Boost Your Etsy Shop with Expert Optimization Tips

Boost Your Etsy Shop with Expert Optimization Tips

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why did we have a call with Etsy?
  3. The Invitation from Etsy
  4. Optimization Call: Improving your shop and listings
  5. The Importance of Pictures
  6. Utilizing Tags for Better Visibility
  7. Optimizing Listing Titles
  8. Writing Description to Answer Buyer's Questions
  9. Adding your Shop's URL in the Description
  10. Optimizing Your Shop
  11. Recommendations from eRank vs. Etsy Staff
  12. When to Change Listings



Welcome to VanTopics! In today's article, we will be discussing our recent call with Etsy, where we had the opportunity to learn valuable information about optimizing our shop and listings. This call provided insights and tips that can help improve your sales and visibility on the Etsy platform.

Why did we have a call with Etsy?

Being invited to a call with Etsy may be seen as fortunate or unfortunate, depending on the circumstances. While it can be a great opportunity to gain valuable insights, it may also indicate that your shop's performance needs improvement. Regardless, this call presents a chance to learn and grow as a seller on the platform.

The Invitation from Etsy

The invitation to the call was sent by an Etsy staff member via email. The email stated that we were invited to have a 30-minute call to discuss the optimization of our shop and listings. We were given the option to have the call via phone or video call on Google Meet. Opting for a video call allows the Etsy staff to share their screen, providing a clearer understanding of the optimization strategies.

Optimization Call: Improving your shop and listings

The purpose of the Optimization Call is to help sellers enhance their shop's visibility and improve their listings. Since Etsy functions as a search engine, improving the SEO of your shop can result in increased sales and exposure, especially if you utilize Etsy Ads for marketing purposes. During the call, we gathered several important points that can boost your shop's performance.

The Importance of Pictures

When it comes to listings, pictures play a crucial role in attracting potential buyers. Most people click on a listing based on the picture alone. Therefore, it is essential to have visually appealing pictures that clearly showcase your products. While overall aesthetics are important, it is essential to ensure that the product stands out. For example, if your product is pink, avoid using a red background. Instead, opt for a contrasting color or a white background to make your product pop. Utilize all ten picture slots available on Etsy and consider embedding relevant information within the pictures to provide additional details for potential customers.

Utilizing Tags for Better Visibility

Tags are an integral part of Etsy's search algorithm, as they help categorize and display listings to relevant shoppers. Each listing can have up to 13 tags, with a maximum of 20 characters per tag. Take advantage of this space by utilizing all 13 tags to provide accurate and useful information about your products. Avoid duplicating tags already specified in your primary color selection. If you're unsure about which tags to use, research similar products and check out the tags used in their listings. Utilize the "Explore related searches" feature at the bottom of listings to gather ideas for relevant tags. Additionally, eRank can be a useful tool for researching keywords to optimize your listings further.

Optimizing Listing Titles

Crafting an optimized listing title can be challenging but crucial for attracting shoppers' attention. To optimize your listing title, use four to five words that accurately describe your product. Place these descriptive words at the beginning of the title, as Etsy's mobile app only displays the first few words. This allows potential buyers to get an idea of your product without clicking into the listing. While Etsy allows lengthy listing titles, you can make use of the remaining space to further describe your product and incorporate additional keywords. Keep in mind that the first two words of your title carry more weight in Etsy's search algorithm, emphasizing the importance of strategic word placement.

Writing Description to Answer Buyer's Questions

Writing an effective description for your listing is not as challenging as it may seem. The goal of the description is to answer potential buyer's questions and provide comprehensive information about your product. Refer to the Etsy Seller Handbook for guidance on writing impactful descriptions. Additionally, consider adding your Etsy shop's URL link within the description. Unlike other URLs, Etsy links within the description are clickable and can lead buyers to explore your shop further. This can significantly improve your shop's SEO, as it demonstrates engagement from buyers and increases the likelihood of Etsy promoting your listings.

Adding your Shop's URL in the Description

To optimize your shop, go beyond individual listings and focus on enhancing your shop's overall appearance and information. Briefly introduce your shop members and provide insights into your shop's environment and background. Having a shop banner is beneficial, as it helps create a visually appealing first impression. Fill out as much information as possible about your shop to ensure it appears reliable and trustworthy to potential buyers.

Recommendations from eRank vs. Etsy Staff

During the call, the Etsy staff recommended using eRank as a tool to improve SEO. It's important to note that there were a few differences in recommendations between eRank and the Etsy staff. For example, eRank suggests shorter listing titles, while the Etsy staff advised maximizing the available space. The same discrepancy applies to listing descriptions, with eRank recommending shorter descriptions and the Etsy staff emphasizing detailed descriptions that answer potential buyer's questions. To determine the best approach, it's advisable to experiment with both recommendations and evaluate which strategy yields better results for your shop.

When to Change Listings

The Etsy staff suggested avoiding changes to listings that have experienced substantial sales. Modifying these listings can have unpredictable effects on their performance. Instead, focus on experimenting with SEO improvements for listings that have not been performing well. For listings that don't receive significant sales within a four-month period, consider renewing them and optimizing their SEO. If sales do not improve, continue refining your strategies until you achieve the desired results.


In conclusion, our call with Etsy provided valuable insights and recommendations for optimizing our shop and listings. By focusing on elements such as pictures, tags, listing titles, and descriptions, sellers can improve their shop's visibility and increase sales on the Etsy platform. Remember to experiment with recommended strategies, utilize tools like eRank for keyword research, and continuously evaluate and refine your approach to achieve optimal results. Don't hesitate to book an appointment with Etsy if you receive an invitation, as their guidance can significantly benefit your shop's performance.

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