Boost Your Etsy Success with the Ultimate Niche Research Tool

Boost Your Etsy Success with the Ultimate Niche Research Tool

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Story Behind everb
  • The Power of Data in eCommerce
  • How to Use everb for Product Research
    • Using the Chrome Extension
    • Using the Web App
  • Understanding Product Analytics
  • Leveraging Shop Analyzer
  • Exploring Keyword Research
  • Scaling Your Business with everb
  • Embracing the Potential of Q4
  • Conclusion

The Power of Data in eCommerce

In the world of eCommerce, success is often determined by one key factor: data. The ability to gather and analyze data is crucial for making informed decisions, understanding market trends, and finding profitable products to sell. Without data, sellers are left in the dark, relying on guesswork and intuition rather than cold, hard facts.

That's where everb comes in. As an all-in-one business platform for Etsy sellers, everb is revolutionizing the way online entrepreneurs approach product research and decision-making. With over 38 million listings in their database, everb provides sellers with a wealth of valuable information to help them find the next big thing.

The Story Behind everb

The journey of everb began two years ago when founder Cody McGuffy was searching for a way to escape the corporate rat race and build a successful online business. Starting with selling on Amazon FBA and Shopify, Cody eventually found success on Etsy, where the idea for everb started to take shape.

As a seasoned e-commerce seller with experience across multiple platforms, Cody recognized the lack of comprehensive tools for product research and data analysis specifically tailored for Etsy sellers. Determined to fill this gap in the market, Cody embarked on a mission to develop a solution that would empower aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses online.

How to Use everb for Product Research

Using the Chrome Extension

One of the key features of everb is the Chrome extension, designed to seamlessly integrate with your Etsy shop and provide real-time insights as you browse listings. By installing the Chrome extension, you gain instant access to valuable data right at your fingertips, helping you make informed decisions on the go.

With the Chrome extension, you can easily analyze the performance of listings, explore top-selling products, and uncover hidden trends. Simply hover over a listing to see crucial metrics such as monthly revenue, listing age, and conversion rate. This information can guide your product research, helping you identify high-demand products with the potential for success.

Using the Web App

For sellers who aren't exclusively focused on Etsy, everb offers a web app that provides a comprehensive suite of research tools for multiple platforms. Whether you're selling on Amazon, Redbubble, or another marketplace, you can leverage the power of everb to discover profitable products and make data-driven decisions.

The web app allows you to search for keywords, analyze market trends, and track competitor performance across various platforms. With over 38 million listings in their database, everb gives you access to a vast repository of information to fuel your product research and drive business growth.

Understanding Product Analytics

One of the core features of everb is its product analytics tool, which allows you to dive deep into the data to gain valuable insights into market trends and successful products. By analyzing metrics such as monthly revenue, competition, and keyword scores, you can identify high-demand products with low competition, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

With product analytics, you can discover trending products, uncover untapped niches, and benchmark your listings against your competitors. By understanding what works and what doesn't, you can make data-driven decisions that increase your chances of success.

Leveraging Shop Analyzer

In addition to product analytics, everb offers a powerful tool called Shop Analyzer, which allows you to analyze the performance of specific Etsy shops. By studying successful shops in your niche, you can gain valuable insights into their best-selling products, pricing strategies, and marketing tactics.

Shop Analyzer enables you to understand what makes top-performing shops successful and apply those strategies to your own business. By leveraging the data provided by everb, you can optimize your shop, refine your product offering, and drive more sales.

Exploring Keyword Research

Keywords play a crucial role in driving organic traffic to your products. With everb's keyword research tool, you can discover the most relevant and high-demand keywords for your products, helping you optimize your listings for maximum visibility.

By researching keywords related to your niche, you can gain insights into search volume, competition, and keyword scores. This information allows you to tailor your listings to match popular search queries, increasing your chances of appearing in search results and attracting potential buyers.

Scaling Your Business with everb

The ultimate goal of any online entrepreneur is to scale their business and achieve long-term success. With everb's powerful suite of tools and data-driven approach, you can make informed decisions and rapidly scale your business.

By leveraging the insights provided by everb, you can identify profitable products, optimize your listings, and expand your reach across multiple platforms. Whether you're looking to grow your Etsy shop or venture into other marketplaces, everb equips you with the tools you need to succeed.

Embracing the Potential of Q4

For online sellers, the fourth quarter (Q4) represents a unique opportunity to capitalize on increased consumer spending during the holiday season. With everb by your side, you can uncover trending products for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and beyond.

By using everb's research tools, you can identify high-demand products, analyze market trends, and optimize your listings for maximum visibility during Q4. Whether you're selling t-shirts, ornaments, or custom-made products, everb provides the data and insights you need to make the most of the holiday season.


In the ever-evolving world of eCommerce, data is the key to success. With everb, you have access to a comprehensive suite of tools and resources that empower you to make informed decisions, uncover profitable products, and scale your business.

By embracing the power of data-driven research, you can stay ahead of the competition, find the next big thing, and achieve your entrepreneurial goals. With everb as your trusted partner, the possibilities are endless. So why wait? Unlock your full potential and start building your online business today.


  • Unleash the power of data in eCommerce with everb.
  • Find profitable products and make data-driven decisions.
  • Discover trending products for Q4 and beyond.
  • Leverage the Chrome extension and web app for seamless research.
  • Analyze product performance with product analytics.
  • Learn from successful shops with Shop Analyzer.
  • Optimize your listings with keyword research.
  • Scale your business and achieve long-term success.


Q: Can everb be used for platforms other than Etsy? A: Yes, everb is designed to provide valuable insights for sellers on multiple platforms, including Amazon, Redbubble, and more.

Q: How can everb help me during Q4? A: everb's research tools allow you to uncover trending products for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, helping you optimize your listings and maximize sales during the holiday season.

Q: Is everb suitable for both new and experienced sellers? A: Absolutely! Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your business, everb provides the data and tools you need to succeed in the competitive world of eCommerce.

Q: Can I try everb for free? A: Yes, everb offers a free plan, allowing you to explore the platform and experience its benefits firsthand. Upgrade options are available for those looking for additional features and capabilities.

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