designers on Etsy and Creative Market!

Boost Your Income: Real Results for Graphic Designers on Etsy and Creative Market!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Two Months Challenge: Increasing Income on Etsy and Creative Market
    1. Passive Income Streams
    2. Side Hustle Mentality
  3. Strategy: Releasing New Products
    1. Frequency of Product Releases
    2. Old Products vs New Products
  4. Marketing Efforts: Utilizing Pinterest
    1. Pinterest for Etsy Products
    2. Pinterest for Creative Market Products
  5. Results on Creative Market
    1. Total Earnings
    2. Increase in Views
    3. Successful Sales of New Product
  6. Results on Etsy
    1. Orders and Sales
    2. Increase in Views
    3. Analyzing Graphs
  7. Progress and Challenges
    1. Income Update and Final Goal
    2. Additional Efforts Required
  8. Future Plans and Strategies
    1. Adding Listings on Etsy
    2. Creating and Releasing New Products on Creative Market
    3. Optimizing SEO for Both Platforms
    4. Running Sales on Etsy
    5. Including Special Thank You Cards
    6. Continuing Pinterest Marketing
    7. Testing Etsy Ads
  9. Conclusion
  10. Subscribe and Follow the Journey

Increasing Income on Etsy and Creative Market: A Two Months Challenge

Passive income streams have gained popularity as an attractive way to generate revenue. Maria Toka, a digital design products seller, embarked on a two months challenge to increase her income on popular platforms like Etsy and Creative Market. In this article, we will explore Maria's journey, her strategies, and the results she has achieved so far.

Passive Income Streams and Side Hustle Mentality

Passive income streams, such as selling digital design products online, offer the potential for revenue generation even when the creator is not actively involved. Maria treated her Etsy and Creative Market sales as passive income streams, acknowledging that they would become truly passive once enough work had been invested in them. However, she initially approached the challenge with a side hustle mentality, dedicating limited time and effort to the endeavor.

Strategy: Releasing New Products

Maria's main strategy for increasing her income was to release new products on a regular basis. She aimed to release one or two new products every week, thereby expanding her offerings and attracting more potential buyers. However, during the initial two weeks of the challenge, she released only one new product. This deviation from the original plan was a result of time constraints and other commitments.

Frequency of Product Releases

To maintain a steady stream of new offerings, it is essential to adhere to the planned frequency of product releases. Consistently releasing new products helps keep customers engaged and offers a wider variety of choices. Maria's ability to release products as per her schedule was hindered by other commitments, and this affected the overall productivity of her challenge.

Old Products vs New Products

Due to time limitations, Maria released one of her pre-existing products on Etsy, which she had previously only offered on Creative Market. While this didn't align perfectly with her overall strategy, the main objective was to have a product available for sale. It's worth noting that she was not starting from scratch but rather optimizing what she already had to make progress in her income-generating potential.

Marketing Efforts: Utilizing Pinterest

To increase the visibility and reach of her products, Maria employed Pinterest as her primary marketing platform. Utilizing the power of visual content, she consistently shared her Etsy products with four pins daily and her Creative Market products with four pins daily as well.

Pinterest for Etsy Products

By leveraging Pinterest for her Etsy products, Maria aimed to attract potential buyers and increase the visibility of her listings. Consistent pinning can help generate interest and drive traffic to the Etsy shop, potentially resulting in increased sales.

Pinterest for Creative Market Products

Similarly, Maria used Pinterest to promote her Creative Market products. By sharing visually appealing pins on Pinterest, she aimed to attract potential customers and direct them to her Creative Market shop. This marketing strategy helped increase the visibility and exposure of her products.

Results on Creative Market

Analyzing the results of her two-week challenge, Maria noted positive outcomes on Creative Market. Her total earnings had increased, albeit not significantly. The increase showcased progress towards her income goals. In addition, the number of views on her products had also experienced a noticeable surge over the last 30 days, indicating growing visibility and interest.

Total Earnings

Maria's total earnings on Creative Market had shown a slight increase over the duration of the challenge. While the growth wasn't substantial, it indicated progress in her income generation efforts. The increase in earnings motivated her to continue her journey and strive for bigger achievements.

Increase in Views

Alongside the increase in total earnings, Maria also observed a significant rise in the number of views her products received. Compared to the previous statistics, the surge in views demonstrated an expanding audience and growing interest in her offerings. This increase in visibility boded well for future sales potential.

Successful Sales of New Product

One of the highlights of Maria's challenge was the successful sales of the new product she released on Creative Market. Despite being relatively new to the market, the product had garnered three sales within a week. This early success indicated the product's potential and provided motivation to continue creating and releasing new products.

Results on Etsy

Examining the outcomes of her challenge on Etsy, Maria observed mixed results. While her views had notably increased, the number of orders and sales were relatively modest. However, these initial sales gave her a foundation to build upon and improve her strategy moving forward.

Orders and Sales

During the two-week period, Maria received four orders on Etsy. However, one of the orders was from a friend who wanted to show support, and thus it was not counted as part of her official sales. The remaining three sales represented progress, although not at the desired level. These initial sales provided valuable insights and data to inform her future approach.

Increase in Views

Maria's efforts on Etsy had yielded a positive outcome in terms of increased views of her listings. The number of views had grown substantially compared to the previous statistics, indicating improved visibility. This increase in views signaled potential interest from potential buyers, highlighting the effectiveness of her marketing efforts.

Analyzing Graphs

Analyzing the graph showcasing her Etsy statistics, Maria observed fluctuations in her views over the initial two weeks of the challenge. Although the views were higher compared to the initial statistics, there was no direct correlation between the increased views and subsequent sales. This insight alerted Maria to the need for additional efforts to convert views into sales.

Progress and Challenges

Maria acknowledged that while she had made some progress during the initial two weeks, it fell short of her final goal. Her current income stood at $974 per month from both platforms, which represented an $83 increase over the two-week period. This progress was relatively small compared to her ultimate goal of earning $2000 per month.

To meet her ambitious goals, Maria recognized the need to work harder and strategize better. The results of the challenge highlighted the challenges she faced in scaling her income and the additional efforts required to achieve her desired level of success.

Future Plans and Strategies

Moving forward, Maria planned to implement various strategies to improve her income generation on both Etsy and Creative Market. These strategies included adding five new listings on Etsy and creating and releasing two new products on Creative Market over the next two weeks.

Additionally, Maria aimed to optimize her SEO for both platforms, focusing on incorporating the right keywords in her titles, descriptions, and tags. She acknowledged the need for extensive research to identify the most effective keywords for her products.

To encourage sales and positive reviews, Maria intended to run limited-time sales on Etsy, offer special thank you cards with discount incentives, and advertise on social media platforms. She planned to continue her Pinterest marketing efforts, aiming for increased consistency and engagement.

Lastly, Maria intended to experiment with Etsy ads during the second week of the two-week challenge. This testing phase would enable her to assess the impact of paid advertisements on her sales and overall performance.


Maria's two months challenge to increase her income on Etsy and Creative Market showcased both progress and challenges. While she had experienced modest growth in her earnings and views, it was evident that she needed to invest more effort and explore additional strategies to achieve her final income goal.

Despite the initial setbacks and limited time, Maria remained determined to explore different avenues and optimize her presence on both platforms. With a clear plan and a strong commitment to her goals, she was ready to take on the future and drive her income growth.

Subscribe and Follow the Journey

If you are interested in tracking Maria's progress and witnessing the outcomes of her two-month challenge, subscribe to her channel and follow her journey. Stay updated on her strategies, results, and experiences as she works towards achieving her income goals.

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