Adorable Etsy Baby Haul Finds

Adorable Etsy Baby Haul Finds

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Gender Reveal
  3. Big Sister Announcement
  4. Personalized Items
  5. Drool Bibs
  6. Wet Bag for the Diaper Bag
  7. Boppy Cover and Car Seat Canopy
  8. Baby Blanket
  9. Shopping on Etsy
  10. Conclusion


Welcome back to my channel! In today's video, I am excited to share with you my recent Etsy haul. But this isn't just any Etsy haul - it's specifically for baby items. Before we dive into the haul, I want to mention that this video will reveal the gender of our baby. If you haven't seen our gender reveal balloon pop video yet, be sure to check it out first. Now, let's get started with the adorable items I ordered from Etsy!

Gender Reveal

We recently had a gender reveal party to announce the exciting news. In this section, I will show you the items I purchased for the reveal and our family's reactions. Don't worry, if you haven't seen it yet, I'll link the video for you to watch.

Big Sister Announcement

In this section, I will show you the cute shirt I got for my daughter, Maddy, to announce that she will be a big sister. It's a glittery "Big Sister Maddy" shirt that she absolutely loved. I will also share Maddy's adorable reaction to finding out the gender of her future sibling.

Personalized Items

In this section, I will showcase the personalized items I purchased for the nursery and diaper bag. I got a Poppy cover with my baby's name, Hendrix, embroidered on it. It matches our gray and blue nursery theme perfectly. Additionally, I ordered a car seat cover with the same color scheme and name embroidery.

Drool Bibs

Drool bibs are essential for keeping baby's outfits clean and stylish. I found some amazing drool bibs on Etsy that were on sale, and I couldn't resist getting them. They feature adorable patterns and are made with excellent quality. I will share the different designs and show you how they can complement any outfit.

Wet Bag for the Diaper Bag

In this section, I will introduce a handy wet bag that I purchased for the diaper bag. The wet bag has a hook for convenience and a zippered compartment to store dirty clothes or cloth diapers. I will show you the cute woodland-themed pattern on the bag, which matches our nursery theme.

Boppy Cover and Car Seat Canopy

For added comfort and style, I ordered a Boppy cover and a car seat canopy from Etsy. The Boppy cover features Hendrix's name and matches our nursery decor perfectly. The car seat canopy has a trendy chevron design and provides privacy and protection for our little one.

Baby Blanket

One of my favorite purchases from Etsy is the soft and cozy baby blanket with Hendrix's name on it. It features a gray and white chevron pattern and a plush blue minky fabric on the back. I can't wait to wrap him up in this blanket and create beautiful memories.

Shopping on Etsy

In this section, I will talk about my overall experience shopping on Etsy. I was initially hesitant, but I am now a big fan of Etsy for baby items. The quality and uniqueness of the products I received were outstanding. I will share some tips for finding great deals and supporting talented artisans.


Thank you for joining me in this Etsy baby haul video. I hope you enjoyed seeing the adorable items I purchased for our little one. Don't forget to check the links below to explore the Etsy shops I mentioned. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to my channel for more baby-related content. See you in the next video!


  • The gender reveal balloon pop video will be linked in the description.
  • "Big Sister Maddy" shirt for my daughter.
  • Personalized Poppy cover and car seat canopy with Hendrix's name.
  • Stylish and convenient drool bibs for teething babies.
  • Woodland-themed wet bag for the diaper bag.
  • Soft and cozy baby blanket with Hendrix's name.
  • Positive shopping experience on Etsy with great quality and unique items.


Q: How can I watch the gender reveal balloon pop video?
A: The video is linked in the description below the main video.

Q: Where can I find the Etsy shops mentioned in the video?
A: The links to the shops will be provided in the description.

Q: Can the drool bibs be used for feeding as well?
A: The drool bibs are specifically designed to protect outfits from drooling and teething, but they can also be used during feeding if desired.

Q: Can the wet bag hold cloth diapers?
A: Yes, the wet bag is designed to hold dirty cloth diapers and can be easily washed.

Q: What is the material of the baby blanket?
A: The baby blanket is made of a soft and plush minky fabric, providing warmth and comfort for the baby.

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