Boost Your Etsy Shop Success with Custom Fabric Designs!

Boost Your Etsy Shop Success with Custom Fabric Designs!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Current Order Status
  3. Fabric Updates
  4. Fabric Designing Process
  5. New Fabric Prints
  6. Faux Leather Unboxing
  7. Fabric Cutting and Sewing
  8. Challenges with Fulfilling Orders
  9. Goals for the Etsy Shop
  10. Upcoming Tutorials and Videos
  11. Social Media Growth Update
  12. Gratitude and Conclusion



Hey everyone, it's Nida and welcome back to my channel. In today's video, I'll be sharing an update on my current Etsy orders and discussing some exciting fabric updates. I also have some new fabric prints and faux leather to show you. So let's jump into it!

Current Order Status

I currently have 22 open orders, but I'm only planning to work on four tonight. I have some other projects that I need to focus on as well, so I'll be prioritizing these four orders. The items I'll be working on include a Valentine's Day pants, a Valentine's Day shirt, a scrunchie order, a pair of bell bottoms, and a donut-themed shirt.

Fabric Updates

Before I start working on the orders, I want to give you an update on the fabric I've been waiting for. Unfortunately, there haven't been any new updates on my FedEx order. It was supposed to be delivered on Tuesday, but now the delivery time is pending. On a positive note, one of the fabric orders I placed from Washington has arrived in Sacramento and should be delivered tomorrow. I also have another order from China, which is currently in transit. I'm hoping it will arrive within a week. Additionally, I have a wholesale order that has already been fulfilled and shipped out, and I'm expecting it to arrive within the next two weeks. With these fabric shipments, I should have enough material to fulfill all the upcoming orders.

Fabric Designing Process

In the midst of waiting for fabric deliveries, I decided to take matters into my own hands and design my own fabric print. I used Photoshop to design a custom print and have it printed onto fabric. I'm extremely excited about this because it's my first time creating my own fabric. The print is currently being processed and will be delivered soon. I plan to coordinate this print with a few other designs to create a collection of mix-and-match fabrics.

New Fabric Prints

In addition to designing my own fabric, I also purchased some new fabric prints. I found a baseball print, which I think would be perfect for creating baseball-themed bell bottoms. I also got a mermaid print and a unicorn print because I want to expand my collection of themed outfits. These prints will allow me to create even more variety in my Etsy shop and cater to different preferences.

Faux Leather Unboxing

I received a surprise package containing faux leather. Unfortunately, there was no gift receipt, so I'm not sure who sent it to me. Regardless, I'm grateful for the thoughtful gesture. I have some ideas of how to use the faux leather material, such as making cute keychains and other accessories. I'll be sure to share the projects I create with the faux leather in upcoming videos.

Fabric Cutting and Sewing

Now that I have all the necessary fabric, it's time to start cutting and sewing. I'm excited to work on the orders and bring these beautiful fabrics to life. My goal is to create a variety of bell bottom outfits for different occasions, holidays, and sports events. I've been receiving a lot of orders for bell bottoms lately, so I want to ensure that I have a diverse selection to offer my customers.

Challenges with Fulfilling Orders

With the increase in orders, I've been facing some challenges in meeting customers' expectations. Some customers are requesting expedited shipping or expecting their items to arrive sooner than my standard processing time. While I try my best to accommodate these requests, it can be stressful and overwhelming to meet everyone's expectations. I have to prioritize my workload and ensure that all orders are fulfilled in a timely manner. I'm currently exploring ways to communicate processing times more effectively to avoid any misunderstandings in the future.

Goals for the Etsy Shop

Despite the challenges, I'm determined to keep growing my Etsy shop. My focus is on expanding my inventory and adding more unique and creative items. I'm planning to release new designs regularly and create a wide range of bell bottom outfits for different age groups and interests. I want my shop to be a one-stop destination for handmade clothing that is both stylish and comfortable.

Upcoming Tutorials and Videos

In addition to working on orders, I'm also dedicating time to creating content for my social media platforms. I've noticed that my tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos receive a lot of positive feedback, so I'll be producing more of those. I'm also planning to film a tutorial on working with faux leather and showcasing the different projects that can be created using it. Stay tuned for these exciting videos in the coming weeks!

Social Media Growth Update

I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all the amazing people who support me on social media. I've been working hard to grow my followers on Instagram and TikTok, and I'm thrilled to share that I've reached my goal of 2,000 followers on both platforms. It's incredibly rewarding to see my content resonating with people and gaining traction. I plan to continue being consistent with my posting schedule and creating engaging content to keep growing my online presence.

Gratitude and Conclusion

Lastly, I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support. Your kind words, comments, and messages mean the world to me. Building a small business while juggling motherhood and other responsibilities is not easy, but with your encouragement, I'm motivated to keep pushing forward. I'll continue to provide updates on my business journey and share my creative process with you all. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Stay tuned for more exciting content and new releases from my Etsy shop. Bye for now!

Pros of the Article:

  1. Provides an update on the current order status.
  2. Shares fabric updates and information about fabric designing process.
  3. Discusses new fabric prints and their potential uses.
  4. Unboxes faux leather and plans for future tutorials.
  5. Highlights challenges in fulfilling orders and plans to address them.
  6. Sets goals for the Etsy shop and future content.
  7. Gives an update on social media growth and expresses gratitude to followers.

Cons of the Article:

  1. May have provided too much detail on personal experiences, which could make the article less relatable to some readers.
  2. Could have included more specific tips and advice for managing orders and growing a small business.
  3. Could have explored the impact of challenges on the overall business strategy and how they are being addressed.


  • Nida provides an update on her current Etsy orders and fabric deliveries.
  • She shares her excitement about designing her own fabric print.
  • Nida unboxes new fabric prints and discusses her plans to create themed outfits.
  • She expresses gratitude for the support she receives on social media and sets goals for growth.


Q: Where does Nida purchase her vinyl for embroidery and HTV shirts? A: Nida purchases her vinyl from She recommends the website for its fast shipping and wide range of colors.

Q: How does Nida manage her growing number of orders? A: Nida acknowledges the challenges of meeting customers' expectations and prioritizes her workload to ensure timely fulfillment. She is also exploring better ways to communicate processing times to avoid misunderstandings.

Q: What are Nida's goals for her Etsy shop? A: Nida aims to expand her inventory and offer a diverse selection of handmade clothing, particularly in the form of bell bottom outfits. She wants her Etsy shop to be a destination for stylish and comfortable clothing for all age groups.

Q: Can we expect more tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos from Nida? A: Yes, Nida plans to create more tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos, including one for working with faux leather. She aims to provide informative and engaging content to her followers.

Q: What is Nida's strategy for growing her social media presence? A: Nida focuses on consistency and engaging content to grow her social media following. She shares her journey, behind-the-scenes looks, and creative projects to resonate with her audience.

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