7 Trending Valentine's Day Print on Demand Products & Designs

7 Trending Valentine's Day Print on Demand Products & Designs

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Valentine's Day is important for print on demand sellers 2.1. The potential for high sales 2.2. Last-minute gift buying
  3. Trending products for Valentine's Day 3.1. Print on demand jewelry 3.1.1. Customizable pendants 3.1.2. Unique and niche-specific designs 3.2. Candles 3.2.1. Romantic and customizable 3.2.2. Lower competition with niche-specific designs 3.3. Pillows 3.3.1. Higher profit margin 3.3.2. Generic and personalized Valentine's Day designs 3.4. Heart-shaped mugs 3.4.1. Stand out from the competition 3.4.2. Unique design options 3.5. Personalized puzzles 3.5.1. Meaningful and unique gift idea 3.5.2. Ability to charge premium prices 3.6. Acrylic sweatshirts 3.6.1. Niche down with specific themes 3.6.2. Funny and retro designs for higher sales 3.7. Valentine's Day blankets 3.7.1. Cozy and popular gift choice 3.7.2. Pattern or personalized designs for customization
  4. Integrating Etsy with Printify to sell Valentine's Day products 4.1. Step-by-step integration guide
  5. Conclusion

Article: Print on Demand for Valentine's Day: Trending Products and Design Ideas

Valentine's Day may still be a little while away, but for print on demand sellers, it should already be on your radar. While Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween often receive a lot of hype for their sales potential, Valentine's Day shouldn't be underestimated. This holiday can be a big money-maker, as people are always looking for gifts, especially last-minute shoppers who want something special and personalized. Print on demand is the perfect fit for these customers, offering a wide range of customizable products. In this article, we'll explore seven trending products for Valentine's Day and provide design inspiration to help you create your own unique offerings.

1. Print on Demand Jewelry

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, jewelry is a classic choice. However, many people may not realize that print on demand can offer customizable jewelry options. Platforms like Printify make it easy to sell print on demand jewelry in your Etsy shop. Whether you opt for personalized pendants or unique niche-specific designs, the ability to customize the entire pendant allows for endless creative possibilities. With affordable prices and room for healthy profit margins, print on demand jewelry is a must-have for Valentine's Day sales.

2. Candles

Candles are another popular and romantic gift choice for Valentine's Day. What sets print on demand candles apart is the ability to customize the labels. You can offer personalized messages or create Valentine's Day-themed designs for a more specific audience. Printify offers scented soy candles in various options, allowing your customers to choose their preferred scent. With a low entry price point and the potential for higher profit margins than traditional t-shirts, print on demand candles are an excellent addition to your Valentine's Day product lineup.

3. Pillows

Pillows are a versatile print on demand product that can be a hit for Valentine's Day. They offer a higher profit margin compared to standard t-shirts and stand out as a unique gift choice. You can create generic Valentine's Day designs or niche down further by adding personalized or niche-specific elements. Printify's square pillows are great quality and offer ample space for creative designs. With customizable dimensions and a range of color options, you can create eye-catching pillows that cater to your target market's preferences.

4. Heart-Shaped Mugs

While mugs are a popular choice for many occasions, heart-shaped mugs add a unique touch for Valentine's Day. Stand out from the competition by offering this specialty item that customers won't easily find elsewhere. The heart detailing sets these mugs apart and makes them an attractive gift option. By designing a big, eye-catching design that covers the entire mug, you can cater to customers looking for something special and romantic. With the ability to charge a premium price, heart-shaped mugs can be a profitable addition to your Valentine's Day product lineup.

5. Personalized Puzzles

Personalized puzzles offer a meaningful and unique gift idea for Valentine's Day. You can design a puzzle with a Valentine's Day-themed pattern and leave space for personalized messages or names. This allows customers to create a special gift that holds sentimental value. By offering personalization, you can charge premium prices for these puzzles – especially if you develop a reputation for high-quality custom pieces. Affordable puzzle prices make them an attractive option for customers looking for a heartfelt and memorable gift.

6. Acrylic Sweatshirts

Acrylic sweatshirts are a trendy and comfortable fashion choice for Valentine's Day. Unlike standard t-shirts, sweatshirts have a higher profit margin and are less saturated in the market during this time of year. By incorporating funny or retro designs, you can cater to customers looking for unique and eye-catching apparel. Niche down further by adding specific themes like "Valentine's Day Teacher" to attract a more targeted audience. Don't be afraid to experiment with different design ideas to stand out and capitalize on this popular holiday.

7. Valentine's Day Blankets

As Valentine's Day falls during the colder months in many regions, blankets make an excellent gift option. Print on demand blankets can be customized with a range of designs, from one big pattern to personalized messages and images. With low entry prices and the potential to charge higher prices for personalized designs, blankets offer attractive profit margins. From cozy and romantic designs to patterned creations, there are endless possibilities to cater to your customers' preferences.

Integrating your Etsy account with Printify is crucial for successfully selling these Valentine's Day products. By linking the two platforms, you can seamlessly list and fulfill print on demand orders. To help you navigate this process, we have provided a step-by-step integration guide that will ensure a hassle-free selling experience.

In conclusion, Valentine's Day presents a lucrative opportunity for print on demand sellers. By offering trending products and creative designs, you can capture the attention of customers seeking personalized and unique gifts. From jewelry to candles, pillows to blankets, there are countless ways to capitalize on this romantic holiday. Take advantage of the print on demand capabilities and integrations available to grow your business and make the most of this Valentine's Day sales season.


  • Valentine's Day is an often overlooked holiday with significant sales potential for print on demand sellers.
  • Customizable print on demand jewelry is a unique and affordable gift option for Valentine's Day customers.
  • Candles offer a romantic and customizable gift choice, with the ability to create unique Valentine's Day designs.
  • Pillows provide a higher profit margin than traditional t-shirts and can be personalized or catered towards specific niches.
  • Heart-shaped mugs stand out from the competition and make for a special Valentine's Day gift.
  • Personalized puzzles allow customers to create meaningful and sentimental gifts, with the option for personalized messages.
  • Acrylic sweatshirts can be designed with funny or retro themes to attract customers looking for unique apparel.
  • Valentine's Day blankets offer a cozy and customizable gift option, with patterns or personalized designs available.
  • Integrating your Etsy account with Printify is essential for selling print on demand products efficiently.
  • Capitalize on the Valentine's Day sales season by offering trendy products and engaging designs.


Q: Can I use my own designs instead of the provided templates on Printify? A: Absolutely! While Printify provides convenient templates, you have the freedom to use your own designs and unleash your creativity.

Q: How can I set competitive prices for my print on demand Valentine's Day products? A: It's essential to consider your production costs, profit margins, and market demand when pricing your products. Research similar items on Etsy to ensure your prices are competitive.

Q: Can I sell these Valentine's Day products on platforms other than Etsy? A: Yes, Printify supports integrations with various eCommerce platforms, allowing you to sell your print on demand products on multiple online marketplaces.

Q: Are there any marketing strategies I should use to promote my Valentine's Day products? A: Utilize social media platforms, create eye-catching product images, leverage influencer partnerships, and offer limited-time promotions to generate interest and drive sales.

Q: Is it possible to create bundles or gift sets with these print on demand Valentine's Day products? A: Yes, bundling complementary items or creating gift sets can increase the perceived value of your products and entice customers to make larger purchases.

Q: What is the turnaround time for print on demand products during the Valentine's Day season? A: Turnaround times can vary depending on the print on demand partner you choose. It's essential to communicate the estimated production and shipping times to your customers to manage their expectations effectively.

(Note: The provided FAQ is fictional and does not draw information from the article.)

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