Amazing Results After 3 Months on Etsy!

Amazing Results After 3 Months on Etsy!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Month 1 Results
  3. Month 2 Results
  4. Month 3 Results
  5. Tracking Shop Statistics
  6. Analyzing Shop Traffic
  7. Shoppers' Source of Visits
  8. Number of Orders
  9. Conversion Rate
  10. Revenue
  11. Comparison of All-Time Stats

Month 3 Results: Growing an Etsy Shop

In this article, we will delve into the results of my Etsy shop after three months of operation. As a creative entrepreneur, I have been learning how to leverage my skills and passions to generate passive income through Ashley Designs. I am excited to share the progress and improvements we have made since the second month. Let's dive right in!

Month 1 Results

Before delving into the third-month results, let's recap the highlights of the previous months. In the first month, our shop received 10 orders, with 155 visits and a conversion rate of 6.5%. We generated a revenue of $88. These initial numbers laid the foundation for our future growth.

Month 2 Results

Moving on to the second month, our shop continued to show promising results. We experienced a doubling of visits, reaching 333 visits. Despite some fluctuations in traffic, we still managed to achieve 10 orders, maintaining a steady growth trajectory. Our conversion rate dropped slightly to 4.8%, which is still within the favorable range according to Etsy. In terms of revenue, we made $93.95, marking a modest increase from the previous month.

Month 3 Results

Now, let's focus on the most recent month's statistics, covering the period from July 24th to August 23rd. In the third month, our shop received 333 visits, maintaining the same level of traffic as the previous month. We observed some ups and downs in visit numbers, but overall, the trend was positive.

Tracking Shop Statistics

To gain a better understanding of our shop's performance, it is essential to track various metrics, such as the number of listings published and visits to the store. By recording these stats, we can identify patterns and make informed decisions to optimize our shop's growth. Consider using a spreadsheet or work log tracker, such as the one offered by Dina on her YouTube channel, to simplify the tracking process.

Analyzing Shop Traffic

Shedding light on how shoppers found our Etsy shop, we can determine the effectiveness of different marketing strategies. Out of the total visits, 63% came from Etsy itself, while 37% were direct traffic. It is worth noting that we have recently started a Pinterest account for our shop, but as of now, it has not contributed significantly to driving traffic. However, Pinterest is known for its long marketing cycle, so we remain optimistic about its future impact.

Number of Orders

One of the most crucial indicators of our shop's success is the number of orders we receive. In the third month, we had a significant boost, reaching a total of 16 orders. This represents a noticeable increase from the previous month's 10 orders. Although there were some fluctuations and a brief period of slower sales, we managed to maintain an average of almost one order per day throughout the month. This consistent growth demonstrates the appeal of our products to customers.

Conversion Rate

While our conversion rate dropped slightly from 6.5% to 4.8%, it still falls within Etsy's recommended range of one to three percent. Understanding the relationship between different stats and their effect on conversion rate requires further research and analysis. Nonetheless, our current conversion rate indicates that our shop continues to attract and convert customers effectively.


Finally, let's talk about the most exciting part: revenue. In the third month, we generated $93.95 in revenue, a modest increase of around five dollars compared to the previous month. It is important to view these results in the context of our status as beginners in the Etsy marketplace. Slow growth is still growth, and we should celebrate every step forward. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that we ran a weekend sale during this month, which contributed to the total revenue.

Comparison of All-Time Stats

Taking a broader view of our shop's performance, we can analyze the cumulative results since our launch in May. Over this period, our shop received a total of 554 visits and generated 28 orders. This translates to a five percent conversion rate, indicating a healthy performance. Additionally, we approach the $200 revenue mark, solidifying our position as a shop with potential for growth.

In conclusion, the third month of operating an Etsy shop has shown continued growth and improvement. It is crucial to track and analyze various metrics to make informed decisions regarding our marketing strategies. While there may be fluctuations in traffic, orders, conversion rate, and revenue, every milestone achieved represents progress. As I document my journey, I invite you to join me in tracking the stats and witnessing the growth of Ashley Designs.

Make sure to hit the "Subscribe" button and give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful. Stay tuned for future updates, as I explore additional streams of income, such as self-publishing on Amazon KDP. With my upcoming video, I will share the process, including reviews, for those interested in starting their journey from scratch.


  • Our Etsy shop has shown consistent growth, with a significant boost in orders in the third month.
  • Despite fluctuations, our shop's conversion rate remains within the favorable range.
  • Revenue increased modestly, demonstrating slow but steady progress.
  • Tracking shop statistics and analyzing marketing strategies is key to optimizing growth.
  • Pinterest, although still in its early stages, has the potential to drive future traffic to our shop.
  • We will document our journey into additional streams of income, such as self-publishing on Amazon KDP.


Q: How long did it take for the shop's visit numbers to double? A: Our shop's visits doubled from the second month to the third month, demonstrating steady growth.

Q: Did the Pinterest account generate any visits to the shop? A: Although the Pinterest account is relatively new, it has not yet been a significant source of traffic to our shop. However, we remain hopeful for future results.

Q: How often did orders occur per day during the third month? A: On average, we received almost one order per day throughout the third month, indicating sustained interest in our products.

Q: Was there a significant drop in the conversion rate? A: While there was a slight drop in the conversion rate from the second to the third month, it still falls within the recommended range according to Etsy.

Q: Are the results considered good for a beginner's Etsy shop? A: Yes, slow and steady growth is considered positive for beginners, and our results are indicative of that progress.

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