Boost Your Etsy Sales with Free T-Shirt Mock Ups!

Boost Your Etsy Sales with Free T-Shirt Mock Ups!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Mock-Up Shops on Etsy
  3. The Top Etsy Mock-Up Shops 3.1 Moody Mox 3.2 Luna Jane Mox 3.3 Amanda's Leopard Print Shop 3.4 Briana's Dolly Mocks 3.5 Sister Mock-Up 3.6 Mock-Up Store with Bright Backgrounds 3.7 Mugs Mock-Up 3.8 Printify Mock-Ups 3.9 Mustard Bella Canvas 3.10 Blissful Mocks Free Mock-Ups
  4. Tips for Choosing and Using Mock-Ups 4.1 Consider the Design and Model 4.2 Pay Attention to Lighting and Colors 4.3 Use Pro Mock-Ups when Possible 4.4 Personalize and Edit Mock-Ups
  5. Conclusion

The Importance of Mock-Up Shops on Etsy

Mock-up shops play a crucial role in the success of Etsy sellers. They provide realistic visuals of products, allowing potential customers to visualize the design and how it would look on themselves or in their surroundings. Having high-quality mock-ups can greatly enhance the appeal of products and increase sales. In this article, we will explore the top mock-up shops on Etsy and provide tips for choosing and utilizing mock-ups effectively.

The Top Etsy Mock-Up Shops

  1. Moody Mox Moody Mox is a highly recommended mock-up shop on Etsy. They offer a wide range of mock-ups for both flat layers and modeled clothing. The photography and presentation of designs are top-notch, making it easier for customers to imagine themselves wearing the products. Their model, Kerry, has been instrumental in selling many t-shirts.

  2. Luna Jane Mox Luna Jane Mox specializes in providing affordable and stylish mock-ups. Their shop gained popularity after an impressive 50% off sale at the beginning of the year. Their selection of flat layers and Gildan t-shirts appeals to a wide range of customers.

  3. Amanda's Leopard Print Shop If your designs incorporate leopard prints, Amanda's shop is the place to go. She offers fantastic leopard print photos, which can add a touch of uniqueness to your products. Although slightly more expensive, the quality and options she provides are worth it.

  4. Briana's Dolly Mocks Briana's shop offers free mock-ups to subscribers of her newsletter. These mock-ups are of great quality and have been used successfully by many sellers. They offer both flat layers and hanging clothes, but be cautious with the hanging clothes as they may affect the design placement.

  5. Sister Mock-Up Sister Mock-Up provides a variety of options for sellers, including flat lay and modeled mock-ups. Though not recently purchased, their mock-ups have generated sales in the past. Their bright backgrounds are particularly suitable for fun and colorful designs, making them perfect for grade-specific teacher shirts.

  6. Mock-Up Store with Bright Backgrounds This mock-up store offers beautiful bright backgrounds that can add vibrancy to your designs. The mock-ups are visually appealing, especially for products targeting a younger audience.

  7. Mugs Mock-Up For sellers looking to showcase their designs on mugs, the Sister Mock-Up store offers great options. However, pay attention to lighting and ensure that both sides of the mug are evenly illuminated to avoid any unwanted distortions in the design.

  8. Printify Mock-Ups Printify, a popular print-on-demand service, also provides its own range of mock-ups. While they may not be as extensive as dedicated mock-up shops, they can still be useful. However, it is recommended to supplement them with higher quality mock-ups for better results.

  9. Mustard Bella Canvas Mustard Bella Canvas is a specific mock-up store that focuses on providing mock-ups of their popular mustard-colored Bella Canvas t-shirts. It's important to choose the right shade of mustard to match the actual product to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

  10. Blissful Mocks Free Mock-Ups Blissful Mocks offers free mock-ups for canva pro users. They have a wide selection of graphics, including American flags for patriotic designs. These mock-ups can be customized and personalized to suit different design needs.

Tips for Choosing and Using Mock-Ups

  1. Consider the Design and Model: Choose mock-ups that complement your design and showcase it in the best way possible. Assess how the design looks on flat layers and modeled mock-ups to determine the ideal presentation method.

  2. Pay Attention to Lighting and Colors: Ensure that the lighting in the mock-up is suitable for your design. Avoid mock-ups with uneven lighting that may affect the visibility and quality of your design. Similarly, match the color of the mock-up with the actual product to avoid any discrepancies.

  3. Use Pro Mock-Ups when Possible: Using professional mock-ups can greatly enhance the appeal of your products. Consider investing in pro mock-up subscriptions to access a wider range of high-quality options.

  4. Personalize and Edit Mock-Ups: To make your designs stand out, personalize and edit the mock-ups. Add text, alter graphics, and optimize the arrangement to create a unique and eye-catching representation of your product.

Conclusion In conclusion, mock-up shops are essential resources for Etsy sellers. They provide realistic visual representations of products, which can significantly impact sales. By utilizing the top Etsy mock-up shops and following the provided tips, sellers can enhance the presentation and appeal of their products, attracting more customers and increasing their profits.


  • The top Etsy mock-up shops for enhancing product presentation
  • Tips for choosing the right mock-ups for your designs
  • Importance of lighting and color accuracy in mock-ups
  • How to personalize and edit mock-ups to stand out
  • Benefits of utilizing professional mock-ups and pro subscriptions.

FAQ Q&A Q: How do mock-ups help increase sales on Etsy? A: Mock-ups allow potential customers to visualize the design and imagine how it would look on themselves or in their surroundings. This visualization enhances the appeal of the products, leading to increased sales.

Q: Are professional mock-ups worth the investment? A: Professional mock-ups often provide higher quality and more diverse options. Investing in pro mock-ups can significantly enhance the presentation of your products and attract more customers, ultimately resulting in higher sales.

Q: Can mock-ups be personalized and customized? A: Yes, mock-ups can be personalized and edited to suit your design needs. Adding text, altering graphics, and optimizing the arrangement can create unique and eye-catching representations of your products.

Q: Should I consider the model when choosing mock-ups? A: Yes, it is important to consider the model when choosing mock-ups. Different designs may look better on flat layers or modeled mock-ups, so selecting the right option can enhance the overall visual appeal of your products.

Q: How do I ensure the colors in the mock-ups match the actual products? A: Pay close attention to the color accuracy of the mock-up. Match the colors of the mock-up with the actual products to avoid any discrepancies and ensure customer satisfaction.

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