Boost Etsy Sales with Proven Tips!

Boost Etsy Sales with Proven Tips!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shop Critique Process
  3. Shop 1: Alex Gillow Designs
  4. Shop 2: Flow Nature Core
  5. Shop 3: Lava Stone Essentials by Rhonda
  6. Shop 4: One Blessed Acre Farm by Michelle Bibby
  7. Shop 5: Whimsically Modern by Ashley
  8. Conclusion

Shop Critiques: Improving Your Etsy Shop in 5 Minutes or Less

As an experienced Etsy seller and shop critic, I have been providing personalized shop critiques for over a decade. In this video, I will be reviewing five different Etsy shops submitted by my YouTube viewers. Through these critiques, I aim to provide valuable tips and suggestions for improvement, not just for the shops being reviewed, but for all viewers hoping to enhance their own shops.

Shop 1: Alex Gillow Designs

First up on our list is Alex Gillow Designs, a shop featuring unique and gorgeous pottery and ceramic creations. Alex has done an excellent job with her product photography, capturing beautiful images that highlight the unique aesthetic of her creations. However, there is some room for improvement. To make her product photos more appealing to mobile shoppers, Alex could consider cropping them to showcase the products more prominently. Additionally, while using a coin for scale reference is a good idea, it is essential to choose a scale item that is universally recognizable, especially if selling internationally. Overall, Alex's shop is visually stunning and showcases her beautiful creations effectively.

Shop 2: Flow Nature Core

Next on our list is Flow Nature Core, a shop that offers nature-inspired accessories, home decor, and stationery. The shop's branding and aesthetics are well-established, with a consistent, light pastel-colored theme that ties all the products together. The photoshoots for each product are well-done, capturing different angles and showcasing the items in use. However, some photos are cropped a bit too closely, cutting off parts of the products. To improve this, the shop owner, Theodore, should consider zooming out slightly during the photography process. Additionally, it would be beneficial to provide clearer information about product variations and quantities in the listings to avoid any confusion for potential buyers. Overall, Flow Nature Core has a strong brand identity and offers a cohesive range of products.

Shop 3: Lava Stone Essentials by Rhonda

Now, let's dive into Lava Stone Essentials by Rhonda, a shop specializing in handmade lava stone jewelry and aromatherapy products. The shop's branding is unique and fitting, with a beautiful logo and cohesive color scheme. However, there is room for improvement in product photography and pricing. Rhonda should consider zooming out slightly during photography to prevent cutting off parts of the products in the thumbnail images. Additionally, it seems that the pricing for hand-painted pieces is relatively low, considering the amount of work involved. Rhonda should reevaluate her pricing strategy to ensure profitability in the long run. Despite these areas for improvement, Lava Stone Essentials offers an intriguing range of products with a unique selling point.

Shop 4: One Blessed Acre Farm by Michelle Bibby

Our fourth shop on the list is One Blessed Acre Farm by Michelle Bibby, offering handcrafted goat milk soaps, lotions, and skincare products. Michelle has done an exceptional job with branding and creating a cohesive aesthetic for her shop. The consistent use of teal, black, and white colors throughout the branding elements is visually appealing. The product photography is well-executed, with good lighting and focus. However, Michelle may consider revisiting some of her thumbnail images, as some products are cut off in the current setup. Additionally, providing more detailed descriptions, especially regarding product longevity and usage, would benefit potential buyers. Overall, One Blessed Acre Farm presents a professional and inviting shop with a range of natural skincare products.

Shop 5: Whimsically Modern by Ashley

Last but not least, let's review Whimsically Modern by Ashley, a shop specializing in custom gifts and keepsakes. Ashley has done an excellent job with her branding, utilizing consistent colors and clear messaging throughout her shop. However, there is room for improvement in product photography and presentation. To enhance the overall look of the shop, Ashley should consider using consistent backgrounds, such as white, black, or teal, to match her branding. Additionally, some product thumbnail images are cropped in a way that cuts off parts of the product. Adjusting the framing or zooming out slightly can help address this issue. Despite these minor improvements, Whimsically Modern offers a range of charming and personalized gifts.


In conclusion, these five Etsy shops provide excellent examples of creativity and craftsmanship. Each shop has its unique strengths and areas for improvement. By addressing issues such as product photography, pricing, and product descriptions, shop owners can enhance the overall shopping experience for potential buyers. Implementing these tips and suggestions can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction. Remember, continuous improvement and attention to detail are key to success on Etsy.


  • Alex Gillow Designs showcases unique and stunning pottery creations with visually captivating product photography.
  • Flow Nature Core offers a cohesive range of nature-inspired accessories and home decor items, though there is room for improvement in product photography.
  • Lava Stone Essentials by Rhonda presents captivating lava stone jewelry, but pricing may need to be reevaluated for hand-painted pieces.
  • One Blessed Acre Farm delivers high-quality goat milk skincare products with a professional and inviting branding aesthetic.
  • Whimsically Modern offers personalized gifts with a strong branding identity, though there is potential for improvement in product photography.


Q: How can I improve the photography of my Etsy shop? A: To improve your product photography, consider using consistent backgrounds, ensuring products are not cut off in thumbnail images, and utilizing good lighting and focus. It's also essential to capture multiple angles and showcase products in use whenever possible.

Q: What are some pricing strategies for handmade products on Etsy? A: When pricing handmade products, consider the cost of materials, time spent creating each item, overhead expenses, and desired profit margin. It's also crucial to research and compare prices of similar products in the market to ensure competitiveness without undervaluing your work.

Q: How can I create a cohesive brand identity for my Etsy shop? A: To establish a cohesive brand identity, focus on consistent use of colors, fonts, and imagery across all branding elements, such as logos, banners, and product packaging. Make sure these elements align with the overall aesthetic and values of your shop.

Q: What information should I include in my product descriptions on Etsy? A: Product descriptions should provide essential details about the product, including materials used, dimensions, care instructions, and any customization options available. Additionally, consider answering common customer questions and highlighting unique selling points to encourage sales.

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