Boost Your Etsy Shop with SEO: Critique and Analysis

Boost Your Etsy Shop with SEO: Critique and Analysis

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shop Critique
  3. First Impression and Branding
  4. Listing Photos
  5. Shop Activity and Reviews
  6. "About Me" Section
  7. Instagram and Pinterest
  8. Filled Sections and Shop Policies
  9. SEO Analysis: Shop Overview
  10. SEO Analysis: Listing Keywords
  11. Conclusion


Welcome to this shop critique, where we will review and analyze an Etsy shop called "We Craft Equations." In this article, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the shop's overall performance and SEO optimization. Additionally, we will offer recommendations to increase traffic and improve the shop's visibility. So, if you're interested in getting a free shop critique for your own Etsy shop, be sure to join our Facebook group and leave your request. Let's dive in and begin the review of this wonderful shop!

Shop Critique

During the shop critique, we will evaluate various aspects of "We Craft Equations" to understand its strengths and areas for improvement. This comprehensive analysis will involve reviewing the shop's branding, listing photos, reviews, "About Me" section, social media presence, filled sections, shop policies, and conducting an SEO analysis for better optimization. Let's start by discussing the first impression and branding of the shop.

First Impression and Branding

Upon first entering "We Craft Equations," the shop's branding immediately stands out. The banner and shop icon perfectly match, giving the shop a cohesive and professional look. The use of a cat as a personal touch adds an interesting element to attract new customers. This unique approach is captivating and creates a positive impression. However, to further enhance the branding, it could be beneficial to incorporate the pet or logo into the first photo of each listing. This would make the shop's identity more prominent and memorable for potential clients.

Listing Photos

"We Craft Equations" showcases a wide variety of listings, which is commendable for an active Etsy shop. However, upon closer inspection, a recommendation can be made to improve the listing photos. Currently, most of the listings have a similar white background, which may make the items appear focused but can also make them appear less attractive and somewhat monotonous. To counter this, it is suggested to consider redesigning the first photos of the listings and potentially creating themed photo sessions. For example, if the listing includes items for Halloween, incorporating autumn or Halloween-themed accessories in the photos would make them more engaging and appealing to potential clients.

Shop Activity and Reviews

"We Craft Equations" exhibits impressive activity with a substantial number of sales and reviews, all with five-star ratings. This level of engagement highlights the shop's dedication and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the shop's updates provide a glimpse into the ongoing work and progress. This personal touch resonates positively with customers, fostering a sense of involvement and trust. However, it is worth mentioning that the number of views per day could be improved. To achieve optimal sales, it is recommended to aim for at least 20 views per day. Increasing visibility can be achieved through further SEO optimization, which will be discussed later in this critique.

"About Me" Section

In the "About Me" section, it is advisable to consider adding more photos or replacing the existing ones with less cropped images. The current photos feel incomplete and could benefit from providing more background information. A more informative and visually appealing representation of the shop owner will help customers connect on a deeper level and develop a better understanding of the shop's personality and story. Additionally, leveraging the pet as a prominent feature of the shop, possibly as a logo, in the first photo of each listing could enhance the shop's branding and make a stronger impact.

Instagram and Pinterest

"We Craft Equations" has wisely extended its presence beyond Etsy by utilizing Instagram and Pinterest as additional marketing channels. This strategy allows for reaching a wider audience and driving more traffic to the shop. Given the shop's commitment to showcasing the beloved pet, incorporating the pet's photos or logo in the Instagram feed and Pinterest boards could create a consistent and visually appealing campaign. By integrating these platforms seamlessly with the Etsy shop, the chances of attracting potential customers and increasing engagement multiply.

Filled Sections and Shop Policies

One commendable aspect of "We Craft Equations" is its well-filled sections, such as the returns, exchanges, payment options, shipping, and shop policies. These informative sections address common customer queries and provide clarity on various aspects of the shopping experience. Customers can easily access the information they need, which contributes to a professional and trustworthy image. Moving forward, regularly updating these sections will ensure the shop remains up-to-date and reliable.

SEO Analysis: Shop Overview

To conduct a thorough SEO analysis of the shop, we will utilize the capabilities of a specialized tool called With this tool, we can identify keywords that will improve the shop's visibility and drive more organic traffic. By analyzing the shop's characteristics, such as sales, average price, feedback score, number of listings, and age, we can gain insights into its performance. Additionally, we will evaluate recent listings and their views per day to determine the level of visibility and ensure it meets the recommended benchmarks.

SEO Analysis: Listing Keywords

To further optimize the shop and its listings, it is essential to analyze the keywords used. By utilizing the Key Compare Plus feature in, we can compare and evaluate the competitiveness and view rates of keywords. The ideal combination for effective listings is low competition rate and high or medium view rates. By identifying such keywords, the listings can stand out among competitors and attract more potential customers. Additionally, we recommend using the Keywords tool in to discover more effective keywords.


In conclusion, our shop critique of "We Craft Equations" has highlighted several areas of strength and improvement. The shop's branding, customer engagement, and well-filled sections have positioned it positively. However, suggestions to further enhance the listing photos, "About Me" section, and social media presence can amplify its appeal. Furthermore, conducting an SEO analysis and optimizing the listing keywords will significantly contribute to increasing traffic and sales. Through a comprehensive approach, "We Craft Equations" has the potential to continue thriving and attracting more customers on Etsy and beyond.

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