Beware of Etsy Scams! Unveiling a Hilarious Incident

Beware of Etsy Scams! Unveiling a Hilarious Incident

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Rise of Ety Scams
  3. Issues with Ety Support Messages
  4. Challenges with Bank of America
  5. The Laughably Bad Etsy Pricing Tool
  6. Changes in Ety's Scam Reporting System
  7. The Importance of Clarifying Ety's Communication
  8. The Limitations of Ety Support
  9. Troubles with Ety's Mobile App
  10. Conclusion

The Rise of Ety Scams

Over the past week, there have been numerous reports of scams targeting Ety users. These scams are designed to deceive people into thinking they are receiving legitimate messages from Ety. One such scam involved a new Ety user receiving a notification that appeared to come from Ety, only to later discover that £200 had been taken from their bank account. The problem lies in the fact that these messages are being sent under the name "Ety Support," which leads unsuspecting users to believe they are genuine. Ety needs to address this issue by changing the way they send email notifications to prevent users from falling victim to these scams. While Ety has made some efforts to combat scams, more needs to be done to protect users and maintain trust in the platform.

The Laughably Bad Etsy Pricing Tool

Another issue that has been causing frustration among Ety sellers is the introduction of the Etsy Pricing Tool. This tool is supposed to provide sellers with a range of prices for similar items to help them determine the appropriate pricing for their listings. However, the tool's effectiveness is questionable, particularly for sellers of one-of-a-kind handmade items. The tool seems to be basing its price suggestions on a limited number of listings, often resulting in inconsistent and inaccurate pricing recommendations. For example, in one case, the tool suggested different price ranges for three identical listings, causing confusion for the seller. Ety needs to improve the accuracy and reliability of this tool to ensure sellers can effectively price their items.

Changes in Ety's Scam Reporting System

Ety has recently made changes to their scam reporting system, which have been met with mixed reactions from users. Previously, Ety would display warnings about scams in banners at the top of the page. However, they have now started to show these warnings below the actual Ety messages, providing instructions on how to report scams. While it is essential to educate users about scam prevention, some people have expressed concerns that this placement might cause confusion and lead users to question the authenticity of genuine Ety messages. Ety needs to consider alternative ways of displaying these warnings to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

The Importance of Clarifying Ety's Communication

One recurring issue that has been causing frustration among Ety users is the lack of clarity in Ety's communication. Ety has explicitly stated that they will never ask for personal information in an email or contact users unless a call has been specifically requested. However, there have been instances where Ety support has asked for personal details during chats or forum discussions. This inconsistency in communication has caused confusion and raised questions about the authenticity of Ety messages. Ety needs to ensure that their support staff is properly trained and aligned with the company's official communication guidelines to avoid further misunderstanding and mistrust.

The Limitations of Ety Support

Many sellers have expressed frustrations with the quality of support provided by Ety's chat system. The individuals manning these chats are often poorly trained and may not fully understand the issues presented to them. They frequently offer generic responses or copy-paste templates without genuinely addressing sellers' concerns. Additionally, the goal of these support agents seems to be to close chat sessions as quickly as possible rather than providing comprehensive assistance. Ety needs to invest in better training for their support staff and encourage them to take the time to thoroughly understand and address sellers' issues.

Troubles with Ety's Mobile App

Some users have reported experiencing issues with Ety's mobile app, particularly regarding country settings. For unknown reasons, the app defaults to a different country when opened, causing confusion and potential access issues. Users have reported instances of the app displaying "Etsy New Zealand" despite having no affiliation with that country. Ety needs to investigate and resolve these technical glitches to ensure a smooth user experience across all platforms.


In conclusion, the past week has brought attention to several concerns and challenges faced by Ety sellers. Issues with scams, misleading messages, problematic pricing tools, and communication inconsistencies have all contributed to frustration and mistrust within the Ety community. Ety must address these issues promptly to maintain a safe and reliable platform for sellers and buyers alike. By taking proactive measures to combat scams, improve communication clarity, and enhance support systems, Ety can rebuild trust and ensure a positive selling experience for all users.

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